Ed Steele

Ed is a writer and a lawyer living in Idaho. He has views about the financial system based on knowledge. He has views about the criminals running America. He writes well. See for yourself at www.NickelRant.com.

Ed is so effective that they put him in prison, claiming that he was setting up the murder of his wife. They are lying of course. His wife does not believe them for a moment - see http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/. Politics turn nasty in America.
PS Ed is dead; it was de facto murder. See American Government Murdered Political Prisoner.

He recommends:-
In Defense of Anti-Semitism
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It Wasn't Arabs ***
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The last two being the most popular. However, read for yourself, think for yourself and decide for yourself.

Ed may well run for Governor of Idaho. He would get my vote every time.


This is from a news group and verbatim. Ed has been fitted up.
Updated on Edgar J. Steele - a Letter from Prison
Sent via email by friends, the original email and letter are
from/to Ingri Cassel.

To all concerned Americans,
For the record, I have been following the Edgar Steele
fiasco since he was arrested on June 11, 2010 and kidnapped
from his home in Sagle, Idaho.
For a mainstream canned report, here is a link -

Although I had a flurry of other activities I was committed
to at the time, I managed to visit with his wife, Cyndi
Steele, for two hours on June 21. I wrote Edgar Steele a
letter on July 1, 2010 requesting that he call me collect.
That never happened, nor the anticipated visit since I was
told that he was allowed only one visitor a week and it is a
big trip to make only to be turned down. Since I had another
appointment in Spokane on July 7, I went to the Spokane
County Jail and was told that he was in the custody of the
U.S. Marshals, was not allowed visitors and could not even
make a collect call. At this point I was concerned that he
never received my letter. On the following day I heard from
a friend who lives in Spokane and has tried diligently to
visit Edgar Steele. When she went to the jail on July 8, she
was told that he had been moved 30 min. ago to an
undisclosed location. And then I received the following
letter today, July 9. Following this letter is a letter I am
sending to our Idaho state representatives that represent
the people in the District where Edgar and Cyndi Steele once
lived. Cyndi is so traumatized by this ordeal that she is no
longer living in her home, and is in a safe house with
friends - the Steele's former home is in shambles from the
raid with floor boards and walls ripped apart. and many of
their valuables stolen.

Dear Ingri,
Thank you for your letter.
All calls out are almost non-existent. I was looking forward
to seeing you and Al yesterday. I suppose they just turned
you away? I haven't had a single visitor here so far and
only barely been allowed to see my public defender. I'm not
allowed to call my lawyer even until next week.

I am in Max Security, full lockdown, solitary confinement.
Worse even than the treatment accorded Matt Hale. Most of
mail is returned to senders - usually because of their using
letters instead of full first and last names in the review
in the return address.

OK. I am innocent, for what that is worth in Amerika today.
Here is what happened:

My hillbilly handyman stumbled across a stash of silver
bullion in one of my outbuildings - then searched and found
two others (@ $15,000 & $45,000 total). Knowing I would
discover the theft & know it was him. He tried to kill me
with two pipe bombs he placed on the cars he knew I drove.
They both failed to go off. Cyndi left town with one before
he removed it, which led to the discovery of the car bomb on
our Mitsubishi SUV.

This guy had offered to be a hit man before, more than once,
but I dismissed him as a harmless buffoon. I had told him of
the ADL & its hatred for me. This murder-for-hire plot is
beyond my hillbilly hitman, so I assume he went to the ADL,
which either fabricated tapes that he played for the FBI
recorder or produced a mimic of me to make the tapes for the
FBI on the spot. Regardless, I have been framed and set-up!
BTW, the ADL was quoted extensively in the government's
opening papers in court.

I haven't heard from my wife or son and fear they have been
convinced by the U.S. Attorney Prosecutor of my guilt. I
feel totally abandoned. What can you and others do? Ingri, I
honestly don't know. Obviously, this is going to trial. I
may well be convicted, which will be the same as a death
sentence at this stage of my life. I am So depressed. I
never expected them to come after me like this.
You may share this with others, even posting it on UNN and
SF (With my address so they can write me - please write me -
but tell them to put their full names and addresses [as a
clear return address] on the envelopes).
[Note: at this time, we do not know his whereabouts. His
address is/was - from the return on my envelope from him -
Edgar Steele #361857 , Spokane County Jail, W. 1100 Mallon,
Spokane, Wash. 99260-0320]

Love, Edgar [I frequently sign my name with friends - both
sexes- with "Love, Ingri". He responded in kind...]

For those who don't know - his website that he posted all of
his Nickel Rants at is www.conspiracypenpal.com

Following is the letter I sent out to Ed and Cyndi Steele's
Idaho state senator and representatives:

Dear Senator Keough, Representative Eskridge and
Representative Eric Anderson,
On June 11, 2010, a resident of Sagle, Idaho for 20 years
was arrested by Idaho State Police and an agent of the FBI
with the assistance of a Bonner County deputy. Edgar is
well-known as a defender of politically unpopular opinion,
acting as a pro-bono attorney for the politically incorrect
and a man who admittedly pushes the limits of free speech.
He was preparing to go to Spokane on June 11 with a trailer
to pick up some lumber for a building project and had asked
his friend Allen Banks to join him on the drive into Spokane
as he has recently been in very poor health. When Dr. Banks
arrived at Edgar's home, he was barred access to the house
by Idaho State Police officers but could hear talking from
inside prior to Edgar emerging from the house in handcuffs
and being placed in the back of one of the ISP vehicles and
driven away. He later witnessed eleven cars carrying agents
of the FBI at the house, conducting a search, removing
precious metals and other personal items. Allen had no idea
what was going on other than an FBI agent coming out of the
house momentarily, at the time of Edgar's arrest, to declare
that he had all he needed on tape and that he was convinced
of Edgar's guilt.

On that same day, The Idaho Statesman and Coeur d'Alene
Press printed stories vilifying Edgar's character and
claiming that he had hired his handyman to kill his wife and
mother-in-law. These stories continued for the following
days claiming that the handyman decided to reveal the plot
to the FBI on the previous Wednesday before any harm could
be done. There are a number of holes in this story which any
child could describe. For example, the "handyman", Larry
Fairfax, has been a federal drug informant in this area for
many years. His prior membership in Aryan Nations suggests
that he was a federal informant during those years. Based
upon his history it is not unreasonable to assume that he is
still a paid federal informant placed at the Steele
household to defame this politically unpopular Sagle
resident. The claim that Edgar wanted the life insurance
money from the death of his wife also doesn't hold up -
enough personal wealth was removed from the Steele residence
by the FBI that the life insurance policy angle does not
seem believable. Strangely, when the informant handyman
"came clean" he failed to mention the pipe bombs he had
placed on the Steele vehicles. These were later discovered
during a routine oil change. The story and the details of
the "plot" so far revealed are bizarre enough that many
believe the case to be a complete fabrication, not unlike
those fabricated by the Soviet era thugs of the KGB. If such
a story can be fabricated to destroy a politically incorrect
resident of Sagle, what can these same federal police
officials concoct to destroy one of us? There are so many
problems with this story that many of us have grave concerns
for our safety as Idaho and Bonner County residents.
While first confined at the Kootenai County Jail, Edgar, an
Idaho resident, is now held in another state - Washington. I
went to the Spokane County Jail on Wednesday to visit Edgar
Steele. The woman at the desk told me that he is not allowed
ANY visitors other than his attorney, he cannot make collect
phone calls, and he is in custody of the U.S. Marshal
Service. However, when I called the U.S. Marshal office in
Spokane, I was told that Edgar is not in their system. I was
referred to the FBI which only was available as a recording.
I left a message on a recorder. Another friend went to the
Spokane County Jail on Thursday (7-8-10) and was told that
he had been moved a half hour earlier to an undisclosed
location. This is beginning to resemble the George Hansen
case where Idaho Congressman George Hansen was kept for
nearly two years without trial, moved from one federal
detention facility to another just ahead of his friends who
were frantically trying to locate him so they could obtain
his release. His crime? Allegedly he was being held without
trial for errantly filing some congressional disclosure
forms. His real crime? Asking for a congressional
investigation of the IRS.

Edgar's wife, Cyndi Steele, and his children, Nicole, Rex
and Kelsey, are not allowed any communication with him.
Cyndi is not living in their home anymore - too traumatic to
live in a home that has been left ripped up (floor
boards/walls) after the removal of valuables and other
personal belongings. She is in shock trying to avoid the
media circus and has been unavailable except to close
friends. I happened to arrange a meeting with her for two
hours on June 21 after she had watched two of three
video/audio tapes. Apparently Edgar had been videotaped over
a nearly six month period, with agents invading her property
while she lived and slept there, without her knowledge. What
she shared with me in detail makes me more convinced than
ever of this man's innocence. You see, my late husband and I
had been at social gatherings with Edgar and Cindy and had
been in their home on several occasions, both of us
considering Edgar and Cindy to be our friends.

Not only that but at least an investigator working on this
case, Tim Schwering of the Federal Public Defenders Office,
has also noted that there is something terribly wrong about
this case. Please feel free to call me. I am deeply
concerned and need to know what you can do to intervene to
make sure that Edgar is safe, protected and that his right
to due process is restored.

With Deep Concern for our Country and the frightful
direction this case indicates,

Ingri Cassel
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
P.S. Dr. Allen Banks is a well-respected man of our community
that is on the board of the Panhandle Health District
(at least "was" for many years...)
and is the treasurer of our local
Bonner County Republican Central Committee.

In the Spirit of Truth,
Ingri Cassel, former owner of The Idaho Observer
(and widow of the paper's founder/publisher - Don Harkins -
another "victim" of fed games - Summer of 2009. Died at 46
y.o. and healthier than moi...)




A government, of Israel, by Israel, and, for: Israel.
But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light:
for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. The light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not. The light of the body is the eye:
if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.
If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!
Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead,
and Christ shall give thee light. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Believe the FBI? They are the comedians that carried out  the Waco Massacre, did the cover up investigation and went clear. Then there was the Ruby Ridge Job. They lied their way out of that one too.


Edgar Steele’s Battle for Freedom is Over – But Not the Fight for Justice

(Note:  At the end of this message, links are provided for websites mentioned, as well as Mr. Steele's autopsy & toxicology reports, death certificate.)

On September 4, 2014, the BOP put the final nail in Edgar Steele’s coffin and an end to any hope for justice to free him and bring him home alive. Of course, if there was any justice, Edgar wouldn’t have ever been charged, convicted or imprisoned.

Gut wrenchingly, his only justice came from the grace of God calling him home; freeing him from that hellhole and the evil that was inflicting the torture that ultimately killed him in the Auschwitz of America, Victorville Federal Prison.

Everyone close to Edgar Steele’s case is convinced that they murdered him. However, like everything else, proving it is a totally different story and is based on circumstantial evidence of an overdose of inappropriate psychotropic drugs, which he did not need nor had they been administered to him previously.

By all accounts, on August 14, 2014, Edgar was coherent, very well oriented and reporting that he was doing well physically. However, within a matter of a couple of weeks, his mental status and his physical health rapidly deteriorated, resulting in his death from a bowel obstruction which is a common side effect of such drugs. Since there was no follow-up medical care to relieve the bowel blockage that created the bottleneck which caused his vital organs to fail, it was a very torturous, painful and slow death.

As the police officer told Edgar the day he was being escorted to his first hearing, “It doesn’t matter what the truth is. It only matters if you can prove what is true.” As we know all too well, the truth was never allowed to be proven in court, nor will it ever be for Edgar Steele. For instance, one of the government’s dirty little secrets that will never be exposed is the fact that FBI Agent Sotka lied under oath when he said that the first time he had heard of Edgar Steele was on June 9, 2010, but in the papers produced by the government, we found the Affidavit signed by Agent Sotka in support of a warrant for Edgar Steele dated March of 2010, three months before his arrest. It was apparently a “dry run” while they concocted an excuse to arrest him.

At trial, if attorney Bob McAllister (who had that Affidavit in his file) had cross examined Agent Sotka on that one piece of evidence, it would have turned the entire case around. As we learned after Edgar was falsely convicted, McAllister was himself being investigated and prosecuted by the Federal government during the Steele trial, which is why McAllister deliberately threw Edgar Steele under the bus to get better treatment for himself in his own case.

Edgar’s death insures that he will never get a second chance on appeal by writ of habeas corpus. It insures that it will never be proven that an innocent man was targeted, framed, convicted and sold down the proverbial “river” by McAllister. Though in order to support what we know about Edgar’s death, Cyndi Steele and the Free Edgar Steele Defense Fund did order a private autopsy.

It is obvious that the prison doctor on Edgar’s original Death Certificate was not telling the whole truth, which is to say, the prison doctor was a part of the cover up. As per the autopsy report, Edgar’s primary cause of death was not cardiopulmonary arrest nor pneumonia. It was from “Complications of intestinal obstruction and ischemic bowel necrosis” and “necrosis” means that the tissue inside his bowel died. Once the insides of a person are dead, it isn’t long before that person dies from the inside out. The pneumonia and cardiopulmonary conditions were merely complications or contributing factors at best, but were conditions he had lived with for many years. What the prison doctor refused to acknowledge was that the cause of death was Cecal Volvulus (intestinal obstruction) a condition not even mentioned on the Death Certificate. (Is that a cover up?) Additionally, there is no mention of the toxic levels of at least two inappropriate drugs as revealed by the toxicology report.

What is disturbing is that the autopsy doctor identified that Cecal Volvulus was a curable condition had it been properly diagnosed and timely treated. He also acknowledged that if untreated, Edgar’s death would have been doubled over with pain, meaning it was deliberately ignored.

The fact that Edgar’s health issues were not being diagnosed, not being properly treated and totally ignored, is nothing new because the struggle to get him proper medical care since his incarceration at Victorville was never successful even though his US Senator and other officials were asked to intervene. There is no reason to believe he would have received any better treatment during his last days. What we will never know is, had Edgar received proper medical care, would he still be alive today to fight the court battle for his freedom?

Such as in Edgar’s case and simply stated, this is how the government operates: they target someone for exercising free speech; they falsely accuse that person who is innocent; they present confidential informants at trial who make up a whopper of a lie so big that it confuses the jury; they deny the accused the chance to present evidence of innocence; then when the innocent is found guilty; the government imprisons them and kills them. The government then does not have to deal with their own crimes and offenses, cover them up or pretend they never happened because the evidence doesn’t exist anymore.

By reading the attached death certificate, toxicology report and autopsy report one can draw their own conclusions. A close reading shows that Edgar’s death was a result of medical neglect. It isn’t enough evidence to prove conclusively that Edgar’s death was an out-right murder, but if death occurring because of medical neglect isn’t murder when the treatment is readily at hand and the person is simply not referred to the clinic, then it is, at a minimum, a violation of their human rights. All of this amounts to deliberate, gross misconduct by the government. Whatever the conclusions are, the battle is over and in Edgar’s own words, “there is no justice for the politically incorrect.”

Yes, we have heard the pleas to go after “them” and sue them for everything they have, but regrettably that is not going to happen because, after much consideration, it has been determined that, despite what the truth is, it would be a losing battle that would be very expensive and never-ending. Sadly, a law suit would be watched over and reviewed by the same judges who denied Edgar justice in the first place.

It is disturbing that the truth will never be heard, and that is as it has been since Edgar’s arrest, THEY (those employed by the US government) will lie, cover-up and use illegal means to ensure that they are never held accountable, responsible or liable for the crimes they have committed. It would be an endeavor that only will continue to destroy and finally bankrupt the Steele family; an end that even Edgar had made clear over the years that he didn’t want for his family, because his family’s well-being was always the most important aspect of his life.

As a result of all of the above, the Edgar Steele Defense Fund is being dissolved and will no longer be accepting donations. The supporters who have so gallantly donated, stood up for Edgar through words or support and acted when called upon to write letters over the past four plus years, will forever be greatly appreciated. Sadly, those efforts did not lead to the justice that Edgar deserved; the same justice that Edgar had so valiantly sought for those being falsely prosecuted and which led him to dub himself “The Attorney for the Damned.” His belief in the dream of equal justice under the law for everyone is what helped to keep the fight going and is what gave Edgar hope at some of his most despairing moments. As a tribute to his life and efforts for the underdog, may we always remember that Edgar Steele left us a great heritage, his mantra: “Equal Rights for All, Special Rights for None.”

The opportunity to get justice for Edgar is over and everything surrounding the tragedy inflicted upon him, his family, friends and his supporters is totally wrong and always will be. However, the battle for justice is far from over for other innocent patriotic men such as Scheaffer Cox, David Hinkson and Matt Hale, to name only a few, who are unjustly imprisoned like Edgar, for crimes they didn’t commit. They need us to keep fighting for their freedom while they are still alive.

There are other patriots, also, such as Bill Windsor, the producer of the “Lawless America” movie, who are not imprisoned, but are being illegally targeted for silencing and imprisonment by our out of control government. Just as Edgar was doing, these patriots and others unnamed here are exposing the truth about the evils that are enslaving our country. These men and women need us to keep fighting for them as they expose the evilness that is destroying our once great nation. For the sake of what is morally right, we need to continue to fight for justice. If we don’t, it will be only a matter of time before each of us are afflicted with the same consequences that befell Edgar Steele.

Edgar Steele defended the Constitutional rights of “We the People.” He courageously defended the politically incorrect and he spoke out against all injustices. He believed it was his civil duty to stand up against tyranny and awaken the public. Unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price for his bravery in a world filled with corruption and injustice. He will be forever missed, but never forgotten. His is a legacy that can be honored by everyone’s continued efforts to restore justice and freedom to our once great American nation.

Autopsy Report, .PDF File
Death Certificate, .PDF File
Toxicology Report, .PDF File
Schaeffer Cox website
David Hinkson website
Matt Hale website
Bill Windsor website


Never Trust A Jew
Edgar Steele
, an American lawyer explains. Ed was arrested for trying to murder his wife then convicted, his wife's passionate disagreement notwithstanding. Cause and effect? Quite possibly. Ed fingers the Jew Henry Makow who wrote about him at EDGAR STEELE'S RACISM WHY JEWISH BANKERS LOVE ANTI-SEMITES. Makow alleges that America's problems can all be traced to the fact that its finances are controlled by a London-based banking cartel led by the Rothschilds. This ignores the fact that the American Federal Reserve is run by Jews. Listen for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS This recording was posted by Paul Eisen, himself a Jew.