Is the Pope a  Catholic? This was a rhetorical question. Now it gets asked for real. The question of what bears do in the woods seems settled. Here is some of the evidence. The author does point out that Pope Pius XII, a decent man comes in for abuse by Zionist crazies even though he helped Jews avoid Adolf Hitler's tender mercies. This is because it does not fit in with their Holocaust® Story.


From Communist Friends Of The New World Pope


Marxist ideology is wrong. But in my life I have known many Marxists who are good people, so I don’t feel offended (at being called a Marxist).”
Regardless of one's religion, or lack of, the Pope of the The Catholic Church remains a moral and spiritual leader for all the world. Words mean things, and his is the ultimate moral "bully pulpit". So when Pope Francis begins sounding like a cultural and economic Marxist, we all need to hear and evaluate.
Radio legend Rush Limbaugh wasn't the first to suggest that some of Pope Frankie's statements smacked of Marxist ideology, but he certainly was the most well-known personage to make such an observation. When asked for his opinion of such allegations, the pinko Pope defended the "many good Marxists" for their "compassion" towards the sanctified poor; adding the caveat that some parts of their ideology were wrong. Considering the fact that scores of millions of Christians have been tortured and murdered at the blood-soaked hands of the atheistic, sex-obsessed, abortion-loving, religion-hating, deceitful Globalist-Communists, this is truly an astonishing statement. Comrade Careaga
One of the "many good Marxists" that a young Jorge Bergoglio knew and befriended was Esther Careaga, a member of the Argentinian Communist front group, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. The "Madres" were the mothers of subversive Communist revolutionaries who had been imprisoned or executed between 1976-1983. The hard crackdown on these Marxist guerrillas was necessitated by a rash of terrorist bombings, kidnappings and murders carried out by the darling little children of these Marxist moms.
1- The young pinko priest "knew many good Communists".
2- Careaga and her Marxist mothers on the march. Ladies! If your sons weren't dirty murdering Communist terrorist guerrillas, they would not have "disappeared". 
Comrade Careaga was so close to Bergoglio that she entrusted him to hide her parents' Marxist books for her.  Bergoglio did so, even though being found with such literature might have gotten him into trouble. Said the future pinko Pope of the subversive Red wench, "Careaga was a good friend and a great woman." (here) de Bonafini


The scandal-plagued Mothers association still agitates for "progressive" causes in Argentina today, with its younger militants openly calling for a Cuban-style revolution. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., founding member Hebe Pastor de Bonafini, evidently under the false impression that the attacks were carried out by Arabs, applauded the event:

"When the attack happened I was in Cuba, visiting my daughter, and I felt happiness. It didn't hurt me at all."

She went on to connect their ideals with the cause of the Communist guerrilla groups in 1970s Argentina.

Four years later, the controversial Communist hag aimed her vicious verbal bombs at the anti-Communist Pope John Paul II. As the Pope lay dying she said he was a "swine", and added,  "he committed many sins, and would rot in hell." (here) &  (here)


1 & 2: Comrade de Bonafini's lack of sympathy for the victims of 9/11 shows what a cold-hearted beast she really is.

3: Pope John Paul's anti-Communism condemned him "to hell" in de Bonafini's book!


Incredibly, de Bonafini is now also a "friend" of Pope Fakeness. The two have exchanged friendly letters of support, with Phony Frankie "sharing sorrow" over some of the missing Communist scum still not accounted for. (here) Perhaps the "New World Pope" was not aware of her inflammatory statements regarding 9/11 and the death of Pope John "swine" Paul II; but he knows damn well that the Madres group is as controversial as it is Marxist. And he also knows what the wicked "missing children" of these Red ladies were really all about. Mugica


Yet another of the "many good Marxists" that Cardinal Bergoglio so admires was Communist Priest Carlos Mugica and his band of "slum Priests". Just like Pope Frankie, the highly political slum priests placed Marxist "haves vs have-nots" class warfare materialism ahead of moral teachings. During the 1960's, Fr. Mugica, the leather jacket-wearing priest with the movie-star looks, actually sponsored symposiums for “Dialogue between Catholics and Marxists”.

Fr. Mugica was also an admitted admirer of Argentinian Communist revolutionary Che Guevara and maintained loose ties to the terrorist-Communist 'Montoneros' guerrillas. For these reasons, Bishop Aramburu was preparing to defrock the commie cleric once and for all. (here)

On May 11, 1974,  Rodolfo Almirón, an operative of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA), assassinated the phony Father; shooting him 5 times at close range. The funeral for Marxist Mugica attracted the Communist scum of Argentina from every rat-hole and sewer pipe.


Mugica was a Communist infiltrator within the Catholic Church; a common problem in Latin America. His funeral turned out to be a grand Red spectacle.


Twenty-five years after Mugica was killed, Archbishop Bergoglio worked to resurrect his memory. In 1999, the future Pope led a procession in which the Communist priest’s remains were exhumed from a cemetery and reburied in the chapel in the villa where he had lived. Bergoglio made the slum priests a priority. He tripled their numbers and gave them a special rank. He opened new chapels for them and visited them frequently, usually arriving on his own by city bus to show-off to everyone what a "down-to-earth" Archbishop he really was.”




Bergoglio honors Carlos Mugica. A 'Viva Carlos' banner is visible in the background.


The mysterious and unprecedented resignation of Pope Frankie's predecessor all makes sense now. What happened in 2013 was actually a Globalist coup, a "Vatican Spring", if you will. God only knows what sort of blackmail was used to induce Pope Benedict to step down; an event which no one has been able to quite figure out.

The rise of Frankie the Fake has been an absolute boon for the Globo-Marxists. Efforts to stop illegal immigration into Europe have been severely set back by the Pope's urging to keep the floodgates open and "serve the poor". His Hollowness has downplayed the Church's stand on abortion, opened the door to the acceptance of homosexuality, and even given his blessing to the fake, soul-distorting "sciences" of Big Bangism and Evolution. Meanwhile, as the world creeps towards World War III, useless Frankie remains silent in the face of the West's aggression towards Syria and other states. 

It is very telling that the same Pope who is today so quick to purge high-ranking conservative bishops, is oh-so "tolerant" when it comes to making nice-nice with Communists, genocidal Zionists, Illegal Immigrants invaders and Homosexuals. It is no wonder that the Marxist media loves this charlatan! But it wasn't always this way.

The Wise Words of a True Moral Leader
Pope Pius XII
Pope from March 1939 to October 1958
This all too imminent danger, Venerable Brethren, as you have already surmised, is bolshevistic and atheistic Communism, which aims at upsetting the social order and at undermining the very foundations of Christian civilization.

In the face of such a threat, the Catholic Church could not and does not remain silent. This Apostolic See, above all, has not refrained from raising its voice, for it knows that its proper and social mission is to defend truth, justice and all those eternal values which Communism ignores or attacks. Ever since the days when groups of "intellectuals" were formed in an arrogant attempt to free civilization from the bonds of morality and religion, Our Predecessors overtly and explicitly drew the attention of the world to the consequences of the dechristianization of human society.

With reference to Communism, Our Venerable Predecessor, Pius IX, of holy memory, as early as 1846 pronounced a solemn condemnation, which he confirmed in the words of the Syllabus directed against "that infamous doctrine of so-called Communism which is absolutely contrary to the natural law itself, and if once adopted would utterly destroy the rights, property and possessions of all men, and even society itself."

Our words are now receiving sorry confirmation from the spectacle of the bitter fruits of subversive ideas, which We foresaw and foretold, and which are in fact multiplying fearfully in the countries already stricken, or threatening every other country of the world.

Hence We wish to expose once more in a brief synthesis the principles of atheistic Communism as they are manifested chiefly in bolshevism. We wish also to indicate its method of action and to contrast with its false principles the clear doctrine of the Church, in order to inculcate anew and with greater insistence the means by which the Christian civilization, the true civitas humana, can be saved from the satanic scourge, and not merely saved, but better developed for the well-being of human society.

The Communism of today, more emphatically than similar movements in the past, conceals in itself a false messianic idea. A pseudo-ideal of justice, of equality and fraternity in labor impregnates all its doctrine and activity with a deceptive mysticism, which communicates a zealous and contagious enthusiasm to the multitudes entrapped by delusive promises. This is especially true in an age like ours, when unusual misery has resulted from the unequal distribution of the goods of this world. This pseudo-ideal is even boastfully advanced as if it were responsible for a certain economic progress.

 What a difference in media treatment between "Hitler's Pope" and the "New World Pope"!