Eurojust is short for European Justice and a lie but then the European Union is a lie, a fraud, a dictatorship run by enemies of civilization.

Head Police Man Sacked For Corruption [ 19 January 2010 ]
The head Eurojust, the EU's anti-crime agency, resigned on Wednesday after he was suspended for 30 days for having put pressure on Portuguese prosecutors in order to stop a corruption probe involving Prime Minister Jose Socrates....... The accusations were made in connection with a case pointing at Mr Socrates at a time when he was minister of the environment and allowed the construction of an outlet shopping mall on protected land allegedly in exchange for kickbacks.

Two magistrates dealing with the so-called Freeport affair in April accused Mr Mota of having tried to persuade them to side-line the investigation at the request of the premier and the minister of justice.
Once you get past Dover it is down hill all the way. One ugly exception being the Palace of Westminster and all that goes with it.  Antonio Gramsci started the rot with the Long March Through The Institutions. Some people are easier to corrupt than others. That is why they go into politics.


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