The Herzliya Conference

The Herzliya Conference sounds quite innocuous when the Wikipedia tells us about it; just another talking shop run in Israel for Jewish politicians. But then the Wiki is a Zionist front operation. It doesn't tell us that either. American politicians talk there and swear their undying loyalty to Zionist interests. And they mean it - if they want power. Bush sent honest men to war for Israel. This just emphasizes the point.

Herzliya Conference Israel
The Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel's National Strength The Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Herzliya Conference on “The Balance of Israel’s National Strength (hosen) and Security" is unique among the plethora of Israeli and international conferences.
UNQUOTE ex Israel News Agency


Homage to Herzliya- by Justin Raimondo
... but the big surprise was Edwards [ American Presidential hopeful - Editor ], who came in second with his declaration that preventing Iran from getting nukes  "is the greatest challenge of our generation." On the same day he ran an ad in Roll Call calling on Congress to oppose the "surge" in Iraq, he was telling the Herzliya conference that "All options are on the table to ensure that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon."
You don't have to believe that men will tell any lie to get on in politics but it helps.


Herzliya Conference means Israel's war to be marketed as America's war [ 1 February 2007 ]
At the annual Herzliya Conference, U.S. presidential aspirants, neoconservatives, and Israeli hawks were all invoking the Holocaust and warning of the annihilation of the Jews.
Anyone who wants political office in America dances to a Zionist tune. If that means nuking Iraq/Iran/Syria/Lebanon/anywhere else in the Middle East they will do what it takes. Arabs are only foreigners after all. Pat Buchanan knows of what he speaks.


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