In George Bush and his Marxist Handlers, an article in  The Spectator [ page 43 on 5 November 2005 - a significant date for Parliament  and Guy FawkesJohn Laughland tells us that:-

Tony Blair justified Nato’s attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 by saying that the right to bomb a country for alleged human rights abuses derived from globalisation. ‘People are recognising that if there is a serious problem with the Brazilian economy, it develops into a serious problem for the British economy,’ he said. ‘It is similar with security problems.’ [ spoken like a good little Marxist mouthpiece. Editor ]

The NeoCons hated Bill Clinton for his pragmatic refusal to follow Tony Blair’s logic through to its conclusion — for instance, when he withdrew from chaotic Somalia rather than carry the burden of nation-building. George Bush has done the opposite. He seldom allows reason of state, or any other practical consideration, to befog his own ideological clarity.

The relevance of this issue is that a conscienceless rogue and de facto post Marxist  is sending men to war at the behest of Zionist thugs to give them  control of the Middle East oil and destroying England with all of it institutions using Antonio Gramsci's technique of undermining from within. This means doing it  largely unrecognized by the peasant masses. Keeping the peasants ignorant is the first rule of subversion. The Tory Party are too stupid to have worked this out.


Board of Deputies’ website
QUOTE - 15 March 2006
The Prime Minister today held a meeting with lay leaders of the Jewish community: Sir Victor Blank, Sir Trevor Chinn, Lord Janner, Lord Levy, Gerald Ronson, Lord Rothschild, Alan Sennitt (Chair of UJS), Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Jo Wagerman, Lord Weidenfeld and Lord Woolf.

In an open and detailed discussion the Prime Minister responded with understanding and concern to the wide range of issues raised on behalf of the community.  [ For ]   information contact Press Officer on 020 7543 5400 or out of hours on 04325 267 205


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