Jews In Russia

Not all Jews are evil; it just looks that way. Here are some of the worst and one brilliant one.

Colonel V. M. Blokhin
Communism was an invention of the Jews. During the Soviet period the worst Communist murderers were without exception Jews, from Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, the first Soviet President Sverdlov, and the early head of the secret police Moses Uritsky, on through such Stalinist butchers as Lazar Kaganovich, NKVD Commissar Genrikh Yagoda, the revolting Paukers husband and wife, the “journalist” Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin’s murderous Hungarian puppet Matyas Rakosi, and on down the line to the thugs and torturers who actually committed the atrocities.

There are such Jewish monsters as the sinister (and to this day almost unknown to history) figure of Colonel V. M. Blokhin, the former kosher slaughterman who wore his old leather apron from his trade to keep from getting splattered as he actually fired the pistol into the brains of Stalin’s victims. Over a period of 25 years Blokhin probably personally killed at least 50,000 people, making him the most prolific hands-on mass murderer in history, and yet because he was a Jew and immune from any critical examination of his deeds, he retired on a pension and died of natural causes in 1955 and his name is virtually unknown outside Russia to this day. 
Getting your publicity right matters. If that is what it takes, that is what it gets. Don't forget:-


The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution
In the night of July 16-17, 1918, a squad of Bolshevik secret police murdered Russia's last emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, along with his wife, Tsaritsa Alexandra, their 14-year-old son, Tsarevich Alexis, and their four daughters. They were cut down in a hail of gunfire in a half-cellar room of the house in Ekaterinburg, a city in the Ural mountain region, where they were being held prisoner. The daughters were finished off with bayonets. To prevent a cult for the dead Tsar, the bodies were carted away to the countryside and hastily buried in a secret grave.

Those murders were just one small piece of the Jewish track record of evil. It started long before and goes on to this day in Palestine as well as England. Ask who really runs Her Majesty's Government and why the British Army are in Iraq fighting for Israel.


Jews As Victims In Russia
Their story was never going to make me burst out in tears because I know too much about they have done to other people when they had half a chance. And that is even assuming it is true.


Jews and the Revolution
Gives us some of the perpetrators of the Bolshevik Revolution. Jews were at the heart of it.


Jews Controlling Subversive Movements
The Bolshevik Revolution was perhaps their biggest success. They murdered anything up to 85 million and made Adold look an amateur.


Leon Trotsky
Was the Bolshevik minister of war and responsible for the death of millions.


Stalin's Willing Executioners
Professor MacDonald tells us more about the ugly reality of the Jews taking over in Russia. The butcher's bill ran to millions and leaves scope for thinking that Adolf had a point.


Jewish Oligarch Being Tried For Murder [ 9 March 2008 ]
The former president of the Russian Jewish Congress is being put on trial in Russia for murder.

Proceedings against former Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin, who now lives in Israel, are scheduled to begin March 4 in Moscow, according to the Web site

The Jewish businessman and philanthropist is being charged with the ordering of multiple murders committed between 1998 and 2002, including those of Moscow businesswoman Valentina Korneyeva and Nefteyugansk Mayor Vladimir Petukhov.........

Nevzlin, who fled Russia in 2003 as the Kremlin was beginning what many observers said [ claimed/alleged/pretended ] was the politically motivated prosecution of his Yukos partner Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is expected to be tried in absentia. In Israel, Nevzlin is considered one of the country's wealthiest citizens.
Murder is a business tool and a very effective one too. Kill one; coerce thousands. But Vladimir Putin is getting a grip of thieving Jews. Notice how many have doen a runner. Berezovsky is just one.


Nevzlin Faces Murder Charges [ 9 March 2008 ]
A Moscow court has issued an arrest warrant for Yukos billionaire Leonid Nevzlin on charges he organized a double contract killing and a string of attempted murders.

Nevzlin, who was Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky's right-hand man, has been charged with "entering into a criminal plot with Yukos' internal and economic security chief Alexander Pichugin to kill certain individuals who posed a ... danger to the company, and to Nevzlin and Pichugin," the Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement issued Monday. News of the arrest warrant, which was sanctioned by Moscow's Basmanny Court on Friday, comes in the wake of nearly a year of mounting pressure on Yukos' majority shareholders, including the jailing of Khodorkovsky last October on charges of fraud and tax evasion and a government announcement last week that it was preparing to sell off the oil firm's majority stake in its core production unit to pay off tax debts.
He is likely, however, to receive powerful support from the Jewish lobby. He was formerly head of the Russian Jewish Congress.
Russians can tell the truth. The oligarchs robbed them of 85% of their assets. They can't see the funny side of it.


The Wikipedia is eager to cover up the truth about Nevzlin
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Grigori Perelman
Brilliant barely begins to describe him. He is a mathematician and better than Einstein is claimed to be. Then he knocked it all on the head and went home to live with Mum. Something on the background and a Chinese chancer is at Manifold Destiny
He is a real live genius but he looks more like a biker or candidate for a mad house. Too be fair, Isaac Newton was a part time lunatic.

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