David Irving

David Irving is an historian who tells us that the Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies - sometimes at all events. He was put in prison for his pains. He was let out early and told journos that Jews should ask themselves why they are hated. The press did a major cover up but then the press is not in the business of telling the truth. It is there to conceal and manipulate. Jews control it. Jews lie. 

David Irving Tells It Like Is Part 1
David uses evidence. David gives sources. David is a real historian unlike the patter merchants who just quote each other.


'Holocaust denier' Irving freed from jail and is queer
His partner, Bente Hogh, 43, who lives in Chelsea, London, said: "He's rung to say he's coming back. It was half expected, because he has served over a year. I'm pleased - I don't think it was fair, to be honest." The couple have lived together for 15 years.
The Independent is prepared to tell us that Mr. Irving is a queer when it wants to discredit him but chooses to cover up the truth about what he said at his press conference. See the next one. Haaretz may have been unique in telling the truth on this occasion.


David Irving says Jews should ask themselves why they are hated
"They [Jews] should ask themselves the question, 'Why have they been so hated for 3000 years that there has been pogrom after pogrom in country after country?', said Irving, speaking at a press conference he convened in England on Friday, a day after he was released from an Austrian prison .
Irving's comments aroused great anger within Britain's Jewish community. [ Why? What is wrong with it?  Editor ]

Lord Janner [ who alleges that he is not a Paedophile ], president of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said Irving's release was "unwarranted" and that Irving's "latest comments were totally to be expected and should be totally ignored."  [ He said nothing about Paedophile Jews though - Editor ]
Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel, said Irving's behaviour since his release in evidence that he should have remained in prison
It is a fair question and deserves an honest answer. The next stage would be cleaning up their act. Compensating Palestinians for years of murders and ethnic cleansing would a good start and go down like a cup of cold sick with God's Chosen People.

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