Aboriginal Genocide In Australia

From Aboriginal Genocide In Australia is an honest and competent telling of what is happening to Abos in Oz. Genocide is not an unfair word for it. The people who have done the damage are left wing subversives and followers of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party. Whitlam, the chief perpetrator is beloved of the left. They still whine about him being sacked by the Governor General.

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  Independent commentary to counter the left-leaning, politically correct bigotry of a majority of mainstream journalists.
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What Aboriginal leaders say

"I  contend that policies which were not malevolent but theoretically flawed have worsened the situation and probably even caused a social breakdown during the past three decades. This is because these policies created and perpetuated dependency and eroded the responsibility of Aboriginal families."

"Our outrageous social problems and our current widespread unemployability followed passive welfare."

"What they need most of all is is not an expansion of the healthcare system, it is an immediate dismantling of the passive welfare paradigm and an end to permissive drug policy." - Noel Pearson

"Welfare has almost totally destroyed Aboriginal Culture"

"People are off their faces and wives get bashed up because they are drunk, and you know the interference of children. It all happens." -  Evelyn Scott. 

Ms Scott said she knew of children as young as three who contracted gonorrhoea. 


     Aboriginal health

Well-meaning but misguided elites blame the white population for the abysmal state of Aboriginal health. The elites should study the causes of death in this 1993 report of Aboriginal fringe dwellers in Kalgoorlie.

Male 45 Burned to death in tent
Male 32 Alcohol poisoning
Female 35 Female   32 Respiratory/kidney failure
Male 39 Bashed on head in fight
Male 37 Bashed on head
Male 31 Died in a fight
Male  32 Brain haemorrhage
Male 38 Bashed on head
Male  55 Respiratory
Male 41 Alcohol-related
Male 29 Bashed to death
Male 36 Suicide
Male 39 Respiratory
Male 39 Bashed to death
Female 38 Beaten by de facto
Male 31 Murdered
Male 40 Bashed to death
Female 55 Respiratory
Male  40 Respiratory/kidney
The real solution to the Aboriginal disaster
Anna Marshall - 23 February 2004

The solution lies in first recognising the true problem. What we are looking at is the degradation and destruction of a race - Aboriginal genocide.

Aboriginal genocide had its beginning with Federal Liberal Party member William Wentworth's private members bill to amend the Constitution to remove the prohibition on the commonwealth making "special laws" relating to "the Aboriginal race". 

The referendum was passed  in 1967 and Wentworth became the first Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. He initiated the passive welfare and separatist policies. Wentworth rejected the traditional Coalition policy of assimilation and replaced it with the current policy of  ethnic separatism.

Wentworth was no doubt influenced by bleeding hearts such as H.C. (Nugget) Coombs who was noisily agitating for a separate nation for Aborigines to set up a hunter-gatherer utopia.

Gough Whitlam secured the votes of the elites, do-gooders, academics and bleeding hearts by promising, if elected,  to expand on Wentworth's policies. Whitlam was swept into power in 1972 and promptly began spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Aboriginal projects.  

The Whitlam government fomented and exploited the feeling of white guilt over Aboriginal injustices to spend vast sums of taxpayers' money on Aboriginal welfare and Aboriginal paternalism. It was one of the most disastrous policies of Australia's most disastrous Prime Minister. 

In 1983 Coombs distilled his pipe-dreams into a co-authored paper entitled A certain heritage. It set out in detail how taxpayers money in the form of handouts and "sit-down money" would create a separate nation of hunter-gatherers living in an outback utopia. This piece of bleeding-heart lunacy just accelerated the downward spiral of Aboriginal survival.

A glance at the facts, figures and comments in the side panels reveals what Wentworth's, Coombs' and Whitlam's policies have done for Aboriginal people.

The extent of the problem
Former ALP Senator Bob Collin's report on Aboriginal education in the Northern Territory revealed that, against the background of encouragement given to Aboriginal languages and the shocking failure to enforce school attendance, some 80 per cent of Aboriginal children are illiterate.

Levels of domestic violence, child abuse, sexually transmitted disease, alcoholism and unemployment that would not be tolerated elsewhere are entrenched in many Aboriginal communities. 

In 1999 a Queensland domestic violence taskforce of 50 Aboriginal women concluded, "Increasing injuries and fatalities as a result of interpersonal violence has risen to levels which threaten the continued existence of Australia's indigenous peoples".

The taskforce report spoke of degrees of violence and destruction that "cannot be adequately described"; of murder, rape and child sex abuse in "epidemic proportions".

Perhaps the most tragic is the plight of children. Toddlers as young as three are given petrol-soaked rags to breathe to pacify them while their mothers go on drinking binges.

Responsibility and accountability
Aboriginals have to stop blaming past injustices for their egregious behaviour. They have to accept responsibility for their lives. Is it racism that makes a man bash his wife to death in a drunken rage?

If parents cannot accept responsibility for feeding, caring for and educating their children then the children must be removed to an environment where they will be cared for. If the black aristocracy and the white do-gooders want to scream "racist" and "stolen generation" then so be it. 

Before the majority of Aborigines can join mainstream Australia they must get rid of their attitude problem.

Three decades of land-claim, "stolen generation", dispossession and even genocide propaganda trumpeted by the black aristocracy, academics and media have imbued many Aboriginals with feelings ranging from anger, frustration and bitterness to a deep hatred of white society and white people.

87-year-old widow bashed by Aboriginal thief

The hatred manifests itself in the savage attacks on white people by Aboriginals. Even the lowest-of-the-low white mongrels do not bash up frail elderly women. A significant number of Aboriginals have no such scruples. 


Elsie Hughes (pictured left) woke from a nap in her home in the Perth suburb of Lathlain to find a teenage intruder in her kitchen.

She offered him a cup of tea. In return, he viciously beat her. The next thing Elsie Hughes remembers is waking up in Royal Perth Hospital with two black eyes, a broken cheekbone and severe bruising to her face and neck.

The police are seeking to interview the person pictured left over the vicious bashing of Elsie Hughes. He is described as an Aborigine, about 180 cm tall, of medium build with dark, curly hair. He was wearing a dark jumper.

Land claims, Aboriginal sovereignty and an Aboriginal treaty are spurious concepts dreamed up by the Aboriginal  aristocracy to prolong their luxurious lifestyle while drawing huge taxpayer-funded salaries. 

The country's remote Aboriginal settlements have become, in the words of anthropologist, Roger Sandall, "broken sociopathic ruins". He describes the residents as "vocationally disabled, unpresentable outside the ethnographic zoos they live in, these tragic people are Australia's contribution to the new stone age".

More than 70 per cent of Aborigines live in urban communities and marriages between adult Aborigines and non-Aborigines has increased to 64 per cent from 46 per cent in 1986.

Most Aboriginal leaders are of mixed descent. They could equally call themselves Irish, British or Norwegian, etc.  It is somewhat ludicrous for a person of Irish descent to want a treaty with the Australian government. 

The cultural concentration camps must be emptied and the residents encouraged to join mainstream Australia. The payment of "sit-down money" must be wound back and finally abolished.

The urban Aborigines must throw off their self-imposed shackles of self-pity, hatred and resentment and join mainstream Australia.

The key to breaking the cycle of degradation is education. If 80 per cent of Aboriginal children are illiterate then governments are confronted with a massive problem to bring Aboriginal education up to the level of the rest of society.  Traditional schools cannot cope. 

Governments must set up special remedial boarding schools for Aboriginal children. Abused and at-risk children must be removed from their toxic environments and only allowed to return to their communities between terms.

With such a poor start, not all of the children can aspire to a tertiary education but they must achieve literacy and numeracy skills of a level to make them employable. Australia has a growing shortage of skilled tradespeople and many of the children could take up skilled trades.

Intensive work will need to be done with the children in the special schools to give them the necessary skills, confidence and motivation to compete on the job market with the rest of the population.

In spite of the wildly defamatory statements of the black aristocracy and the white elites, Australians are not racist. If they see Aboriginal kids genuinely trying to improve themselves, they will offer them jobs and encouragement.

Only when Aborigines go through this process will they enter mainstream Australia and reap the benefits of steady employment, saving to buy a house and raising a family.

"The best chances of a good life for indigenes", says Roger Sandall, "is the same as for you and me: full fluency and literacy in English, as much maths as we can handle, and a job".

H.C. Coombs Gough Whitlam 
Two of the architects of the Australia's disastrous Aboriginal policies


  • The average lifespan of an Aboriginal male is 56 compared to 76 for the rest of the male population.
  • The average lifespan for Aboriginal women is 63 compared to 82 for their non-indigenous counterparts.
  • Aborigines are twice as likely as other Australians to need hospital treatment.
  • Public health expenditure on Aborigines is 56 per cent more per person than for non-Aborigines - $2917 compared to $1868.
  • Around 80 per cent of Aboriginal children are illiterate.
  • One in 71 WA Aborigines is held in prison or juvenile detention, compared to one in 1140 of non-Aboriginal people.
  • Up to 50 per cent of all Aboriginal children were victims of family violence or child abuse - ATSIC sponsored report.

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