American Imperialism

For decades the left complained bitterly about American imperialism and for decades I believed that they were lying. Now I know that they were telling the truth more or less. I also know that I was right about their motives; stupidity, ignorance,  malice or some combination. The Communists were doing much the same and immense damage. Fortunately they lost their heartland and there are only outposts in universities, the media and other time warps. But that is for another essay. This is about American operations driven by various motives and various agendas. Paranoia is just one. Greed was and is another. The strange part of this for most people is that America is driven by a foreign agenda. American politics have been penetrated and subverted by Zionist crazies and their fellow travellers. America is run by the Puppet Masters, subservient to Israel.

American Imperialism Can Be Broken
Doctor Roberts, an economist who was in politics explains how the American threat can be broken. Abandoning the dollar is part of the approach. America can print unlimited numbers of them to buy oil. Trading in roubles stops that. Russia can cut off gas to Europe. Instead it goes quietly. China has no oil but it has trillions of dollars which it can dump on the market. America is a paper tiger run by Zionist crazies. Obama is just one of their puppets.


545 People Responsible For America's Woes
Various politicians accepted bribes/bungs/brown envelopes/sweeteners/backhanders/whatever. They did not have to take them or act against American interests. They did. They are guilty.


The CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is a big firm and in the espionage business. It has had successes which tends to mean other outfits have had their failures. The trouble is that it is difficult to know whether your outfit is the winner or the mug in these games.


Ex-UN weapons inspector compares Blair and Bush to Nazis [ 8 October 2005 ]
Sounds fair. Unjustified aggression based on lies. Torturing prisoners. Starving thousands of babies to death. Nothing Adolf wouldn't known and loved. Sound man obviously.


Americans are the Enemy [ 8 October 2005 ]
The American government thinks so. It treats them so. It lies to them to justify war. Thus Colonel Gardiner, who taught at the National War College and Mark Fineman of the LA Times. And it is all based on unclassified sources.

The United States (and UK) conducted a strategic
influence campaign that:
 • ...distorted perceptions of the situation both
before and during the conflict.
• …caused misdirection of portions of the military operation.
• …was irresponsible in parts.
• …might have been illegal in some ways.
• …cost big bucks.
• …will be even more serious in the future.
Calling the management a pack of liars does not necessarily come easily to a patriot.


Breaking America's grip on the net - update [ 7 October 2005 ]
 ..... Hendon explained the EU had decided to end the US government's unilateral control of the internet and put in place a new body that would now run this revolutionary communications medium.
The pay off is that EU apparatchiks would be able to block access to sites that they didn't like because they would control the name servers. Suppressing free speech is the name of the game.


'WAR ON TERROR' REVISITED [ 7 October 2005 ]
It is just an excuse to extend the American Empire abroad and suppress democracy in America. America will control the world and Israel will control America. Look at the Zionists in the White House then think for yourself and decide for yourself.


Blundering Into Syria? [ 7 October 2005 ]
What is Syria? Who cares? Not most Americans. Should they invade it because the Zionists want them to do it? No! George gave them 102 front line fighters for free [ Free Jets for Israel: Bush OK's 102 Fighters at $45 Million Each on  1 October ] so that they could do it. Let them do their own dirty work.


Breaking America's grip on the net [ 6 October 2005 ]
 ..... Hendon explained the EU had decided to end the US government's unilateral control of the internet and put in place a new body that would now run this revolutionary communications medium.
Serious negotiations mean a lust for power and a desire to screw the peasants. That is the most optimistic interpretation. Who are the "EU"? Nameless apparatchiks with a lust for power and with an agenda.


Bullying Syria [ 5 October 2005 ]
Someone murdered Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon. The inquiry will report. It might finger Assad. This would give the American government an excuse to lean on him even harder. Why do they care? It is not oil. The Zionists want control there and they control America.


Bullying Iran [ 5 October 2005 ]
America claims that Iran is building nukes. America lies. They want an excuse to invade to get control of the oil  and power for the Zionists.


The Greatest Strategic Disaster in US History [ 3 October 2005 ]
Democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun. Thus quoth Condoleezza Rice The “greatest strategic disaster in United States history". Thus quoth Lieutenant General  Odom, director of the National Security Agency during Ronnie Reagan’s second term. Do you believe the minority hire or the man with a track record?


Bush is Cooking Up Two New Wars [ 2 October 2005 ]
Making war for the Zionists is bad enough. George has Iran and Korea in line for attack. The Zionists want to control all Middle East oil. Using the American army is the obvious method but they are fouling up in Iraq so it will be American nukes. Of course there will be more WMD fairy stories. If he is fool enough to attack Iran a lot of other countries will have to consider their options.


American Atrocities Revisited [ 2 October 2005 ]
They make Russian gulags sound much the same. Given the Zionist control of the White House and their war machine they are unsurprising.

Quietly, firmly, relentlessly, the good captain laid out the list of atrocities committed at the order of the enemies of freedom: "Death threats, beatings, broken bones, murder, exposure to elements, extreme forced physical exertion, hostage-taking, stripping, sleep deprivation and degrading treatment." A catalogue of depravity, all of it designed -- with diabolical sophistry -- by self-exalted men cloaking their violent perversions with sham piety and righteous sputum. This was terrorism on a grand scale, chewing up the innocent and guilty alike.


Mossad-Kurds ties threaten U.S. interests in Iraq [ 2 October 2005 ]
Jews were operating in Kurdistan post Saddam Hussein was ousted by the U.S.-led occupation but the Americans objected so they are  working through Mossad.


Free Jets for Israel: Bush OK's 102 Fighters at $45 Million Each [ 1 October 2005 ]
This is so that they can attack Iran but it is only American tax payers' money that is being used to help Jews murder foreigners. Source Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber


What is the US military doing in Paraguay? [ 25 August 2005 ]
Building up to an invasion of Bolivia or Venezuela; they are both down there somewhere. Sabre rattling is part of the fun. Hint: The Venezuela tar sands have more oil than Saudi Arabia. AFB Mariscal Estigarribia will be the jumping off point for invasion. Bolivia is huge on gas - see Places to watch


US approves full new warhead production [ 25 August 2005 ]
Lockheed are supplying 900 of them at US$100,000 each but it is only tax payers' money so nobody minds. They are useful as anti-personnel rounds in Iraq and can be fired from a distance. One man, one kill sounds like a minimum standard of performance with these things. Buy Lockheed shares.


The Madness of King George Permeates Fort Meade  [ 25 August 2005 ]
The Soviets put dissidents into lunatic asylums. Neocons are using the same techniques to control the NSA [ National Security Agency ]. A trick cyclist who operated in a mad house for criminals is running the pogrom - sorry programme. Control the pay roll, control the men, control the intelligence being fed to the top, control the agenda. Remember those WMD fairy stories?


Jewish Front Organizations
They give some indication of how deeply the Zionists have penetrated into  American political life. Then there are the Zionists in the White House, Congress, the Senate, Department of Defense and you name it.


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