Genocide In Armenia

The Jews are [ in 2010 ] making a lot of noise about this issue. Then it will all go quiet. That is their way. Get the truth suppressed then let us forget about it. They do like the truth if it is convenient. Otherwise forget it. That is why they control the media. But Gwynne Dyer was into the archives. He saw the original documentation in Ankara. He sounds right. Got to #Revisiting Armenian Genocide.  Read for yourself. Think for yourself Decide for yourself. Or you can try Judicial Inc. Believe him if you want; lots of people don't

Revisiting Armenian Genocide
It is with great reluctance that I write about the Armenian genocide, as I know from experience that what I say will infuriate both sides.

But it is the 100th anniversary of the catastrophe this month, and Pope Francis has just declared that the mass killing of Armenian citizens of the Ottoman empire in 1915 was indeed a genocide. Turkey, predictably, has responded by withdrawing its ambassador from the Vatican.

Well, surprise! We’ve been listening to this argument for several generations now, and it rarely gets much further than “Yes, you did!” “No, I didn’t!” Unfortunately, I know a lot more about it than that.

Ages ago, when I was a history graduate student doing research about Turkey’s role in the First World War, I got into the Turkish General Staff archives in Ankara and found the actual telegrams (written in the old riqa script) that went back and forth between Istanbul and eastern Anatolia in the spring of 1915.

Later on I saw the British and Russian documents on their plans for joint action with Armenian revolutionaries in the spring of 1915, so I also know the context in which the Turks and Armenians were acting. And I can say with some confidence that both sides are wrong.

There was an Armenian genocide. Of course there was. When up to 800,000 people from a single ethnic and religious community die from violence, hunger, or exposure in a short time, and they are under guard by armed men from a different ethnicity and religion at the time, it’s an open-and-shut case. (Today’s Armenians say 1.5 million died in 1915, but that’s too high. It could be as few as half a million, but 800,000 is plausible.)

On the other hand, the Armenians desperately want their tragedy to be seen in the same light as the Nazi attempt to exterminate the European Jews, and won’t settle for anything less. But what happened to the Armenians was not pre-planned by the Turkish government, and there was provocation from the Armenian side. That doesn’t remotely begin to justify what happened, but it does put the Turks in a somewhat different light.

A group of junior officers called the Young Turks seized control of the Ottoman empire in 1908, and their leader, Enver Pasha, foolishly took the empire into the First World War at Germany’s side in November 1914. He then led a Turkish army east to attack Russia, which was allied to Britain and France.

That army was destroyed in the deep snow around Kars—only 10 percent of it got back to base—and the Turks panicked. The Russians didn’t follow right away—poor generalship—but the Turks had almost nothing left to stop them if they did. The Turks scrambled to put some kind of defensive line together, but behind them in eastern Anatolia were Christian Armenians who had been agitating for independence from the empire for decades.

Various revolutionary Armenian groups had been in touch with Moscow, offering to stage uprisings behind the Turkish army when Russian troops arrived in Anatolia. Learning that the Turks had retreated in disarray, some groups assumed the Russians were on their way and jumped the gun.

Similarly the Armenian revolutionary groups further south, near the Mediterranean coast, were in contact with the British command in Egypt, and had promised an uprising to coincide with planned British landings on the Turkish south coast near Adana. Quite late in the day the British switched their planned invasion much further west to Gallipoli, but once again some of the Armenian revolutionaries didn’t get the message in time and rebelled anyway.

Enver Pasha and his colleagues in Istanbul simply panicked. If the Russians broke through in eastern Anatolia, all the Arab parts of the empire would be cut off. So they ordered the deportation of all the Armenians in the east to Syria—over the mountains, in winter, on foot. (There was no railway yet.)

And since there were no regular troops to spare, it was mostly Kurdish irregulars who guarded the Armenians on the way south.

Armenians defend the walls of Van in spring 1915.

The Kurds shared eastern Anatolia with the Armenians, but the neighbours had never been friendly. So many of the Kurdish escorts assumed they had free license to rape, steal, and kill, and between that, the lack of food, and the weather, up to half the deportees died. To the extent that the Turkish government knew about it, it did nothing to stop it.

More Armenians died in the sweltering, disease-ridden camps they were confined in once they arrived in Syria. It was genocide through panic, incompetence, and deliberate neglect, but it cannot be compared to what happened to the European Jews. Indeed the large Armenian community in Istanbul, far from the military operations in eastern Anatolia, survived the war virtually unharmed.

If the Turks had only had the sense to admit what really happened 50 or 75 years ago, there would be no controversy now. The only duty of the current generation is to acknowledge the past, not to fix it (as if they could).

Instead there has been 100 years of blank denial, which is why the issue is still on the international agenda. It will stay there until the Turks finally come to terms with their past.


Jews Claim That It Was Not Genocide - Unlike Their Holocaust® Story
The Turkish and some other sources claim that the "intent to destroy," clause in the "Genocide Convention" has not been met, which means even if the "whole or in part" is met without intent it is not genocide.[15] For example, the British Government made its position clear on this point in a statement to the House of Lords in 2007:

... My Lords, I start with the most significant part of the right reverend Prelate’s question. For this Government, recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide is not a condition of Turkey’s membership of the EU. I wish to be straightforward and clear about that. Neither this Government nor previous British Governments have judged that the evidence is sufficiently unequivocal to persuade us that these events should be characterised as genocide under the 1948 UN convention on genocide.
"Lord" Triesman Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Parliamentary Affairs.[16]

Triesman is a Jew, "Lord" and communist; an odd combination but when it comes lying Jews are as good as it gets.


Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide recognition refers to the formal acceptance that the massacre and forced deportation of Armenians committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1923 constitute genocide. The overwhelming majority of historians as well as academic institutions on Holocaust and Genocide Studies recognise the Armenian Genocide. As of 2009, twenty-one countries such as Canada, Argentina and Sweden and forty-three states of the United States of America have followed suit as well. Turkey denies the Armenian genocide, but a few lone Turkish voices have recently joined international critics in condemnation of Ankara's position.
Why is it being made into an issue? Money is a major motive. So is covering their tracks.


United States Resolution On Armenian Genocide
Will happen or not. It has succeeded in annoying Turks among others. The Wiki makes no mention the Jews as perpetrators or even as victims but then the Wiki is a propaganda machine set up by two Jews.


The Real Jew - A Lesson From Turkey by Arnold Leese
THE Turkish revolution which dethroned the Sultans was Jewish. The Jews used Freemasonry as a tool. It has been said with considerable truth that the Young Turks were old Jews.

The active agency of Revolution was the Committee of Union and Progress. This was fostered and manned by Freemasonry while Freemasonry was itself in the hands of the Jews. The center of revolt was at Salonika where a majority of the population was actually Jewish.

The Jew Emmanuele Carasso used the Masonic Lodge "Macedonia Resorta" for the secret meetings of the Committee of Union and Progress and when Sultan Abdul Hamid was deposed Carasso was one of the four men who went to Yildiz to tell the Sultan that his reign was at an end. The Committee of Union and Progress firmly seated itself in the saddle of government with Mahommed V as puppet Sultan.

The Minister for the Interior of this regime was Talaat Bey. De Nogales in his Four Years Beneath the Crescent (Chasles Scribners Sons, 1926 p. 26) reveals Talaat as "the renegade Hebrew (Donme) of Salonika." A "Donme" is a kind of Marrano Jew, a descendant of Jewish refugees in Turkey who pretended to be Muslims. This fact of the Jewishness of Talaat is of great importance and little known. The Encyclopedia Britannica, 12th edition, Vol. XXXI, p. 1222, calls him "the sinister figure largely responsible for the downfall of the Ottoman Empire."

In The Cause of World Unrest he is stated to have been responsible, "perhaps, more than anyone else for handing over Turkey to Germany and thus encompassing her ruin." Talaat had been President of the Committee Party. De Nogales in his work above cited says Talaat was "the principal organizer of the massacres (of Armenian Christians) and deportations." Dr. H. Stuermer in Two War Years in Constantinople (Hodder & Stoughton, 1917), says on p. 72 "Enver, and still more Talaat, who as Minister of Interior and really Dictator of Turkey was principally responsible for the Armenian persecutions . . . ."

Until now Talaat seems to have remained unrecognized by the world as a Jew "patriot" who ruined his country and was responsible for the wholesale slaughterer of Christians.

The German Government made use of the services of a criminal Jew called Nelken to gain control over the Young Turks. He called himself Mehmed Zekki Bey and edited several newspapers in Constantinople. These and other Jew run newspapers in the town did all that was possible to poison the Turkish mind against the British.

Talaat's Finance Minister was another Jew Djavid Bey who arranged the finances of revolution in Turkey with Jewish banks abroad. He had a Jew Messim Russo as 'his chef de cabinet.'

When Djavid Bey was finally hanged by Kamal Ataturk, "a number of great financial concerns including the banking houses of the Rothschilds in Vienna and London tried to persuade the English and French Governments and the leading newspapers in both countries to use all their influence to make a personal appeal for Djavid." (Grey Wolf by H. C. Armstrong published by A. Barker, Ltd.) The French Freemason Sarraut actually visited Kamal in Angora and appealed to him as a fellowmason to spare Djavid's life. He was not successful. Kamal Ataturk who had been a Freemason and a revolutionary, seemed to have changed his nature with his name when he ceased to be Mustapha Kemal and closed the Masonic Lodges. His actions were Aryan. His mother is said to have had Donme blood (Lewis Browne's How Odd of God, 1935) but The Times 1 Nov. 1938, said she was an Albanian who "may have transmitted the Nordic type to her boy." She had fair hair and blue eyes. The Donme blood if present, must have been thin. Kamal's Turkish patriotism was his only decent quality.

Another leading Jew of the Committee of Union and Progress was Refik Bey who in 1939 was Prime Minister of Turkey under the name Refik Saydam.

During the First World War the Jew Carasso became a food controller in Constantinople and as a result many people died of starvation. Meanwhile he amassed a fortune of two million Turkish pounds which was seized from him after the War. He saved some of it by suddenly claiming to be under Italian protection. Another "Turkish patriot!"

In The Cause of The World's Unrest published by Grant Richards, Ltd. in 1920 we learn that even the counter revolutionary forces were controlled and made ineffective by Jews. The Commander being the Jew Renzi Bey. Jews controlled the Revolutionary Press.

Whoever was prominent in the revolution and was not a Jew was a Freemason or "synthetic Jew."
(Article by Arnold Leese, March, 1939)

Arnold was a sound sort of chap and knew the Near East so his views on Jews are likely to be well informed. He was a vet specialising in camels, one who thought Adolf was on the right lines.

This is from Judicial at The actual count was 3.7 million dead, and the perpetrators weren't Turks. He is not reliable so it is worth checking before making too much use of his pieces. His thesis is agreed by others below. Arnold Leese wrote nearer the time. He knew the area. Being Fascist made him unpopular. It does not make him wrong.

The Armenian Holocaust Of 1915



The Armenian Population In 1915


The Genocide begins


1925 Armenia


Some Put The Deaths At Over Three Million

As Armenians fled to Russia they were slaughtered by Bolsheviks


Armenia Today


Who Occupied Turkey


Judeo/Turks Killed At Least 1,500,000 Christians



The Zionists Kill The Intellectuals



The Christians Were Sent To Death Camps



Judeo/Turks Display Their Trophies



The 'Young Turks' Were The Leaders Of The Revolution


Emmanuel Carasso [ A Jew ] Was The Leader




The Armenian Genocide And The Bolshevik Revolution

Here are the two worst genocides in history, and no one wants to discuss them. The Bolsheviks murdered 50 mil between 1917 - 1939, and the Armenian toll was 1.5 to 3.7 million dead.

The easy question is why are the Zionists so opposed to have this in the history books?





Jews Are Outraged

A delegation of Turkish Jews, headed by Silvyo Ovadya [ confirmed as a Jew - see Anti-Semitic incidents during the Gaza War, lobbied against a resolution under consideration in the U.S. Congress, that would recognize the 1915 massacres of Armenians as genocide. They attended an AIPAC policy conference and met with Jewish leaders as well as members of Congress.






They Fear The Truth
Holocaust scholars want this Massacre carried out by Ottoman-era Judeo- Turks, labeled as a Genocide, and taught in public schools.






Turkey Is Controlled By Zionists
Ovadya said the resolution would harm relations between the United States and its closest Muslim ally, Turkey, which America needs to invade Iran. Look at Turkey's air force.





The Last Sultan

Abdülhamid II was the 35th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He ruled from August 31, 1876, until he was deposed on April 27, 1909. The population was only 9 million total.






The Revolution

They called it the "Committee of the Union and Progress Party", but it was another Bolshevik swindle. The Armenians were the intelligentsia of Turkey, they were the doctors, lawyers, the wealthy leaders. The Zionists wanted them gone, and at the same time stole their properties.







Just A Swindle
For all their yelping about Communism and the people, they just wanted the wealth like the Ankara mansions.






Eliminate The Wealthy
You took 1912 Turkey, a country of 9,800,000, and killed 3,700,000. The next question is what happened to their gold, diamonds, money, possessions, etc.







Atrocities Committed By Zionists
The so-called Young Turk movement that was blamed for the bulk of anti-Armenian atrocities was dominated by Jews. To the extent that there were massacres of Armenians, they were essentially a massacre of Christians by Jews.

At the head of the genocide was a Jew named Mehmed Talat [ Quite possibly a Jew, he was certainly involved with them - see Answers and Armenian Weekly  ]


  Mehmed Talat



The Genocide-Revolution Financed By Zionists
Talaat's Finance Minister was another Jew, Djavid Bey, who arranged the finances of revolution in Turkey with Jewish banks abroad.





The Founder Of The 'Young Turks'
A lawyer, and a Jewish Italian B'nai B'rith official, named Emmanuel Carasso was the founder.






Committee of Union and Progress
Another leader was Refik Bey, who in 1939 was Prime Minister of Turkey under the name Refik Saydam.








Vladimir Jabotinsky [ notoriously a Jew and Zionist ]
Jabotinsky arrived in Turkey shortly after the Young Turks seized power, to take over all the newspapers.







Who Took Over Turkey?
3.7 million Armenians were killed, so who took their houses, businesses, farms, gold, possessions, etc.?







Pale of Settlement
By 1905 the Russian Czar had contained the 10 million Jews to the Pale of the Settlement (Khazaria). During the Armenian Genocide they went from rag peddlers in Russia, to wealthy merchants in Turkey.









The Armenian Revolution Was Just A Zionist Scam

This was no different than 1918 Russia, or 2003 Iraq, it's all about Zionist world control. These aren't elite revolutionaries, they are simple Con-Artists. In Armenia their key group, the Committee of Union and Progress, instigated a revolt, and deposed the Sultan. They killed the intelligentsia, and deported the Christians to die in desert death camps.

Today it is Iraq. Tomorrow it might very well be Iran, and eventually, it will be America. The economic collapse will foster a revolution, and the Zionists will squash those involved, and send them to the camps.