Homosexual Abuse In The Vatican II Church

The Catholic Church is under attack. It is a deadly onslaught. Its moral authority is not merely questioned; it is being destroyed where it is not merely ignored. Infiltration by Paedophiles is being used as means of discrediting a decent institution. Main Stream Media operations are eager to accuse priests but have very little to say about the wide-ranging perversion of Jews. The Sex Offender Registry II Gives Us Another 400 Of Them - that is Jews of course. More and better evidence is produced by the Failed Messiah.

The Metapedia has forthright views on this matter among others. The fundamental problem is the Jew. Of course his Pederasty benefits from a major cover up in the Main Steam Media which is heavily influenced by aforesaid Jew. His subversion techniques were worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy. He knew that the Church had to be his main target.

Homosexual Abuse In The Vatican II Church ex Metapedia
Homosexual abuse in the Vatican II Church refers to actions of homosexual abuse[1][2] committed by Novus Ordo "priests" following the liberalising actions of the Second Vatican Council. The most numerous cases of abuse took place in the United States; typically amongst liberal Irish-American priests; and in Ireland itself. Though it also occurred to a lesser degree in other countries such as Belgium and Canada. The largest number of cases took place in the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s, the latter during the times of Karol Wojtyła.

There is controversy over the extent of the abuse and whether disproportionate coverage is given to cases in the Vatican II Church, over other areas of society or religions. Cardinal Óscar Maradiaga, a Honduran archbishop stated that the Jewish-controlled press in the United States; particularly the Sulzberger family owned New York Times and Boston Globe; were unfairly singling out the Church for revanchist propaganda reasons.[3] Indeed one of the most defamatory journalists involved, Laurie Goodstein of the NYT,[4][5] is a Jewess.

Typically it is presented as a "paedophile scandal", however its nature is contentious. From the available statistics on proven abuse cases, 80% of the victims were males and mostly post-pubescent;[6] fitting the definition of homosexual, rather than paedophile abuse.[2] This is deliberately obscured because the Western media supports homosexuality. Though the two Sexual Bolshevik  perversions are in any case connected; Paul Shanley, a pro-Marxist homosexual abuser "priest" was even a supporter of NAMBLA.

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This is rather different from the Main Steam Media line; evidence in its favour.