Israel And Slavery

Jews like whining about being slaves and about being hard done by but when you look at their track record of slaving, murder, ethnic cleansing, political manipulation and humungous fraud you might feel that they deserve what ever they get.


Israel Of All Places Becomes International Slavery Centre
The United Nations recently marked 200 years since the annulment of the transatlantic slave trade [ by Englishmen, not blacks, Arabs or Jews - Editor ]. Yet we must recall that in the year 2007, as us Jews celebrate our liberation from slavery, there are still 12.3 million slaves across the world, including at least 3,000 women being traded in Israel – and another thousands of foreign workers who are subjugated here to a life of slavery and humiliation.

Turning a person into another person's property and taking away someone's freedom while taking advantage of their economic helplessness mark the opposite of democracy. Their very presence in our modern-day world proves that we have never left Egypt, even though Egypt has left us.

According to estimates by the foreign workers assistance call centre, every month there are about a million "visits" to slaves who are traded into slavery in Israel. These painful figures prove that we forgot the lesson of history, which showed us that evil and moral decay spread in societies that turn a blind eye to this phenomenon – such societies ultimately lose all their values.
Roni seems surprised by the evil of Jews. I am not.


Jews Abuse Workers From Thailand [  27 January 2015 ]
Thai agricultural workers in Israel face serious labor rights abuses, including low pay, excessive hours and hazardous conditions, which may have contributed to a disturbing pattern of deaths among them, a report said on Wednesday.

Abusive conditions persist despite improvements in 2011 to the recruitment process for Thai workers, and Israeli laws that set a minimum wage, limit working hours, allow lawful strikes and define standards for housing, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.
Jews complain that they are hated. Jews complain about Anti-Semitism then they prove that people are right. They abuse ignorance, economic weakness, take advantage. Here they are also proving that they are lazy; they don't like honest work. Use foreigners for that. If they treated people decently so many problems would go away. Tomorrow they are going to whine about naughty Adolf and their very profitable Holocaust® Story. Do they ever bother to ask why they are unpopular. Was Adolf Hitler wrong about them? Ask what they are complaining about to meet a Deafening Silence.


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