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This is my guide to interesting and worthwhile things on the Internet. Try before you buy. Actually, it is all free especially the software. You might recognize the call sign. There is a clue at the bottom.

News This Day
What is going on out there? Be aware that this is merely what someone, somewhere, some when decided to tell us. Any connection with the truth is a bonus.


Top Stories 2018
Is about developing themes that could really matter.


America as a Fascist State
Fascism finished when Mussolini fell, didn't it? No! It ended with Adolf then? No! When the Soviet Empire fell? Yes, for a while. Bush, Congress and the Senate have recreated it in the Land of the Once Free and the Brave.

Statue of Liberty RIP


Colour of Crime
Not all blacks are criminals. Not all criminals are black; some are brown, yellow or Jews. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel, Obama et al are importing them; Her Majesty's Government are, like Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition the Enemies Of The People. It is government policy, it is Ethnic Fouling, it is Cultural Genocide - more at the Colour of Crime. Of course we have our very own villains too. Most of Parliament for starters.


England and Treason
England and Great Britain have been betrayed by our ruling classes and the Puppet Masters who manipulate them. The Maastricht Treaty was a major step in enslaving us.


Fellow Travelers
It is not just me, a voice in the wilderness. Others agree in part or in principle.


Interesting Sites
The web is crammed with information. Finding it is the issue. Here are some of my finds that people like - or dislike. In cyberspace it is easier to take positions. You do not have to be all things to all people. Look for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Obits This Day
An obit is not so much about a passing on as a celebration of a life well lived. The Daily Telegraph proves this with a larger than life cast. Men of the first war are thin on the ground now. Most of those who were there on D Day are gone but men who jumped at Arnhem sixty years later were there on the day. Read and wonder whether we deserve them.


Opinion Pieces
Sometimes someone, somewhere says something sensible and worthwhile. Here are some articles that might clarify your views.


Political Issues
Past, present and future. Communism is not the same threat. It has changed its approach of attack. It is now Cultural Marxism, using single issue attacks such as Feminism. Inciting Homosexuality is another but the major thrust is Immigration, flooding us with Third World aliens who know little about England and care less. Racism has become the ultimate Thought Crime, if and only if you are White. It began with the Long March Through The Institutions carried out by the Invisible Enemy, accompanied by opportunists, Moral Cowards, Judas Goats and  Lenin's Useful Idiots. The ruling classes have been subverted by the Main Steam Media and the Education industry; they have been taken in by the idea of Western Guilt. We are being manipulated by post Marxist fans of Antonio Gramsci


Has a long tradition in English journalism. The flag is carried today by Private Eye at its best. It is something of a lonely way; one that does not make friends in high places.


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Finding things is the rationale.


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They are meant to cheer you up. Some of them look rather special.
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