The European Union, Why It Exists

The European Union was created by French politicians in order to neutralize the German threat. There are other reasons but that is the main one. That is my thesis and here are my reasons for suggesting it.

Germany was a collection of little states until they were unified in 1871 during the Franco-Prussian War which the French lost along with  Alsace and Lorraine. French foreign policy was mainly about containing the German threat. Encouraging the Russian, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires was part of it.

The French and British empires grew briskly after 1871 then the Germans started too. As a result the Brits and French started the Entente Cordiale, an agreement signed in 1904 to stand together against the German threat. This mattered in 1914 when Kaiser Wilhelm invaded France and the French took a beating. England helped at a cost of hundreds of thousands of men dead.

The Maginot Line was the French answer to the First World War. That was a failure too. The Germans were bright enough to by pass it. They went through Belgium. Cheating or not, it worked.

The Second World War proved that the French just hadn't got what it took when they were up against Adolf and the Wehrmacht.

As a result we got to the European Union which was snuck up on us by stages. French administrators are very cunning and they have a contempt for democracy. Telling us their scheme was not something they were ever going to do. The point of the EU is that it replaces the German national government with French apparatchiks who would then control a European army while the Bundeswehr, the successor of the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht was being phased out. The British Army is also being run down by collaborators in England.

One policy thread is The Holocaust. It has been used to embarrass Germans and very effective it has been. The Jews used it to extort billions from Germany and Swiss banks. That is why denying The Holocaust [ notice the capitalization ] is a criminal offence in France as well. The French used to get their way on foreign policy.

When the EU has got total domination we will all get peace. It will be peace on French terms and very expensive. The EU set up has corruption built in from the ground up. Naturally there is no room for democracy.

You are at liberty to believe this or not. If you have a better idea let me know. I am open to comment.


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