Jewish War Criminals

There are all too many of them out there getting on with their lives and laughing up their sleeves. They boast about their doings too. Why not when the prosecutors are all Jews or controlled by them?

Sergeant Clarke, Jew, Thug And Torturer
Bernard Clarke was a field police man after the war and searching for Nazis. He ran a party of men who captured Rudolf Höß, one time commandant of Auschwitz. They  found him on a farm near Heide in Schleswig Holstein. Clarke and the other Jews beat him and would have murdered him if they had not been dragged off. Then
It took three days to get a coherent statement out of him. But once he started talking there was no holding him.
Three days of torture presumably although the book does not quite say so. Höß signed a statement which was written in English, a language he did not understand. He gave evidence at Nuremburg as a result of torture and was subsequently hanged by the Poles. Clarke however walks the streets of England, a successful business men and doubtless boasts over a pint about how he got away with GBH and various other crimes when he was subject to the King's Regulations, the Army Act and English law in general.
See page 232 et seq, Legions of Death by Rupert Butler

Sharon the Jew, Murderer, Politician and Thief
He set up the Shatila Massacre. His first massacre met with Ben Gurion's approval. He might very well have murdered his wife. Then there is thieving and politics.


Jews Used Typhus During Ethnic Cleansing
Jews don't play the white man; the concept of playing is alien. Cheating is the way to go. Lying is like breathing - natural, continuous.


Jew Posed With Palestinian Woman For Photos Then Murdered Her [ 15 April 2015 ]
Murder is fun, isn't it? YES for psychopaths. Jews like pretending they are victims while being the perpetrators.


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