Jewish Influence in the Law

You don't have to believe that Jews have infiltrated the law, education, government business, the media et cetera but it helps if you want to understand what is going on. Here are sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Mukasey nominated as Attorney General
As I had expected, Bush has appointed a radical Zionist with close ties to the State of Israel. Mukasey, if confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, will protect the Zionist state and its agents who are suspected of involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.
We can depend on Mukasey to see things Israel's way. Bush is a Zionist puppet. This substantially confirms an earlier report on the man. See
Bush Nominates Zionist Judge as Attorney General. He just loves torture when it is his enemies at the receiving end.


Nuremberg War Trials
Three quarters of the men at Nuremberg were Jews. Rather less than one percent of them were at the sharp end when it involved nasty, rough Germans with guns. That was not part of the agenda.


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