Blair and Corruption

“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Lord Acton Misquoted On Politics

Hank Gonzales, former Mayor of Mexico City and billionaire said: "A politician who is poor is a poor politician"


Blair As A Malicious Bully
They could also have raised the Robert Henderson case—see Free Life Commentary issue 28. This is perhaps the biggest political scandal since Andrew Newton shot Rinka. Mr Blair tried to use the Crown Prosecution Service against a man who had done no more than write to him, and when this failed procured libellous articles about him in two national newspapers, and has been using the security services ever since as instruments of harassment. These accusations have been proved with overwhelming evidence, and the Conservatives have refused to lift a finger. I have seen letters from Teresa Gorman and John Redwood among others, all refusing to get involved in a matter that might cause them personal inconvenience.
See the source at
2Robert Henderson v Tony Blair - A Tale of New Britain


Blair, Bribes and Questions
LONDON - A senior detective will face a committee of MPs to explain his investigation into alleged political corruption that overshadowed former Prime Minister Tony Blair's last months in office.

John Yates, Assistant Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police, has been summoned by the Public Administration Select Committee to give details of the 16-month probe into the so-called "cash for honours" inquiry.

Yates' team launched their investigation in March 2006 after claims that political parties had nominated people for seats in the House of Lords in return for cash.

Blair was quizzed by officers as a witness three times, the first serving prime minister to face questions in a criminal investigation. Two of his former aides, a donor, and a top Labour Party fundraiser were arrested during the inquiry.

Some analysts believe that the ongoing saga contributed to pressure from the party for Blair to step down early.

However, prosecutors announced in July this year that no one would face any charges, leading some politicians to criticise the length of the probe and its cost, estimated at about one million pounds.


"There are plenty of questions that need to be answered," Paul Rowen, a Liberal Democrat MP on the committee, said in a statement on his website.

"I want to know whether Assistant Commissioner Yates and his team got all the co-operation they were entitled to during their investigation.

"Was there obstruction from Downing Street or Mr Blair, and why at the end of the day, when it was clear that Mr Blair had driven a coach and horses through the honours regulations, were they not able to do anything about it?"

Media reports say that Blair had threatened to resign as prime minister if detectives had questioned him under caution as a suspect.


Newspapers have suggested that Yates may comment on this speculation and also whether detectives had faced any political interference.

He is also likely to be asked why officers carried out a dawn raid on the house of Ruth Turner, director of government relations in Blair's office.

Cash for Honours inquiry


March 8 - Healthcare entrepreneur Chai Patel protests to the vetting committee for appointments to the House of Lords after his nomination for a peerage is blocked. It emerges he lent Labour

Corruption detective to face MPs

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By Michael Holden

March 21 - Police say they are investigating the Labour Party to find out whether it offered peerages to businessmen in exchange for loans. They say they have received three complaints about Labour under section 1 of the Honours Act 1925, which makes it illegal to sell state honours.

April 13 - Des Smith, a former adviser on Blair's flagship schools programme, is arrested in connection with the inquiry. He is released on bail pending further inquiries.

July 12 - Lord Michael Levy is arrested. Levy, Blair's personal Middle East envoy and chief fundraiser, denies any wrongdoing.

Sept 21 - Christopher Evans, founder of biotechnology company Merlin Biosciences, is the third person arrested. All three are released on bail without charge and deny wrongdoing.

Oct 23 - Police question Michael Howard, former leader of the opposition Conservatives, about the scandal.

Nov 16 - Police say they hope to send evidence to prosecutors in January. They say they have interviewed 90 people and have obtained "significant and valuable" material.


Nov 22 - Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt becomes first serving member of the cabinet to be questioned, as a witness not a suspect. Police subsequently question most other members of Blair's 2005 cabinet as witnesses.

Dec 14 - Blair is interviewed as a witness, becoming the first serving British prime minister to be interviewed by police in a criminal investigation.


Jan 19 - Ruth Turner, director of government relations in Blair's office, is arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and released without charge.

Jan 26 - Blair is interviewed a second time.

Jan 30 - Lord Levy is arrested for a second time, this time on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and is released without charge.

Feb 6 - Prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to charge Des Smith.

April 20 - Police send 216 page file to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after interviewing 136 people either as witnesses or suspects. CPS has to decide whether charges should be brought.

June 27 - Blair steps down as prime minister, handing over power to Chancellor Gordon Brown.

June 28 - Blair is questioned for a third time by London detectives investigating allegations of illegal political party funding. Officials will not confirm it.

July 20 - Prosecutors say they will not file any charges.



Cash-for-honours - Blair aides await fate as inquiry ends
The police file will be examined by Carmen Dowd, the head of the CPS special crime division, who has been working closely with Mr Yates. She will be advised on the strength of the evidence by the Treasury counsel, David Perry. If she concludes there is a case for prosecution, her decision is likely to be referred to Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General. Although he is a member of the Government and close to Mr Blair, Lord Goldsmith has refused to stand aside from the case, insisting that he is legally obliged to approve any prosecution [ and if he does stand aside it will be more difficult for him to get Blair out of trouble - Editor ]. 
Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.
Otto von Bismarck - attributed


Monsanto Used Blair To Shut Pusztai Up - Allegedly - ex Wiki
Investigative journalist Andrew Rowell[33] wrote in his 2003 book Don't worry, it's safe to eat: The true story of GM food, BSE and foot and mouth that pressure to sack Pusztai had been applied to the institute from Monsanto, a multinational company that owns 90 percent of GM seed technology.[20] According to Rowell, professor Robert Orskov, who was working at Rowett at the time, heard that US President Clinton rang Prime Minister Blair who then rang James to tell him to silence Pusztai. Pusztai's colleague Stanley Ewen says he heard the story from another Rowett researcher, Asim Duttaroy.[34] In 2008 James Randerson, The Guardian's environment and science news editor,[35] telephoned Orskov and Duttaroy and emailed James.[34] Orskov said that while he would not be surprised if the calls had occurred, he had no personal knowledge of them. Duttaroy remembers his conversation with Ewen, but does not remember making any statements about political manipulation. In 1999 James had denied receiving any phone calls from Government or Cabinet, but later stated to Randerson that he was phoned by "the science officer in the Department of Agriculture in the Scottish Office".[34] He says the conversation played no role in his decision to suspend Pusztai.[20]
Corruption in politics is politics as normal. Who Whom as Lenin said.


Victor Dahdaleh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Has been deleted. Irritable? Can't take a joke? Guilty? Pass.


Political Corruption And Blair's Old Woman [ 2 January 2008 ]
... Sir Patrick is one of hundreds of Members of Parliament who now belong to a Political Class that has become entrenched at the centre of British politics, government and society. This new Political Class has emerged over the past three decades to become the dominant force in British public life - and increasingly pursues its own sectional interests oblivious to the public good......... It encompasses lobbyists, party functionaries, advisers and spin doctors, many journalists, and increasing numbers of once independent civil servants. All mainstream politicians of the three main parties belong to it. Gordon Brown is a member, so is the Tory leader David Cameron.......

The case of Cherie Blair provides a grotesque illustration of the attitudes and practices of the new Political Class. The Prime Minister's wife manifested a new morality in the heart of government, namely that it was acceptable to use the highest office as a method of personal enrichment............

In February 2006, for example, she reportedly earned some £150,000 on a tour of the United States which involved at least five speaking engagements. The previous year she is thought to have earned at least £140,000 for eight days' work.

In June 2005 she was paid some £30,000 to be interviewed before an audience by the CNN anchorwoman Paula Zahn, while Tony Blair was on an official visit to the White House.......

Turnbull urged her not to embark on the undertaking at all, adding that, if she did insist on going ahead, she should donate her fee to charity. Cherie ignored this advice, saying: "Maybe we should not have done this, but we are in too deep." [ A very telling remark. The cow is a lawyer; she knows about fraudulent misapplication of funds when she wants to - Editor ]

One Christmas she rang Greg Dyke, in his capacity as a board director of Manchester United FC, to ask him if he could arrange a discount on a club shirt for her son Euan. [ Penny pinching rat bag ]
Civil servants are in on this game just as much as politicians. The gravy train is rolling and they love it. Read it in Private Eye any time and every time. It is all there. They sign contracts worth billions then get the cushy little numbers with the recipients.
PS She is ugly as sin but you don't have to take my word for it. Look at Cherie Blair Competition Winners


Blair's Peculiar Friend, Victor Dahdaleh Raided Over £700 Million Bribes [ 12 April 2010 ]
A billionaire donor and friend of Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson has been raided by the Serious Fraud Office over allegations of an alleged £700million fraud and bribery scandal. Metals magnate Victor Dahdaleh, who has poured money into Labour causes over the years, had documents seized from his £2.3million premises in London's Belgravia, while offshore bank accounts linked to him are being examined. According to court documents, he was allegedly involved in a huge money laundering and bribery scam involving a metals company in America and the royal family of Bahrain.
The message I get is that Blair was bought cheap. If you want Dahdaleh's phone number you have to pay money.


Blair Is A Capitalist Swine With His Snout Firmly In The Trough [ 22 August 2010 ]


Blair Buys Eighth Home For £1 Million [ 28 August 2010 ]
Cherie Blair has paid almost £1million in cash for a house for her daughter. The three-bedroom maisonette in a Georgian townhouse in central London becomes the eighth home in the Blairs' seemingly ever-expanding portfolio. It was bought mortgage-free in the names of Mrs Blair and her 22-year-old daughter Kathryn, Land Registry documents show.....

But that decision has clearly not left the Blairs short of cash. Their three eldest children now each have a £1million home in central London, all bought with substantial help from their parents. Kathryn and her older brothers Euan, 26, and Nicky, 24, all live within striking distance of their parents' £3.7million mansion in Connaught Square. The Blairs have amassed property worth £15million since Mr Blair entered Downing Street in 1997........ 'Most parents would draw the line at spending so much - it's not far off £3.5million in total - but the Blairs aren't most parents.'

Country pad: The South Pavilion in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire cost £4m
The wages of sin are tax free.



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