Aliens From Outer Space Are Taking Over?

Some ideas seem reasonable. Others are less obvious or even down right impossible. This is one seems possible albeit improbable given our present state of knowledge. Occam's Razor is a useful tool - go for the simple solution, the straightforward explanation.  If Mr. Bryant's views on the Jewish take over seem far fetched it is worth reading through Behind Communism, a book by Frank L Britton or looking through The Case Against the Jews then THE JEWISH QUESTION These give sources of evidence; always a good sign. I have checked some and they confirm the thesis. But read for yourself. Think for yourself and decide for yourself.



Birdman's Weekly Letter #487:
Space Aliens & Jews

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Space Aliens & Jews
As Aristotle might have said, space aliens are either here or they're not. The evidence, however -- and there is quite a bit, including thousands of UFO sightings PER YEAR, well-attested alien abductions, continuing unexplainable cattle mutilations, humanly-impossible crop circles, and the numerous persons and books which have reported all these phenomena in a credible fashion -- is frankly overwhelming in support of the positive case.

But if space aliens are here, why didn't they land on the White House lawn? (We know they wouldn't land at Number 10 Downing, because it doesn't even have a yard, and the Kremlin is nowhere near a decent shopping mall.) One reason is because of the shock -- they don't want to scare the pants off Aunt Jehosaphat or send Uncle Cransom to the loony bin. But even more importantly, they don't want the army called out to surround their ship, and take the risk that some moron will start shooting -- after all, even our medieval weaponry might do some harm to them or their ship, and in any event, there are only a few of them, but a lot of us. Accordingly, if they want to contact us, they are going to do a 'Take us to your leader' bit.

But if space aliens are here, then they're here for a purpose, and that purpose is unlikely to be sightseeing. Instead they are most probably here either to acquire hegemony over the planet, or else they just want to take something, like gold, or food, or slaves. But I think hegemony is the most likely possibility.

But what is the easiest way to acquire hegemony? The answer, quite simply, is to get a lock on the leaders, as by promising them high-tech weaponry, or a way to manufacture gold, or a means of living as long as Methuselah. Or perhaps by threatening those leaders or their families, or their countries or their race.

But if I am right in my above reasoning, then the things which have been reported on the UFO scene begin to make sense: Underground bases, space ships at Area 51, the Majestic 12 committee (for coordination with aliens) plus the other things we have mentioned here.

But there is one crucial question that we have not answered, which is, Who are the leaders that the aliens would have contacted? Now we always think of the White House as the world's center of power, but those of us who are into Conspiracy Theory know that the President is just one of the Pawns in the Game, i.e., the global Chess Game at which the Jews are so outstanding, just as they are outstanding in the actual game of chess. So it makes sense that the aliens would have struck a bargain with the Jews, or at least their leaders, i.e., Establishment Jewry, whose most important members are the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Neocons.

And this not only makes perfect sense, but it explains some very important things that cannot otherwise be explained, such as the fact that our own government seems to be our own worst enemy -- that it seems preoccupied with destroying our nation, ripping up our Constitution, turning our people against one another, stirring up animosities between the races and the sexes, destroying the white gene pool by enforcing multiculturalism and encouraging intermarriage, ruining public education and dumbing down the children, destroying long-established institutions including everything from the military academies to the family, inverting the natural order of authority, invoking social and financial ruin, and generally creating chaos -- a slow chaos that cannot be recognized by most people, who have been turned into couch potatoes and TV zombies, and who sport IQs well below 100, whether functional or actual -- but chaos nonetheless.

Now for most of the time I have been espousing white rights and supporting Western civilization against the encroachments of leftism and liberalism, I have made it an axiom of my behavior to keep my 'eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole', as the old ditty goes; that is, I have maintained that we must focus on those whom we can actually see are violating our rights and undermining our civilization, namely, the Jews, or more precisely, Establishment Jewry. To this we must add that we know that Jewry's behavior is deliberate rather than accidental in view of the fact that there has been deep hostility between Jews and gentiles for many generations, that the Jewish religion veritably seethes with hostility against gentiles, and, as I have suggested elsewhere, the fact that Jews have been persecuted has allowed only the strongest and most intelligent to survive, with the result that they now stand as a formidable enemy, even if few in number. But in addition to this obvious Jewish conspiracy -- or 'working-together', if saying 'conspiracy' gives you heart palpitations -- I have also said from Day One that space aliens may very well be behind the major evils which we can see so clearly. I am not sure I propounded my views on this matter before David Icke, in his book The Biggest Secret, came up with the theory that our leaders are shape-shifting reptilians from outer space, but surely Icke has elaborated this thesis in a way that many people find credible. Personally I find the notion of shape-shifting reptilians to be a bit over the top, but then what do I know? Indeed, there have been ancient reports of shape-shifters which Barbara Walker has described in her massive Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets; and if there are beings here on earth who have arrived from other planets, then believing they are shape-shifters with reptilian attributes is surely no more unbelievable than thinking they originally arrived by traversing the universe.

So what is my point in all this? The point is simply that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in mere Jewish Conspiracy Theory, and that the fight to preserve Western civilization and the race that created it may turn out to be a very different fight than we have previously imagined. The Jews, indeed, may correctly believe in themselves as the Chosen Ones -- correctly because of their presumably superior intelligence which has been recognized by the aliens, or perhaps only because they emerged from a Biblical tradition which was actually fact-based, and which the Jewish scholar Zecharia Sitchin has identified in his investigations about the Anunnaki.

My thinking, then, has not changed in the sense that I say now as I have always said, that we must join battle with the enemies we can actually see; but I remain alert to the possibility that the UFO enigma may be one not disconnected from the fight in which we are engaged, and one which it is essential that we not ignore.


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