The Jewish Century

The Jewish Century was written by Yuri Slezkine, a Jew, professor of Russian history and Director of the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He was born and lived in the Soviet Union. His book was the winner of the National Jewish Book Award so it seems entirely likely that is approved by Jews and says nothing they do not believe.

He waffles a great deal but has some relevant things to say. Jews are prone to tell the truth when they are among their own which is why obscure sources like this are worth a look. His basic thesis is that a lot of Jews, it might have been the most of them lived in the Pale of Settlement which included Poland. Then they got out, taking over commerce, professions, education and politics in Russia, America and civilization. They have major responsibility for the Bolshevik Revolution among other atrocities. I am not arguing.

Edmund Connelly also has a view. His article is below. Read for yourself. Think for yourself decide for yourself.


From American Government versus the People or 

Edmund Connelly: American Government versus the People

Edmund Connelly: Five or six years ago, I saw some kind of film purportedly showing the mass execution of scores of Eastern Europeans by a cadre of cold-blooded murderers. I didn’t know about YouTube then, so I can’t say if that was the source.

In the film clip, lines of naked Whites, mostly blond haired, were brought into a cellar in pairs and threes, lined up against a wall, and given bullets to the back of the skull. The floor was, needless to say, awash in blood. It was a singularly chilling image, and I wish I had never seen it.

What was truly shocking was the fact that the victims behaved in such a sheep-like manner. It seemed obvious what their fate was, yet these young men and women meekly awaited their turn to die. Only one White, a young woman, even protested while being lined up against the wall in the cellar.

The way it was shown, the Whites were generally tall and lanky, while the dark-clad executioners were short, stocky, and looked stereotypically Jewish. One executioner seemed to find his job almost amusing.

The point of the film clip was to “prove” that Bolsheviks had without compunction systematically massacred untold numbers of Eastern Europeans. Again, I have no idea whatsoever of the veracity of the film, so I would never claim it proves anything.

Thus it was with the shock of recognition when I finally read Yuri Slezkine’s powerful 2004 book The Jewish Century. In it, Slezkine unabashedly paints a picture of Jewish killers nearly as vivid as in the above film.

We read that during the Red Terror in Russia, some expressed shock that seemingly pacifistic Jews changed almost overnight: “We were amazed by what we had least expected to encounter among the Jews: cruelty, sadism, and violence had seemed alien to a nation so far removed from physical, warlike activity; those who yesterday did not know how to use a gun are now found among the executioners and cutthroats.” 

Slezkine also describes a “formerly oppressed lover of liberty [who] had turned into a tyrant of ‘unheard-of despotic arbitrariness.’” He had been “transformed outwardly into a leather-clad person with a revolver and, in fact, lost all human likeness.” He could now be pictured as “standing in a Cheka basement doing ‘bloody but honorable revolutionary work.’”    

Most succinctly, Slezkine writes, “anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.” [ TJC bottom of page 177 - Ed. ] Estimates are that up to twenty million non-Jews died during that horrendous period.  

It is with this as a background that I read a recent comment by an acquaintance whom I respect. In the course of discussing how even the even American military is pushing “diversity” at the expense of getting the absolute best recruits, she wrote, “Since one of my nightmares is that the US Army will one day be ordered to gun down Americans, I am not too distressed to learn that incompetence is selected.” 

That took me by surprise because this person is not the excitable type and doesn’t relish hyperbole. Chillingly, it also resonated with a thread I found among last week’s VDARE columnists. 

For example, Pat Buchanan wrote that “In communist countries in the Cold War, all understood that the government did not represent the people. The state was at war with the nation. That idea is taking root in America — the idea that our government no longer seeks to represent us.” 

That’s probably putting it mildly. Paul Craig Roberts, back at the keyboard he had sworn to abandon, wrote more ominously about America’s likely future:

The Roman Empire lasted for centuries. The American one collapsed overnight. Rome’s corruption became the strength of her enemies, and the Western Empire was overrun. America’s collapse occurred when government ceased to represent the people and became the instrument of a private oligarchy. Decisions were made in behalf of short-term profits for the few at the expense of unmanageable liabilities for the many. Overwhelmed by liabilities, the government collapsed

Robertson added elsewhere, “On July 12, Niall Ferguson, an historian of empire, warned that the American empire could collapse suddenly from weakness brought on by its massive debts and that such a collapse could be closer than we think.”

Finally, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Ph.D., quoted this comment on VDARE:

Skousen also chides the Post report for failing “to show how connected certain companies are to the mercenary contractor explosion that is growing into a force that will eventually be used to threaten individual liberties at home. The Powers That Be don’t need to hire foreign armies to clamp down on American dissidents. They are training hundreds of thousands of mercenary Americans to do it and using foreign wars to sort out who is ruthless enough or unprincipled enough to take orders without questions—similar to the way the Nazis sorted and selected those who would form the Brownshirt and SS brigades.”

I mostly certainly hope all these observers are wrong and that life may continue in America without state-sponsored terror. Unfortunately, evidence is appearing that makes more than a few of us nervous.


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  2. Petronius says:

    August 4, 2010 at 5:41 AM

    According to the description the film clip very likely was from Aleksandr Rogozhkin's Chekist (1992), which follows the actions of a Cheka execution squad during the Russian civil war. It was one the very first feature films to graphically show the red massacres. Until this day, there are very few films to deal with the subject, such as Andrzej Wajda’s “. Katyn 1”.

    Most of the action takes place in that execution cellar. Execution follows execution as if on an assembly line. The main character, a bolshevik commissar goes more and more crazy and disgusted as he finds himself doing the job like a machine. There is one explicit Jewish character in the squad, but he is of minor importance.

  3. Petronius says:

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  5. me says:

    August 4, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    the course of discussing how even the even American military is pushing “diversity” at the expense of getting the absolute best recruits,
    A forgein alien outgroup ‘military’ is much more likely to commit atrocities against whites than say, a southern white male whose family has a long military history in America.

    I have told people, repeatedly – replacing the ethnicity of the officer corp (and police for that matter) is one of the most chilling indicators things are going to get ugly- or that our elite EXPECT them to get ugly.


    Severus says:

    August 4, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    This can be resolved quite simply:

    We MUST have public banks.



    TicTac says:

    August 4, 2010 at 12:35 PM

    “I mostly certainly hope all these observers are wrong and that life may continue in America without state-sponsored terror. Unfortunately, evidence is appearing that makes more than a few of us nervous.”

    No, they ain’t wrong. The police have developed a them versus us mentality. Watch this - [ These are vicious American police  thugs - Ed. ]


Yuri Slezkine
Slezkine's theory of ethnic identity
Slezkine characterizes the Jews (alongside such groups as the Armenians, overseas Chinese, and Gypsies) as a Mercurian people "specializ[ing] exclusively in providing services to the surrounding food-producing societies," which he characterizes as Apollonian. With the exception of the Gypsies, these "Mercurian peoples" have all enjoyed great economic success relative to the average among their hosts, and have all, without exception, attracted hostility and resentment. Slezkine develops this thesis by arguing that the Jews, the most successful of these Mercurian peoples, have increasingly influenced the course and nature of Western societies, particularly during the early and middle periods of Soviet Communism.
The man is a waffler but the gold is hidden among the dross.