Hal Turner's Farewell Speech

Hal has been telling it like it is for quite as while. Now he is going to take a well earned rest. The fact that the left, the government, the FBI and various other undesirables hate him show that he is very much on the right lines. That is why they did a hatchet job on him. See  Hal Turner And The FBI Thanks Hal and good luck.

Hal Turner Says Corruption In American Politics - It is Gross
What I Really think: I've held this back for years for fear of being too extreme; now, I just don't care

The United States of America, the place where I grew up, is being systematically and deliberately killed politically, socially, religiously and culturally. The political death is being perpetrated by the leadership of the two political parties and their henchmen at the state and county levels. Here's proof:

On the Democrat side, Barak Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be President because he was not born in the United States. He was born in Kenya and brought to the U.S. The Hawaiian Birth Certificate for Barak Obama being circulated on the internet is a forgery.

Barak Obama used Cocaine and engaged in homosexual sex in a limosine [ sic ] in metro Chicago. Breaking the drug laws and the laws of nature are not good qualifications for President.

Barak Obama has no legislative accomplishments either at the state or federal level, and is totally unqualified to hold the most powerful political office on the planet.

All the Democrat party bosses know this and not one of them gives a shit. The rules don't matter to them.

Similarly, on the Republican side, John McCain was not born in the United States. While he was born on a U.S. military base in Panama, and thus MAY have a claim to rightful citizenship, he does not meet the Constitutional requirement of being "born in the United States."

What are the odds that two candidates for President suffer the same potential birth disqualification? It is no coincidence. It is a scheme by the parties to make an overt end-run around the Constitution with an arrogant presumption that no one will dare do anything about it.

Back to the Republican side, John McCain betrayed his fellow military members by giving aid to the enemy while he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. So ghastly were McCain's betrayals, his fellow POW's referred to him as "songbird" for the way he helped the enemy.

A man who betrays his nation and his fellow military comrades during a war has no right holding the most powerful political office on the planet. If he betrayed his comrades in war, he most certainly will betray us in office!

As with the Democrats, selection of McCain by Republicans was no accident. His selection reflects arrogant presumption that no one will dare do anything about his birth disqualification or his giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

I think both candidates must be stopped by any means necessary. In my opinion, assassinating both of them is a viable and perhaps necessary option. I hope they are both killed on the campaign trail so We The People can get two better-qualified candidates. If they are killed, on the campaign trail where they are always vulnerable, I won't shed a tear - neither should you.

Moreover, even if the shithead (McCain) and the shitskin (Obama) are removed, the existing political system needs a severe tune-up. I think that means going after the State Party Chairmen and the County Party Chairmen in almost every County in America.

The State Chairmen and County Chairmen are the ones primarily responsible for the candidates chosen nationally because they steer Party support. The reason they're so out of control is they are enamoured with the idea of "one world government" where they have even MORE power. IF that means wrecking the United States as we know it, they don't care. Power is what they're after and they won't stop until they are stopped involuntarily.

Getting to the County Chairmen and State Chairmen is easy. NONE of them has any type of protective detail. They can be grabbed while going to or from their homes or their jobs.

I advocate going after the County and State Party Chairmen. It wouldn't bother me one bit if a whole slew of them got hit in the head with a baseball bat, beaten into unconsciousness by brass knuckles, fire bombed at a County Committee meeting or shot gunned to death.

If, as former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil said, "All politics is local" then knocking the shit out of County Chairmen would go a long way toward cleaning up all politics!

Voting has not worked. The system is out of control because the people controlling the system no longer fear personal consequences of their actions. Getting the shit beaten out of them would restore that healthy fear and is long overdue.

Our nation is being destroyed socially by massive and uncontrolled immigration. We have so many people coming in so fast, from so many places that instead of America lifting them up -- they are dragging America down.

To prove this, one need only travel to any "ethnic" neighborhood of non-Western-European ethnicities. When the Mexicans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorians and the rest come here, they settle together in ethnic enclaves. But instead of becoming "Americanized" they turn their neighborhoods into mini versions of the very same shitholes they left!

Take a drive through little Korea in along 8th Avenue in Brooklyn like I did recently. Between the slovenly human pigs walking the streets, the live chickens running around and the smell of rotting fish everywhere, it's filthy. Disgusting. It literally looks like a slum from the third world.

Take a drive through Washington Heights on the northern tip of Manhattan like I did recently. In addition to the human debris mentioned above, one can enjoy the "diversity" of heroin and cocaine dealers on most street corners.

Running gunfights on the streets as rival drug gangs duke-it-out for territory are coming back into fashion. Many of the side streets running east and west across Broadway look very much like the Dominican Republic.

It's the same in EVERY major U.S. city nowadays: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Miami, Chicago, St Louis, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and many others.

Regardless of the non=-Western-European ethnicity, the immigrants of today don't even bother learning to speak English. In fact, instead of being grateful for the opportunity to be here and better themselves and their lives, these arrogant bastards DEMAND we print official documents in THEIR LANGUAGES -- and morons in our government actually DO IT!

Even worse, the southern border has been left virtually wide open despite the attacks of 9-11 and let me tell you, it isn't the Doctors, Lawyers and Scientists crossing the desert to come here illegally; it is the human debris of Mexico, Central and South America.

We're getting the drunks, druggies, robbers, rapists, murderers and child molesters of Mexico, Central and South America. Once here, they begin plying their skills and innocent - mostly White - Americans become their victims.

We're constantly told to "celebrate diversity" but frankly, this diversity sucks. It offers zero improvement to the American people or the American way of life.

Those few souls like me who are brave enough to say this publicly are viciously attacked as "racists" "bigots" "hatemongers" and "xenophobes."

While the United States has always tolerated other religions, the irrefutable fact is that this nation was founded by White, Christian people and it rightly has a decidedly Christian nature.

Over the past three decades - and more so in the last 5 years - that Christian nature has come under nonstop attack. From Lawsuits to prevent school textbooks about "intelligent design" to lawsuits demanding removing of "under God" from our pledge of allegiance, the Christian character of this nation is under attack.

Invariably, those suits are being brought by two groups: Atheists and Jews. Incidentally, most of the "atheists" were raised as Jews, which, I think, gives everyone real insight into the character - or more accurately the lack thereof - of the so-called Jew.

The hatred expressed by those two groups against the Christian character of this nation is so visceral and blatant I think both groups can be accurately described as the most vicious hatemongers in the land!

Don't take my word for it; check for yourselves. The overwhelming majority of lawsuits involving "separation of church and state" have been brought by Jews and/or Jew lawyers. Their hatred of Christianity is so virulent, they even threatened suit to remove Christmas trees from Seattle airport a year or so ago! They sue to prevent Christmas Carols at public events. They even go so far as to ban the colors red and green from "holiday cookies" in schools so they cannot be interpreted as celebrating Christmas.

What's most interesting about this group is their united support for "The Jewish State" of Israel. While out of one side of their mouths they say the First Amendment prevents government support of any religion here in the USA, they demand -- and get -- billions from the public trough for "the Jewish state!" What worse breach of the separation of church and state could possibly exist than the US Government giving billions in cash aid to a "Jewish state?"

When one looks into Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, one finds the overwhelming number of health care professionals arrested for massive fraud are. . . . . Jew doctors!

It is not a stretch to say wherever cultural, religious, political or social decay is happening, there's a Jew or Jew group at the heart of it. This minority is trying to impose its will upon the majority and it's time they are stopped.

As with other issues, any souls like me who are brave enough to speak this truth are viciously attacked as "anti-Semites." Yet the irrefutable truth is that Jews are at the heart of serious and ongoing attacks against the Christian character of this nation.

Today, the general public of America is being subjected to the most egregious onslaught of cultural attack imaginable. Everyday on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines and even in schools, Americans are being spoon-fed destructive, cultural filth.

One need only turn on MTV to watch images of savage negro beasts gyrating rhythmically to jungle-like Rap music, grinding themselves against innocent and naive White girls. Movies routinely portray Blacks as heroes when everyone knows the average Black can barely think, never mind save the world!

With TV and movies portraying blacks in such positive roles, the average black, who realizes he can never achieve such stature on his own because he simply is incapable, rebels against "Racist White Society" by perpetrating violent crimes.

According to FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, out of 1.4 million violent, inter-racial crimes committed every year in this country, ninety percent (90%) were perpetrated by Blacks against Whites! The statistics are so skewed and politically-incorrect that the Justice department decided to change the way the statistics are counted, by counting HISPANICS as "Whites" to even-out the numbers!!!!!

Far and away the most despicable cultural destruction is the rising influence of the "Gay" agenda. From TV shows to movies, from college campuses to Kindergarten, Americans - and more specifically American children - are being taught that being gay is OK; that it's just another lifestyle choice.

Being gay is not OK. They may not have a choice in what they are, but they are certainly not OK.

The reality is that nowadays, being gay is a death sentence. With HIV still spreading, mutating into drug-resistant strains and no cure in sight, to teach any child that being gay is OK is tantamount to child abuse. Yet anyone brave enough to speak this irrefutable truth is viciously smeared as a hatemonger or homophobe.

While the politically correct protect queers at all costs, those sodomites continue spreading their deadly disease which, ultimately, the public ends up paying for through welfare and Medicaid payments to those who become ill. Fags are killing themselves and the rest of us are being forced to pay for it!

Growing up, most of us are taught "Violence never solved anything." That was a lie. Violence solves everything.

I think it is time to start using cold, brutal violence to confront and put down by force, the problems outlined above.

I think that some political officials need to get beaten or killed.

I think Judges who side with illegal aliens, or against "under God" in the pledge of allegiance, should be beaten or killed.

I think Jewish groups like the Anti Defamation league should be bombed and their spokespeople like Abe Forman and Shay Goldstein, killed.

I think gay bars should be bombed and their groups brutally put down. The first order of business should be attacks upon groups like GLEN and "Gay-Straight Alliances" in schools to run them out.

The problems I outline above are, in fact, "assaults" upon our nation; assaults with the effect of a fierce attack upon the nature, character and values our nation was founded upon. Unless we step-up to confront these assaults with the brute force they deserve, we will lose our nation. We're already losing it right now.

The time for talk is over. Talking has failed. The time for fighting is here.

It won't take too many acts of ferocious violence to have a "chilling effect" on politicians, Judges, criminal Blacks, illegal aliens, obnoxious Jews and degenerate gays. A few well placed bullets and bombs, burning Crosses and Lynchings will get the job done. I say these acts are long overdue and I advocate committing them en mass.

Many have said "hey Hal, if you think these things should be done, why aren't YOU doing them?" I am. I just don't get caught.

More importantly, with the economy in shambles and people losing jobs, being foreclosed upon and forced to live out of their cars, I have been actively recruiting people to my way of thinking.

In fact, not too long ago, I even made a public appeal for terminally-ill people to step up to commit certain "patriotic acts" rather than simply wait around to die. The response I got from that appeal was amazing!

Our numbers are growing - as is our anger.

If violence must be used, and I think it must, then we will be perfectly situated to perpetrate it. If the day comes for an all-out onslaught against the troubles mentioned above, fear not. In fact, join in.

Right now, simple arithmetic is on our side. If every White man in the country went out one night and killed a politician, a judge a non-White, a Jew or a faggot, (pick any single one), we'd wake up the next day a straight, White, Christian country with accountable government for the next 200 years. Not bad for a nights work and priceless for our children's future.

Hal Turner
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