Israel, The Failing State

Israel was set up by fraud and coercion. It is maintained fraud and terrorism. It is an evil comparable with Nazi Germany but it is far more dangerous. It has nukes; in fact it has the full unholy trinity, which is NBC [ nuclear, biological and chemical ] weapons. The thugs that run it will not hesitate to start another world war if they think it will serve their purposes. They control Bush, a drunken half wit in the White House. They used him to invade Iraq and steal the oil for them.

They have intelligence but they cannot run a state. Their finances depend utterly on fraud and American subsidies. They get themselves hated by all and sundry. Israel is on its way out. This does not mean that it is not dangerous. Here a Jew in Israel explains.

....... Were the Zionists to understand the real meaning of the Holocaust, the contemporary Israelite may be able to prevent the destruction that may be awaiting them in the future......... yet the conditions that led Marx, Weininger and Wagner to say what they had to say remain unchanged. It would seem that more and more people in wider circles are now reacting critically, politically and ideologically to Israel, Zionism, Jewish tribalism and the atrocious inhuman policies that are implied by Jewish nationalism and its political and cultural offshoots......

I want to believe that the emerging defeat of Israel and its supporting lobbies will be appropriately grasped by the Western public. We must say NO to Zionized tactics, we must say NO to Zionist agents, we must say NO to the hunters of Goliath.....

The book is a glimpse into Israeli society in what seems to be its final dysfunctional yet destructive state. Those Americans who have been moronically sponsoring the Israeli death apparatus for almost four decades, those who still believe that Israel is a “regional superpower” had better read this journal of Israeli military cowardice and general political malfunctioning.....

Israel operates as a megalomaniac, violent Jewish ghetto motivated by some bizarre, murderous zeal fuelled by lethal American technology.
Gilad Atzmon, a Jew looks at Jewish sources and tells it like it is.


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