Exposing anti British discrimination in the UK.

This is from the British National Party and has a virtue. It is true. It has to be true because they are not rich or influential enough to beat Malicious prosecution or libel actions.

From http://bnp.org.uk/resources/whistleblowers/

Exposing the anti British discrimination in the UK.

Whistleblowers exists to serve two purposes; firstly allow those who work within central or local government bodies or private institutions to blow the whistle on corruption, discrimination against indigenous Britons and facts otherwise covered up by smooth talking Press Officers or ignored and overlooked by the conventional media. Secondly it allows our own officials and members to uncover facts previously hidden from the public gaze.

The Freedom of Information Act 2002, which came into effect on Jan 1st 2005, allows any individual to request specific information from any of over 100,000 public sector bodies, free of charge. No reason for the request of that information needs to be provided. The Act will allow facts that have been covered up for being too embarrassing to the authorities to be aired by us.

Three examples:

Home Office Joint Tenancy Agreement [ broken link ] or
    Superior Rights For Illegal Immigrants

Bury Council - Asylum Seeker Housing [ broken link ] or
   Illegal Immigrant Housing

Safeways - Job Application Form
Exposing the anti British discrimination within the UK.

Safeway supermarkets, now part of Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC would love to hear from any one interested in stacking shelves, cleaning, working in the cafe or at the checkout. Safeways are an equal opportunities employer, so far so good.

Their job application form however makes for interesting reading, especially if you classify your "ethnic origin" as English, Welsh, Scots or simply British.

Amazingly there is no box to tick if you happen to classify yourself as such. You can lump yourself into White European or White Other then "specify". A classic case of blatant discrimination against the indigenous Britons.

View the Safeway Application Form here.
Racism is legal in England if it is anti-English.


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