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America Downgrading Israel's Aviation Safety Ranking [ 20 November 2008 ]
The U.S Federal Aviation Administration is expected to announce the lowering of Israel's aviation security ranking following an inspection on Wednesday that uncovered severe security shortcomings in the Israel Civil Aviation Authority. As a result the image of Israeli airlines in the United States and in Europe may be harmed, as well as their profitability. As a consequence of the announcement, Israeli airlines' flights to the United States will be limited, meaning there will be no additional flights to the U.S and no option for other aircrafts [ sic ] to be added. Moreover, supervision on air traffic and the activity of Israeli airlines in the U.S will be increased........ The Lapidot public committee, headed by former Israel Air Force Commander Amos Lapidot,... stated that the aviation safety in Israel is in a "catastrophic state."
You expect Jews to get this sort of thing right because they are hated; quite reasonably of course. The sensible answer is have nothing to do with them.


That is a lot of money but it is only tax payers' money so nobody really cares. If the driver had remembered to put the wheels down it would have saved  $7.9 million on the aircraft and $14,025 on the runway. All credit to the men who built the runway. The pilot might find himself flying a desk hence forth and that is if he is lucky. The B1 is rather beautiful. So is the background scenery.











Build a Cruise Missile for $5K
Building your own cruise missile for US$5,000 may sound like a fantasy if you know how much the tax payers get screwed out of for anything airborne. It is not. $5,000 covers the parts One objective was to buy them without getting noticed. It happened and a lot of them were exported from America to New Zealand without problems. The man doing this one has solid back ground in model aircraft, jet engines and computing.


Australia gets spyplane drones  [ 15 December 2005 ]
They sound useful. The customs and fishery protection people need them too. At A$145 million they ain't cheap. They are from Israel with stolen(?) American(?) technology.


Australian Forces Becoming  Invaders  [ 15 December 2005 ]
The RAAF is getting the heavy lift capability to move their main battle tanks by air. That means invasions just like the Russian army when it was in East Germany. All of their tanks were equipped for river crossings and you don't do those when you are falling back.


Jewish  choppers in service of drug cartel  [ 12 November 2005 ]
American made choppers went to drug runners. American officials are asking questions. Does this get worldwide media attention? Not on your life.


India to buy Zionist drones in 220 million dollar deal  [ 5 November 2005 ]
Selling American technology to China annoyed the Americans. They are still doing it. See the previous entry.


Colonel saw engine blast before air disaster
Fly Air Ethnic and take your chances? Not me. American air lines are quite conscientious. They can't take the bad publicity. Remember PanAm? Nor can anyone else after Lockerbie and it wasn't even their fault. Brits are all right for the same reason. They can't hide from the publicity. Europeans? All right but after that get very selective.


Russia's new X-555 cruise missile operates better than its predecessor
With a range of 1,250 miles and serious accuracy it sounds like good kit. It is air launched so you have to be a long way away to be safe from it or well hidden. It is the electronic side that makes the real difference. How well can it avoid the opposition's defences? We will never really know unless it is for real. Just hope that it doesn't come to that.


Its development was kept under wraps for 14 years, but by 1991, the F-117 Nighthawk had become a household word.

Aviation History is a bit more accurate but it is seriously advanced technology and it worked well in Iraq. To be fair Iraqi technology was probably not good but they meant it and the USAF's aircraft all got back.


Vladimir Putin flies Tu-160 bomber plane, tests cruise missiles and advertises ice cream [ 18 August 2005 ]
The Moscow air show was fun. Vlad went there.


Russia responds to Le Bourget with MAKS-2005 Air Show in Moscow region [ 16 August 2005 ]
This is the second Moscow air show and they have some super kit. The Mig-29 [ Fulcrum if you are in NATO - see NATO reporting names ]  has vectored thrust making it highly manoeuverable. I don't quite see why they need such advanced goodies but if you want peace prepare for war and the Chinese are not always nice. The USAF will be there too.


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