The Entebbe Job

The Entebbe Job was impressive at the time but then we only heard what the main stream media told us. There was nobody out there to tell us the truth. We didn't hear the truth about the  USS Liberty Massacre until later either. Now a different perspective emerges and it is far less creditable.

The myth of Entebbe and the history of Israeli false-flag operations
While Americans were celebrating their independence from the British Empire with displays of fireworks and other patriotic observances, another anniversary was pointedly not being observed, or even much noted, in Israel: on that day in 1976, a daring raid by Israeli commandos freed the hostages of Air France flight 139, held by PFLP terrorists and members of the German "Revolutionary Cells," at the Entebbe airport in Uganda....

The effect of this incident on world opinion, especially within the U.S. and Britain, was to increase sympathy for the Israelis and paint a portrait of the Palestinians as violent brutes. And that may very well have been the real motive behind the operation, according to secret documents [ See Go to Documents Online to view images of FCO 93/913 and Go to Documents Online to view images of FCO 93/914 ] recently released by the British government....

"By way of deception, thou shalt make war" that's the motto of the Mossad,...  Israel, a small country beset by legions of hostile neighbors, has relied not only on its military prowess ... but also on pure duplicity to achieve its goals. In evaluating Israel's actions, and especially in trying to understand what is going on in the Middle East, it is best to always keep this in mind. When it comes to that troubled region, the realization that events are not always what they seem is the beginning of wisdom.
Past masters at lying. That is a reality. Disguises, stratagems  and cunning coupled with unlimited greed are the basis. They certainly did a big selling job on the raid. 1976
Were at Entebbe. The Wiki approves.


Operation Entebbe - The Wiki takes a position, pro of course.


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