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Arnold Leese was a sound chap and put in prison for his pains. They didn't shut him up though. He took a position on Kosher Slaughter, writing a book about it.. He was not just a decent man, but a vet specialising in camels and a Fascist politician, in 1939 before Mussolini was rather thoroughly discredited. He knew what he was talking about. He says it is cruel. See what he has to say at:-
The Legalized Cruelty Of Shechita, The Jewish Method Of Cattle Slaughter. He also told us that The Rothschilds are force for evil - it is also at The Rothschilds. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Arnold Leese ex Wiki
Arnold Spencer Leese (18781956) was a British fascist politician. He was born in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England and educated at Giggleswick School........ Leese was an Antisemite for much of his life, a prejudice reportedly kindled by his disgust for kashrut, a set of laws dictating the correct form for preparing food and slaughtering animals. He developed conspiracy theories relating to a perceived Jewish threat to the British Empire, and became involved with fascist groups from 1924.........

Leese's anti-semitism earned him a prison sentence in 1936 when he was indicted along with fellow IFL member Walter Whitehead on six counts relating to two articles published in the July issue of The Fascist (the IFL newspaper). He was convicted and was jailed for six months in lieu of a fine for causing a public mischief.
Notice that the Wiki uses words like allege and claim rather than say - see Words as Propaganda Tools on the point.


The Rothschilds are force for evil - it is also at The Rothschilds
Was written by Arnold Leese He is not a fan; far from it. He says:-
This little book has been produced with the object of filling a vacancy which the author considers has too long existed....... This book of mine contains no padding and needs to be read slowly.

I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile.

Trusting that this book may enable others to dispense knowledge of the subject, I now drop this spanner into the wobbling, squeaking, overheated machinery of an outworn democracy, hoping for the best. I ask my readers to get busy, for the time is short.


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