Blair the Zionist Puppet

You might have thought that Her Majesty's Prime Minister has a duty to his Sovereign and his country. In fact the man has sworn the Privy Council's oath of loyalty. Does he know this? Yes. Does he care? No. Will he tell lies to buy votes? Yes. Will he sell honours in return for loans? He would claim not. The matter is sub judice pro tempore but I have no doubt that he will get away with it. Is he a Zionist puppet? Yes. Consider the evidence and note that it was published in a Jewish newspaper written by Jews for Jews. Jewish owned newspapers written for the rest of us keep it secret. Given the reality that he sent the British Army to war for Israel it pretty much has to be true.

Zionist puppet UK PM Tony Blair grovels to Israel
The headline  in Arutz Sheva or Israel National News is:-

UK PM Tony Blair: I Am Proud to Be a Friend of the Jewish People

He wasn't beating about the bush. By the same token, there is no reason to believe that he meant it. I am not sure that he does tell the truth at all. Once he has got the votes or the bribes it is a case of - That was then. This is now.
The European chief rabbis thanked Blair for his support in matters of concern to the Jewish community, including in the fight against anti-Semitism, against the attempt to outlaw kosher slaughter in the UK, and in favour of expanded Jewish education. Blair said in response that he very much admires Jewish education and the moral life espoused by Judaism. He further said that Jewish life has within it the potential to contribute to the moral and family values of England and all of Europe.


Blair by Sean Gabb
In part, I say this without irony. Tony Blair is not merely a bad Prime Minister - he is also a profoundly bad man. He is driven by a hatred of England and its people. He is a liar, a traitor, a war monger. He has the blood of thousands on his hands. Not since the time of James II have we had a government directed so plainly to the abolition of our liberties. At no time in our history has an attack on these liberties been so sustained or so successful. So far as he opposes the continual forward drive of the Blair Government, and so far as he might be able to replace it, I welcome the election of Mr Cameron. This is not saying much. Let it be granted that they might combine, and that they might also be able to beat Mr Blair, I should probably welcome a coalition of George Galloway, Abu Hamza and Nick Griffin. The most important short term objective of anyone who cares about England must be to pull down Tony Blair and to execrate his memory.


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