Economists are prone to write about BRIC which is their short hand for the upcoming nations that are really going to matter in this millennium while Western Civilization goes down. The nations in question are  Brazil, Russia, India & China. Of course if an economist tells you which horse is going to win you should put your money on a different one. Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach - or become economists.

The countries in question might get better for their people; they could hardly get worse. There again they might not. Herewith are some sources.

Brazil is large and fertile, speaks Portuguese and has ambitions in manufacturing. It could get better.


Is large, has lots of gold, diamonds, oil and other useful things underground. Getting them up means man power and that is a problem. The Mafiya is a major problem, one full of Jews. The Oligarchs are a major problem too. One of them is not a Jew - allegedly.


Has brains, serious poverty and very serious corruption. The rich do very nicely. The rest do the best they can. Suicide is a popular option.


Worries people. There are over a billion of them. They have brains and energy but they have their problems too.


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