Israelis in Iraq

The subject has not received much attention from the media. The subject of Jewish complicity in setting up the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia hasn't either.  That doesn't mean it wasn't there. In fact it means that Zionist Jews control the media. Then there is the little matter of why the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King got such a good press and a national holiday named after him. Not many fornicators, thieves and whore beaters do that. Jews used him as a front man. They got the Bill through Congress, the Senate and White House. Jewish control is pervasive. But this is about Israeli operations in Iraq.

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq
The Grauniad published this in 2003 AD and matters have gotten progressively worse since. Zionists have been very good at making themselves hated. So were the Gestapo and SS.


Palestine Free Voice Blogspot
Has similar views. It also fingers Major General Natonski of the American army as a second generation Jew from the Ukraine and a rabid Zionist who was responsible for the Fallujah Massacre.


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