Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau's comic strip can be funny, very funny or totally incomprehensible to an Englishman. His politics are of the Left, as far as that means anything. He just does not like Sarah Palin. Can American politics be that deeply corrupt? You had better believe it. In England it is different. People keep quiet about it.

Doonesbury Explains Our Coloured Brethren Ten Years Ago 5 February 2001

Education Policy In 2003 Explained


Middle East Turmoil Explained - as Egypt hots up in February 2008:-

Egypt - Breaking News

Politics As A Blood Sport

Of course real people only care about the money. That means taxing honest people harder. Ask Brown; he knows.

Politics In Pictures - An Aspiring Tyrant's Guide

This Is Not Quite Egypt

Politics For Real

Things turn sour

Hot Extractions Don't Get Any Hotter Than This

Pick A Boy To Do A Man's Job Then See It Go Wrong

Jack Overkill Is A Cheapskate Chancer

It Sounds Like It Could Be Fun But Think First Kid

Think First, Not When It Is Too Late

The Lads Are Learning Fast

Someone Understands - get the picture you want by changing the date.


A Change Of Scene For A While

Two Threads In The Same Story Converge - It looks more like Libya than Egypt


The Real Story Carries On

Whoops. Zipper has been written out of the series



That seems to be the end of our adventure somewhere over in Asia.

Wrong; it is still going on


Blair Didn't Have Withdrawal Problems. Blair Had Pay Offs, Big Time Bonanzas

Another Thread In The Warlike Theme

We are all guilty?


Back To The Main Story Line - The Red Rascal At $90 Is Going Cheap


An Interlude With Realpolitik - The Sort Where Nations Are Sold Down The River


Red Rascal And Sense Of Humour Failure


OK, Now We Can Laugh Again


Cynicism Is The Order Of The Day

Politics are about corruption and the bottom line


Another story or another thread but it is out there in the wild



Another story or another theme

Prepare To Meet Thy Doom


OK So We Have Two Days To Meltdown

Trump has wimped out which is rather a pity.



End Of World Postscript



Ray Has Been Kicked Out Of Afghanistan

No Comment

What would life be like for an American without the bottom line?














OWS Is Leaderless And Run By Jews






M Trudeau has fed a lie into this one. See if you can spot it. If not email me for the answer.





































Gary tells us about some of the high lights and low lights of the strip.