Chinese Threat Level

The Chinese have a track record which is not particularly pretty. At the moment they are rich, getting richer and building up their armed forces. They had the second biggest war ever with a cast of millions and a butcher's bill of millions. That was back in the Nineteenth Century with primitive weapons. Now they have full house NBC [ nuclear, biological and chemical ] capability which they are working up. They are rattling their sabres and spying on us too. Here are some of the public reports on them. Then there is their economic power which is reshaping world trade and will cause severe problems for America. To an  extent these will be self inflicted but painful none the less.

The Geopolitics of Sexual Frustration
The lost boys of Professor Albert Macovski are upon us. Twenty years ago, the ultrasound scanning machine came into widespread use in Asia. It meant that parents would know whether they had a boy or a girl on the way. In China they want boys so girls got aborted and they now have too many young men coming through. Young men with no wives are prone to other influences. Politicians on the make and war are just two. We will live in interesting times.


Chinese Weaknesses
Morgan Stanley, a financial heavy weight talks to serious investors in Kuwait and China. There are big tensions in China. A lot of money is going in so it is getting richer but the peasants are not seeing any of it. They aren't quite starving - yet but a bad harvest could change that.  It could all turn sour.


 Chinese Infiltration of Australia
Chen’s apotheosis, and his account of the prosecution within Australia of a campaign against the “five poisons”—the Uighurs, Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, Taiwanese splittists and democracy activists—threw into the spotlight the vitality and diversity of political, cultural and religious commitments in Chinese Australia, matching the Chinese world’s drive towards economic and diplomatic success. One of the reasons for the intensity of the debate inside the Chinese community here is that it cannot take place inside China itself. In Hong Kong and in Taiwan, yes, but in the People’s Republic, no.
Much of this applies to England with a Chinese take away on every high street.


Chinese farmers riot against ‘one child’ policy [ 23 May 2007 ]
BEIJING • Police clashed violently with protesters in southern China as thousands of farmers rioted over the nation’s controversial “one-child” family planning policies, residents said yesterday..... Demonstrations occurred after local governments this month dispatched “family planning work teams” to levy fines on families that were violating government population control policies, they said.
Poverty is still there in a big way. So is bad policy.


China broadens espionage operations [ 24 May 2006 ]
'China is running aggressive and wide-ranging espionage operations aimed at stealing U.S. weapons technology that could be useful against U.S. forces, according to the nation's top spy-catchers..........

'The possibility of a U.S.-Chinese military confrontation over Taiwan looms in the background of the espionage, said Ronald Guerin, the FBI's East Asia section chief.' (USA Today article).
A spy catcher is telling the truth for once. The Chinese really do want Taiwan. Aggro could ensue. And why do you think they have a take away in every high street?


Chinese Spying On America  [ 6 November 2005 ]
Chi, the lead engineer on a classified research project involving quiet propulsion systems - known as Quiet Electric Drive - for US Navy warships, is accused of taking sensitive information about the project, copying it onto CDs and delivering them to his brother, Tai, who is accused of encrypting the information and intending  to take it to China with his wife. Chiu is accused of assisting her husband in copying the material. Let foreigners in then look surprised when they make trouble.


A gangster comes to town  [ 5 November 2005 ]
Hu Jintao, President of China is in England and getting the red carpet treatment. He is from a murderous regime who killed more than Adolf or Joe ever managed but that was then. This is now. Blair probably envies him for his success in screwing the peasants. The link has details of Chinese evil.


US, Japan upgrade defence alliance [ 31 October 2005 ]
China is the threat. American kit sold to them by the Jews is part of it. Rumsfeld can't see the funny side of it. Don't give it to them in the first place Rummy.


Beijing denies fudging arms cost    
Who believes Rumsfeld? Who believes politicians? Who believes that the Chinese haven't got an agenda too?


China Sowing Suspicion Over Army [ 18 October 2005 ]
According to Rumsfeld they are understating their defence expenditure by two thirds. In other words they are spending up to three times as much as they claim. No doubt there are motives and our well being is not one.


Israel & China (PRC) Make Spy Satellite Deal  [ 17 October 2005 ]
When it comes to treachery and biting the hand that feeds them the Jews are up there at number one again. Selling American technology to the enemy? Routine.


US-Australian security relationship closest ever [ 30 September 2005 ]
This is good news and important. The Chinese are growing in power for the moment as America is being driven down by spendthrift fools and rogues. It means getting involved in foreign wars on behalf of Israel which is a pity. The world is  not a perfect place.


Wal-Mart's Business Plan
Wal-Mart is an all American firm. Right? Not quite. It is more a shop front for China Incorporated and with sales approaching US$1 billion per day it matters. It is exporting American jobs to China. It is hiring illegal immigrants and short changing Americans thereby. It makes all the moves on the tax front. Sam Walton gets seriously rich. Americans get poorer. The Chinese work cheap until American industry is killed off then the prices go up. That is what the Japs did.


Chinese Politics Arrive in New Zealand [ 3 September 2005 ]
Extortion, murder, narcotics, whatever. Get enough Chinese together and they start acting like Chinamen. One career criminal has just come unstuck. Trivial in its way but they are on every high street in the West.


JFK considered using nuclear bomb on China, tapes reveal [ 27 August 2005 ]
China invaded India. India Kennedy asked for help. Nukes were mentioned. It would have been tactical rather strategic. Knocking Peking out would have started World War III.


China awakes? [ 23 August 2005 ]
Tensions are growing in China. The rich get richer. The poor feel poorer and the corruption is a major growth industry. There could be major outbursts. Starting a war to distract the peasants might seem a good idea. Australia and New Zealand need to keep their defence pacts in good working order.


U.S. seeks massive stock of smallpox vaccine [ 17 August 2005 ]
And the Chinese are building up to a biological attack. See yesterday's main article.


Chinese Defense Minister Gives Speech About WAR plans against the United States [ 16 August 2005 ]
Actually it is America, Canada and Australia. Now the Chinese war minister is sacked. He says that it will be war in 5 to 10 years. They need Lebensraum - that is living space for you non-Nazis.
In it, he spoke openly about China's need for "more living space" and stated bluntly that The United States, Canada and Australia are the only places large enough to    accommodate future Chinese needs.  He notes the need for a quick, effective biological attack upon the U.S. to depopulate it as a prelude to conquest, and plainly states that China is working on genetic bio-weapons to kill everyone except "yellow people."
This is a www.HALTURNERSHOW.COM exclusive. Some one in the know fed him the text verbatim in Chinese and English.


Iran No; China Yes [ 12 August 2005 ]
Lean on Iran if they want nukes. Help China get more. Does this make sense? Iran is not a threat to America. China could well be. American policy is made in Tel Aviv.


China uranium talks: Downer [ 9 August 2005 ]
This is on the anniversary of Nagasaki. It had to be the anniversary of something but this is a sinister choice. Do they want electricity or bombs? Both, like as not.


Can China compete in a strong renminbi world [ 2 August 2005 ]
The Chinese were doing well until they revalued but their success did not come from cheap labour. It helped but there are lots of other countries which have low pay. They have the competence at all levels and all fields to take raw materials through  to exports. Geely does not make cars; it assembles pieces and sells them for US$3,800. Bad news for Ford, GM, you name it.


China-Mart Takes Over [ 29 July 2005 ]
Economics explained. George is throwing money at Iraq by the billion. A billion to get it right is a thousand million, which is to say a lot of money. Chinese are buying American dollars by the billion. Bush is breaking the country and setting world records in wasting money. Is the man a fool or a rogue? I know not but some of the men round him are far from stupid. They have an agenda.


US-Israel tensions rise over arms sale [ 28 July 2005 ]
Selling American technology to China is an act of treachery. They did it knowingly. It is a change from Clinton giving it to the Chinese though. French Exocets were made in England. That also fails to amuse.


Oz, America and China [ 23 July 2005  ]
Being squeezed between two big competitors is not comfortable. It could get worse.
Consider US global policy: as the pre-eminent nation the US has failed to provide leadership on the Doha trade round; its Iraq intervention has been counterproductive for the campaign against Islamic terrorism; it has failed to underwrite the nuclear non-proliferation regime; and within our region it has never seized the APEC forum to fashion an effective US role in East Asian regionalism.
Oz wants  a quiet life. Don't we all? They might get lucky.


Chinese General Threatens Use of A-Bombs if U.S. Intrudes [ 22 July 2005 ]
Chinese nukes are like Israeli nukes; they exist and they are perfectly prepared to use them. Sabre rattling is all very well. It helps arms sales along but then some twerp decides to use them and World War IV starts.


China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar [ 21 July 2005 ]
It sounds boring but the link meant that Americans could be spendthrift and the Chinese head bank got huge amounts of gigabucks. They have been using a few  of those billions to buy iron mines, coal mines, oil fields and other useful things.


China's anger at 'rude' US report on its military expansion [ 21? July 2005 ]
They are going to spend about $90 billion this year which leaves them far behind America but they are going to get value that the Pentagon can't even dream of and given the corruption that is military procurement is just impossible.


Chinese Spy Exposes CCP Espionage Network in Europe [ 6 July 2005 ]
Industrial espionage seems to be the objective at the moment. Military and political stuff may well come later, when they have built up their forces. The People's Army has the numbers. It needs the quality and that means computers, wireless, encryption and other things high tech. With a take away on every high street, you might wonder who is taking away and what. It is the same in Oz but they only have a thousand there - spies that is.


Will US keep letting Israel sell arms? [ 5 July 2005 ]
Probably. Clinton did. Bush does and will. Chickens will come home to roost when the Chinese have built up their carrier forces and nuclear rockets. A lot of the technology that they are selling on was bought or stolen from America. When the French did the same thing, the Americans complained. With Israel it is different.


China and The Threat [ 5(?) July 2005 ]
China has few minerals but plenty of over-population. Looking at empty spaces on the map leads to bright ideas. Aircraft carriers are not much use in Mongolia. Armies are. They could be a major nuisance and they have got American technology to help them do it. They do have their own internal problems. Genocide is an answer. They have been there before.


China's business machine to devour US oil market [ 3 July 2005 ]
Oil prices are going to stay high. That is the message but this makes it worth mining the Athabasca oil sands so there will be more oil and Canada is fairly stable. Oil men like high prices so they won't rush to drill for more.


China aims spy network at trade secrets in Europe [ 3(?) July 2005 ]
They have a thousand spies in Australia and a take away on every high street. How difficult can it be? They are buying oil firms and mines all over. With all those billions in their banks it is easy. The world is changing. They are operating in America too.


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