Fabian Socialism

The  Fabian Society gets a favourable review from the Wikipedia, an operation with an agenda. This article is much more honest and was at Creeping Communism.  The Wiki names various of the guilty. Fabian Society has more to say about them, none of it good. They remain highly influential in The Labour Party. Fabians were big in Eugenics, just like  Adolf Hitler and his peculiar friends - see The Fabian Society And Their Evil. Shaw proved that his intent was vicious by using the Fabian Window.

This article is on the right lines. Parts need a little caution. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Creeping Communism
(Fabian Socialism)

All of [ Australian ] Prime Minister Whitlam’s cabinet were Fabian Socialists as were many of Hawke’s and Keating. As for Fraser he seemed to be working towards One World government through another path. Both he and Hawke were bitter enemies in parliament, no doubt with the egos of both seeking to be Prime Minister. However on Fraser’s defeat and retirement from parliament he attempted to become the secretary, if my memory serves me right, of the  Commonwealth of Nations and one of his main supporters was Bob Hawke and one must ask why?

The religion of Socialism is based primarily on the teachings of the pagan Greek philosopher and writer, Plato and especially his book “The Republic” in which 400 years before the time of Christ, he dreamed of a “World Republic”, headed, not by a President but by a Royal “World Philosopher King” or Prince (like himself, of course!)

Both Karl Marx and Hitler were great students of Plato [ Adolf Hitler?].  It is only inevitable that the planned reformed United Nations and the European Union will one day be headed by this “Philosopher Prince”.

Socialism officially first began in 1880 in London, when N.M.Hyndman [ Probably  Henry Hyndman - Ed. ] founded the Rose Street Club [ It is now Manette Street - see  A Rose By Any Other Name - A Radical History Of Manette Street, London - It is quite handy for the Red Lion in Great Windmill Street where The Communist Manifesto was roughed out by Marx in 1847 - Editor ] which was dedicated to the destruction of Christianity in England.

 In 1884, the group changed its name and came to be called, the Social Democratic Federation.  Its early Members deceptively called themselves “Christian Socialists”.  Later, the group’s Membership included the Jew, Karl Marx’s daughter, Eleanor Marx and her husband, Professor Aveling.  Behind the scenes, the group was largely controlled by Engels, Karl Marx’s partner and because Hyndman would not obey the orders of Engels, Eleanor Marx and her husband, split off with William Morris [ William Morris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] (the Poet) and others and started an opposition group which they called “Socialist League.”

On January 4, 1884, Members and past Members of the Social Democratic Federation, the Socialist League and others, founded the FABIAN SOCIETY..

The first Meeting of the Fabian Society was held at the home of Mr E R Pease, a Member of the London Stock Exchange.  Two of the leading Members were, George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb (husband of Beatrix [ sic ] Potter, the writer).  Other early Members were Eleanor Marx;  theosophist and occultist, Annie Besant;  and the author, H. G. Wells.

The name of the Society was suggested by the spiritualist, Frank Podmore, who named it after the brilliant, elderly, third century Roman General - Censor and Consul - Quintus Fabius (Maximus Verrucosus – 303 to 203 BC), who was made a Dictator in 221 – 217 BC.

With his small band of fighting guerrillas and superior cunning, successfully defended Rome by defeating Hannibal’s much bigger and mighty Carthaginian Army through “gradualism” and “terrorism” during the time of the second Punic War.

Initially, he kept to the hills and cunningly hampered the enemy’s progress by cutting off their food and supply lines with “delaying tactics” until Rome could assemble enough men to defend the city successfully.  During the war, his slow, “gradual” delaying tactics were greatly disapproved of by his soldiers and the civilians and earned him the name of “Cunctator” the “Delayer” but later, after the triumph, his skill and wisdom was highly appreciated.  He died in his 100th year in 203 BC.

Fabian Socialism is a mixture of Fascism, Nazism, Marxism and Communism, all bundled together.  However, it is much more deadly because it is much more clever and subtle.  The only difference between Fabian Socialism and Communism is, that Communists take your house by directly sending in the ‘secret police’ to knock down your front door and Fabian Socialists do it much more subtly and cleverly by ‘gradually’ taking your individual rights away, by ‘gradually’ increasing property taxes and rates and finally, when you can’t pay them, they send in their Federal Tax Inspectors to take your house away but the end result is the same.

British PM Tony Blair and President George Bush Jr’s globalist ‘war on terror’ is a classic Fabian Socialist strategy.

The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in 1887 and included the statement:  The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism and the abolition of private property etc. (Of course, this does not apply to the elect oligarchy at the top, who end up owning the lot.)

Sidney and Beatrice Webb published a book of 1143 pages in defence of Bolshevism. It was entitled, Soviet Communism:  A New Civilisation [ See Webb Of Evil - Sidney and Beatrice Webb, London School of Economics for a mention - Editor ].  In April 1952, the Webbs were exposed before a U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary when Soviet Colonel I M Bogolepov, as former Red Army Officer stated:  That the entire text had been prepared by himself in the Soviet Foreign Office. [ Unconfirmed - Editor ]

Appropriately, the defiant Coat of Arms of the Fabian Society (commissioned by the Author/Playwright and co-founder) George Bernard Shaw, today, now archived, is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”  [ See Fabian Society Window ]

Until recently, it also appeared on the Fabian glass window (now removed) in the Beatrice Webb House at Dorking, Surrey, England.

[ A statement of evil intent if ever I saw one - Editor The BBC shows the picture but hides the truth - the Beeb is run traitors. ]

Today, the Fabian Society is, among other things, the intellectual wing of the British Labour Party.  Before Tony Blair became British Prime Minister in May 1997, he was Chairman of the Fabian Society. [ A member yes, chairman? I doubt it - Editor ]                                     

Since the 1997 British General Election, there have been around  200 Fabian MP’s in the House of Commons, some of whom have formed almost entire Labour Cabinets including Gordon Brown, Robin Cook, Jack Straw, David Blunkett, Peter Hain, Patricia Hewitt, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Alan Milburn and Clare Short.  Headed by Tony Blair, Fabians now dominate entire British Governments.  They are resident in all Parties and sit on all important select Committees, Commissions and organisations allied to the Government.  A good website on the subject is:

The Fabian Society literally controls the European Union [ This sounds improbable - collusion, Yes - dominance, No. Editor ], German born Gisela Stuart [  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gisela_Stuart ], the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997 and Member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, was one of two House of Commons’ Representatives on the European Convention and a Member of the drafting body that created the Draft Constitution for Europe.  In her book, “The Making of Europe's Constitution, published in December 2003 by the Fabian Society – page 20-21, Gisela writes: 

“In the early months, the Presidium Members would meet in a small room in the Justus Lipsius Building, about fifteen minutes walk from the European Parliament.  Attendance was limited to the thirteen members, the Secretary General Sir John Kerr [  John_Kerr,_Baron_Kerr_of_Kinlochard, highly influential - Ed. ], his Deputy and the Press Officer.  Sir John Kerr, a former Permanent [ Under ] Secretary of the British Foreign Office, conducted the proceedings inside the presidium and in the plenary sessions of the Convention with deft, diplomatic skill as might be expected from someone who John Major called “Machiavelli” in his autobiography, the best description of his talents I heard was:  “When Kerr comes up to you and asks for the time, you wonder why me and why now?”

 On several occasions, we would retreat to the Val Duchess, a small place used by the Belgian Foreign Minister.  It was one of the dinners at Val Duchess that the skeleton of the Draft Constitution was given to Members of the Presidium in sealed, brown envelopes, the weekend before the public presentation.  We were not allowed to take the Documents away with us.  

 Just precisely who drafted the skeleton and when, is still unclear to me but I gather much of the work was done by Valery Giscard d’Estaing [ Valéry Giscard d'Estaing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] and Sir John Kerr during the summer.  There was little time for discussion and even less scope for changes to be made.

 Today, the Labour Parties in both  New Zealand and Australia, are closely affiliated to the Fabian Society in  London.

When the Australian Labour Party Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, a Rhodes Scholar, was guest of honour at the Fabian Society’s Centenary Commemoration Dinner on May 18, 1984 he said:

“So I gladly acknowledge the debt of my own Government to Fabianism  Earlier, I dealt at some length, with the principle of the inevitability of ‘gradualness’.  There is another important idea, a method more than a principle which becomes closely associated with Fabianism.  Sydney Webb called it ‘permeation’.

Webb put it this way.  Most reformers think that all they have to do in a Political Democracy, is to obtain a majority.  This is a profound mistake.  What has to be changed is not only the vote that is cast but also the mental climate in which Parliament and Governments both live and work.  That, I find to be an accurate description of the approach I and my colleagues have tried to bring to the affairs of the Nation in our first term of office.”

In June 2001, at the Federal Government joint standing committee on Treaties, inquiry into whether Australia should support a Statute of the United Nations Criminal Court which would affect the “Sovereignty” of all Australians, when critiqued by an Australian Patriotic Group, Labour Party Senator, Chris Schacht, sarcastically exclaimed, that he had been a Member of the Fabian Society for 20 years and further said:  “You probably were not aware that us Fabians have taken over the CIA, KGB, MI-5, ASIO, IMF, THE WORLD BANK and many other organisations.”

That is why Tony Blair, as part of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Celebrations in Melbourne on March 26, was also invited by Labor officials and business leaders to speak to the Australian Parliament in Canberra on March 27 about his Fabian “war against terror” and “intelligence matters” where he said:

“The war against terror was as much a battle about values as it was about arms”

and why, after the Australian Government meeting, he flew directly to New Zealand on March 28, to speak about the same subject at a meeting in the Auckland Town Hall, hosted by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark and the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after which he participated (by video-link), in the International Climate Change Conference in Wellington on March 29 and later discussed with Prime Minister Helen Clark, his (Fabian Society) initiatives to set up a unit in the NZ Public Service to enable their respective Labour Governments to co-operate more closely on policy development (NZ Herald, March 28, 2006 page A3) and on security intelligence matters “as Communist China is brought into the fold.

During the last century, members of the British Fabian Society, dynastic banking families in the City of London, financed the Communist takeover of Russia [ Antony Sutton, a very perceptive historian of Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution would not agree. He fingers Americans - Editor ] Trotsky, in his biography [ on line at My Life There is no reference to Brits financing Trotters - Ed. ], refers to some of the loans from these British financiers from as early as 1907.  By 1917, the major subsidies and funding for the Bolshevik Revolution, were co-ordinated and arranged by Sir George Buchanan [ A good man it seems - Ed. ] and Lord Alfred Milner [ A cunning rogue - Ed. ].  The Communist system in Russia was a “British experiment” designed ultimately to become the Fabian Socialist Model for the British takeover of the world through the UN and the EU.

Editor’s Note:  In some of my previous letters, I viewed this terrorist war as a war between the Elites and the Peasants and not so much about oil.  However, more interesting facts will come to light that you don’t want to miss.

Researched and written by:  Genevieve A BRIGGS





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