Jews As Victims In Russia

The Jews have long marketed themselves as victims. A sob story makes it easier to manipulate people and get away with crime. If they believe it or make their own swallow it they become more convincing which is why their complaints about Russia are interesting. They resented the May Regulations which were designed to stop them cheating Russian peasants. They led on to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and the deaths of millions which makes them important. Note well that it took from 1881 to 1917, some thirty plus years for them to destroy the Russian Empire.

The Wikipedia, a Jewish operation does not bother to tell us why the Tsar thought that his regulations were necessary or desirable. Several murder attempts could have influenced him. It makes things personal. Of course the Wiki was set up Jews so it has an agenda.

The American Hebrew Tells Us That:-
The persecution of the Russian Jews that began with the enforcement throughout Russia of the
May Laws in 1881 caused a large immigration of these Jews to the United States. In England and America, immigration aid associations were formed; and "The American Hebrew" assisted in the formation in New York of the "Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society," which cared for the immigrants on their arrival in the United States; though this journal was not connected in any other way with the society.
There was an influx of Jews to England about that time. Many wound up in the East End. Jack the Ripper aka Jacob Kosminski would have been one such.


May Regulations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The May Laws were regulations enacted on May 15 (May 3 O.S.), 1882, by Czar Alexander III of Russia ..........

These laws reflected a systematic policy of discrimination that banned Jews from all rural areas and towns of fewer than ten thousand people, even within the Pale of Settlement..............

"Alexander III did not simply seek to make life more difficult for Jews in his domain; he intended to make it impossible. Konstantin Pobedonostsev would one day candidly admit to a Jewish delegation hoping for relief that the regime expected one-third of Russia's Jews to emigrate, one-third to accept baptism, and one-third to perish. Since Pobedonostsev was the Tsar's mentor, friend, and most respected adviser, apart from his official post as procurator-general of the Holy Synod, he and his sovereign were of one mind. As the 1880s progressed, the legislation prohibiting Jews from moving to villages — inside as well as outside the Pale — assured the slow death of shtetl existence."

The Pale of Settlement was large; it included Poland and the Ukraine. A propensity for cheating ignorant peasants was never going to make friends. Russia had a lot of illiterate peasants. Millions were serfs. The empire was shocking badly run while the Wiki is run by liars.


There are the pogrom stories and there is the truth. They are different, very different in fact. Jews and lies go together.


Issy Smith VC
Smith was born in Alexandria, the son of French citizens Moses and Eva Shmeilowitz, who were of Polish origin. His father was employed by the French Consulate-General as a clerk. Aged 11, Smith embarked as a stowaway aboard a vessel proceeding to London. Undaunted by this unfamiliar environment, Smith attended Berner Street School, Commercial Street, and worked as a deliverer in the East End, then an impoverished ghetto where Yiddish was the predominant spoken language. Persecution and extreme deprivation had compelled millions of Eastern European Jews to migrate to Western Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere. By the time of Issy Smith's arrival, Jewish immigration to Britain had peaked and was further curtailed by the enactment of the Aliens Act in 1905.
Why were they being hassled? Depend on a Jew not to tell the truth about why he is hated. To be fair, this one served well.


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