Columbine Massacre tells us that the Columbine Massacre was a Jewish operation. This is something that the main media have been very eager not to tell us but being Jewish owned it is easy enough to see why.  Klebold and Harris got 13 kills, wounded 25 then suicided. Judicial is not entirely reliable but his heart is in the right place and he can be a good starting point for stories.


Columbine Massacre [ 20 April 1999 ] from
Was carried out by Jews on  Adolf's birthday. Klebold's mother, Susan Yassenoff used a  synagogue and was  shul trained. She attended Temple Israel. Her father, Leo Yassenoff, was a wealthy commercial real-estate developer in Columbus, Ohio, and a prominent Jew. Harris was involved with a Jew.


Dylan Klebold led life of religious contradictions
Jewish News Weekly admits that Klebold had a bit of Jew in his blood and that his mother claimed that she was a Jew but............. it was the fault of the other lot and we are not admitting any Jewish connection with him.


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
They had a bit of previous so having guns was illegal for them under an ultra vires federal law.


Eric Harris
A biog with no mention of any Jewish connection.


Hidden Rage
Crime report with nothing on the Jewish aspect.


Ernst Zundel has a View
The timing was very convenient for the anti-gun mob. Some states were in the throes of making better law.


Bill Pierce had a View too
On the media cover up that he and a lot of others expect from Jewish owned media.


Harris was Involved with a Jew
He was going out with some woman who was a Jew it seems.


Dylan Klebold's Family Tree
Klebold was a queer and a Jew. The Nationalists tell us about some other Jewish villains. See the next one too.


Dylan Klebold's people were Jewish immigrants from Russia
WASHINGTON - When it was discovered that the ancestors of Colorado-shooter Dylan Klebold had been Jewish immigrants from Russia, Nationalists called for an investigation into what they said could be a "vast, left-wing conspiracy." They pointed to a list of three-dozen groups, whose leaders all had bloodline-ties to Klebold, engaged in murder, anarchy, conspiracy and assassination. They, also, observed that shooters who had gone on high-school rampages all had Jewish-sounding surnames, such as T. J. Solomon in Georgia, Kipland Kinkel in Oregon and Andrew Golden in Arkansas.

      News reports had initially claimed that Klebold had been a "white supremacist" and cries had gone up to round up right-wingers, confiscate guns and shut down the First-Amendment. But, media outcries stopped when Klebold's back ground, as well as the shooter's obsession with anarchist, Satanist and Semitic sites on the Internet, came to light. Release of the secret Congressional-hearings of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, probing into the Fifties' Communist underground, once again raised questions of whether the progeny of those "blacklisted" by the House Un-American Activities Committee as Red conspirators, such as Abraham Polonsky, Herbert Biberman, Albert Maltz and Sam Ornitz, were still involved in subversion.


Conversion to Judaism saves Sledge
Mass murderers are prone to be Jews. So are judges and it doesn't half make a difference when it comes to sentencing.


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