Courage means doing what it takes in the face of danger. It means overcoming  Fear. MikeinCamden, a rather sound chap writes about the difference between Moral Courage and physical courage, the fear of annoying other people and fear of injury. Our moral courage is being challenged very successfully by the use of Western Guilt, the idea that we Englishmen and Europeans are to blame for the world's ills; that we oppressed those kindly natives living in harmony with nature in mud huts or swinging from trees.

Who is challenging our courage? Who is manipulating us and why? The short answer is Jews. A better answer is Zionists, the murderous hooligans that run Israel. It has its supporters digging its tentacles into the ruling classes throughout Christendom. The Israel Lobby operates in America, taking some $3 billion a year from tax payers there. Israel's Agents in England are dangerous and effective. The Holocaust Industry has a stranglehold in Germany, one that has taken Germans for at least 63.2 Billion and rising. Jews have infiltrated the Main Stream Media where they do not own it outright. It is a Propaganda machine run by Racists.

This is about the results of our moral failure. I leave you with MikeinCamden. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


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Date: 26 Jan 2003 19:41:26 GMT
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Subject: The nature of courage as our nation is destroyed
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One of the things I have learnt from campaigning against this country being
done in over the last decade is how different are moral and physical courage.

Millions of Britons would be very brave in war yet are reduced to quivering
jellies by words like 'racism'. This is very perplexing and has reduced a
country which once ruled half the world to apologising for breathing. One angle
on it that bravery in war is conducted in groups or regiments which provide
group solidarity. Moral courage tends to be a lonely affair.

The above is hardly an academic point since resisting our destruction is a
matter of moral rather than physical courage - at present anyway.