From time to time we are told that the bombing of  Dresden in 1945 was an atrocity, a massacre. I have been indifferent. There are only so many things one can care about. That was not one. Atrocities happen. The Japanese treatment of British prisoners was another; they got away with it. Other people fail to be amused. One such was Richard Crossman, a Labour politician whose diaries were thought to be honest. They did not please those named. He feels strongly that it was an act of evil, that Churchill and Butcher Harris were war criminals. But before taking him too seriously read about his Treason by Remembering Harold Yates and the Corrupt British Politicians Complicit in His Death.

As personal matter I met a German from Torgau, a bit further down the Elbe and that much nearer the sea. He told me that submarine hulls were built in Dresden then progressively fitted out as they were floated down to Hamburg and the sea.

 Did we start bombing civvies? Perhaps but the Luftwaffe attacked  South London with 450 aircraft on 16 April 1941. Chelsea lost 1,000 dead. It hit Sheffield on 12 & 15 December 1940. 680 people were killed. On D + 7, 13 June 1944 Adolf attacked using V1s killing 499. The source is Handsome Brute by Sean O'Connor pp. 51-52. The Coventry Blitz started in August 1940. The Battle of Britain began in July 1940. The Telegraph took a position with Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people?

Crossman's view comes first. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

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