Israeli Refugees

Refugees from Israel sound different. We can see why people want out of various well known Hellholes. But Israel is different. Israel is civilized, or is it? Thousands of Palestinians would say NO! They are refugees who were forced out of their own land. They have the advantage of those who were not murdered.

But Jews on the run from Israel are different. Israel was stolen from the Palestinians for their benefit so why would they want out of this earthly Paradise? It happens and there are reasons.

Canada probing abuse claims of asylum seekers from Israel
Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has asked Israel's National Council for the Child for information on immigrant children in Israel. Canadian authorities want to know whether immigrant children in Israel are being harassed or abused, in order to evaluate political asylum cases [ but they can't seriously expect to be told the truth - Editor ].

In 2005, 679 Israeli citizens sought asylum abroad, mainly in Canada. Some 200 requests were approved, mainly of citizens of the former Soviet Union who came to Israel but left claiming they were persecuted, because of their origin or religion.

In a letter last month, the IRB asked the council whether it could provide examples of mistreatment of immigrant children; whether children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union were subject to harm at school or violence in their neighborhoods, and whether certain groups of immigrant children were more at risk of abuse than others. The Canadian authorities also sought to understand how the Israeli government has been responding to reports of abuse.
This has not got saturation coverage from the media but then it is largely Zionist owned and controlled.


Israelis seek asylum in Canada  
Canada is granting residency to growing numbers of Israeli asylum seekers, including ethnic Russians, ultra-orthodox Jews and political dissidents who say they are victims of political or religious persecution in Israel.

More than 500 Israelis applied for refugee status in Canada last year, up from 253 in 2000. The acceptance rate rose from 5 per cent to 31 per cent in 2005 and 18 per cent last year, when IRB accepted 45 claims -- an implicit recognition that these individuals suffered persecution in a state that could  not [ would not is the truth - Editor ] protect their rights.

The recent spike in numbers has put Israel in the top 10 countries ranked by the number refugee applications in Canada, along with Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.
Globe and Mail
This is going down like a cup of cold sick with Zionists. They could always try cleaning up their act but they probably don't see that as an option. I thought they were just murdering Arabs and Christians. Now I know better.


Teenage asylum-seekers girls want to stay in England
LONDON (EJP)--- A pair of teenage Jewish asylum-seekers living in Britain, whose deportation to their native Kyrgysztan was postponed at the last minute at the start of the month, have revealed that they will carry on fighting for asylum in the UK and will refuse an offer of refuge from Israel.

The decision to refuse an approach from Israel by Karina and Kamila Kaya, aged 18, has disappointed Jewish community leaders in Birmingham, who believed the offer by the Jewish State was the most realistic way that the girls would avoid going back to their former Soviet homeland.

Britain has already said it will not grant the girls asylum as the Home Office has judged that they are not in any danger of persecution - and the only reason a deportation scheduled for the start of this month was postponed for seven weeks was to allow Israel to complete the necessary paperwork to offer them refuge instead.
They aren't stupid enough to go to Israel but they had what it took to get to England. Being Jews they will have some idea what they would be in for.


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