Giles Auty

Mr. Auty is not just a painter but a man who understands Art as well as the use of oils. He was the art critic of The Spectator for several years, writing fluently and well before going to Australia to write for The Australian. He tells us about the horrors of Modernism. See e.g. Postmodernism Versus Civilization. Mr. Auty also explains Degenerate Art.

Giles Auty Says has government killed Western Civilisation? on Vimeo
The answer is Yes! Mr. Auty says it is part of the Long March Through The Institutions, which Marxism has achieved.


Grumpy Old Journo
Does not like Giles. Does he understand art or does he just have a different political philosophy?


Giles Auty ex
Painter and art critic who settled in West Cornwall in 1959, and thereafter began to paint full-time.

By the 1970s he was beginning to write about art, and went on to becoming the New Statesman Arts critic. John MILLER mentions him, in his biography Leave Tomorrow Behind, as exhibiting at NAG in the 1960s, and in 1977 he exhibited with the Newlyn artists at Pont-Aven in their travelling show of Cornish work. He was also showing in London on a regular basis, and in 1992 exhibited with two other critics at Cadogan Contemporary.  In 1995 he emigrated to Australia where he remains an art critic, residing in Sydney.


Giles Auty on Cressida Campbell - YouTube
A civilized man explains some civilized work by Cressida Campbell, a Sydney woodblock print artist.

 The Good Ol’ Days - Sea of Faith
Someone else doesn't like Giles or his message:-
According to art critic/”cultural commentator” Giles Auty, postmodernism has usurped communism as “Christianity's most persistent and relentless recent foe"

"Now postmodernism in all its largely Marxist-inspired guises - political correctness, gender theory, feminism, post-colonialism, determinism, deconstruction, relativism, structuralism, historical revisionism - has become a stealthier and thus even more sinister adversary that flourishes, generally unremarked, in our midst."

It’s a topic Giles has been banging on about for years. Especially in the arts and in education, it seems, an evil plot is unfolding, driven by the Devil’s Left-hand men (and, as even Giles would acknowledge, women).

Giles is absolutely right. At all events his critic does not explain what he got wrong - that is because he can't.