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Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons is a fat, ugly oaf who tried to suppress the truth about MPs' fraudulent expense claims. He knew what was going on which is why he stalled for four years. It was excellent timing in the event because it came just in time for us to find out before the EU elections.


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Mick Explained But Not By His Fan Club
... he was the chief pig with his own special trough who over saw the piglets and all they were up to from the high table. All his little mates snorting off to anyone who would listen that it was a hatchet job by the real culprits and his enemies in the media. The fact that he was the one that oversaw everything that was going on and knew exactly how bad it was had nothing to do with it.

Yes thatís the way to instill public confidence in our elected officials have the bloke who milked the system for all he could get, made sure his clubhouse chums could do the same with very few questions asked, made sure the Commons sleaze buster Elizabeth Filkin couldnít do her job when she got close to the truth about his mates and spent thousands upon thousands of the publicís money in legal fees at the High Court to make sure no details of this gorging at the trough found the light of day............ All that added to the fact heís been an atrocious Speaker.

The clue is in the title, when this lot chose the next person for the job make sure itís someone who can speak out loud. Not someone who stumbles over a simple statement that he himself has written.
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