Holocaust® Compensation

The Holocaust® has ended. Now is the time to get compensated. Insurance companies are paying money. Standards of proof have been relaxed. Most significant of all; every other chancer has had his snout in the trough and can't find any more excuses for screwing the alleged perpetrators. It is now or never. If you can think up a good story, go for it. If you are on the list at http://www1.yadvashem.org/pheip/ you are in with a chance.

You might need to get a tattoo. You might need a minor operation. Do you really need a Foreskin anyway? Consult your friendly local synagogue. It is now or never.

Contact the Holocaust Claims Processing Office, Commission for the Victims of Spoilation, German Insurance Association, Generali Group (Italy)  or the   Holocaust Foundation for Individual Insurance Claims (Netherlands).