Jews And Espionage

Jews are wonderful, caring people who are deeply misunderstood. They only got kicked out of various countries 109 of them because people are malicious. That is their story and grossly dishonest. Their track record of cunning, manipulation, slave trading and so on is undeniable. That is why they have taken over the main stream media; to suppress the truth. But this is about their espionage. Behind Communism by Frank L Britton has much on this and their track record in general.

Jonathan Pollard is guilty as Hell and in for life. Jews want him out of prison and to treat him as a hero. AIPAC, a Jewish political front in America has two of their men on trial for espionage at this minute [ April 2008 ]. They are just the tip of the iceberg.

America Totally Penetrated By Jewish Spies
Whenever the subject of Israeli spying in the U.S. comes up, the journalistic handle is always the same: the infamous Jonathan Pollard. His ghost hovers over the increasingly troubled "special relationship" – and he isn't even dead yet.

Convicted of espionage in 1986, Pollard did such damage to U.S. national security that top intelligence officials threatened to resign if Bill Clinton acceded to Israeli demands to pardon him. He is serving a life sentence for stealing secrets deemed so valuable that the Soviet Union reportedly agreed to trade them for the release of tens of thousands of Russian Jews for resettlement in Israel.

Pollard had top-secret clearance and was able to procure a long list of documents for his Israeli handlers, but what baffled – and alarmed – top intelligence officials [ source Michael Isikoff, a Jew and Mark Hosenball, a Jew?? ] was that he had known the titles and in some cases the serial numbers of specific documents. These could only have been provided by someone in a much higher pay grade – a top official privy to ultra-sensitive, need-to-know secrets.
Given that Jews control Bush and sent the American army to war for Israel, spies are hardly necessary. The whole system is totally compromised. But there are a few patriotic Americans left - I hope. They might even do something effective. They managed to kill Kennedy, or did Mossad do that one?

Israeli Spy Case Will Name More Spies
Globalism; Posted on: 2008-04-25
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Man Arrested for Disclosing Nuclear Defense Information to Israel

Pollard's Ghost

by Philip Giraldi

Israeli sources are reporting that the FBI investigation of the Ben-Ami Kadish
spy case resulted from a leak coming from inside the government of Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert. The information on Kadish and on a number of other
Americans who have spied for Israel was provided to the FBI anonymously,
leading to the Bureau's opening of a full investigation. One source reports
that the National Security Agency was provided with Yosef Yagur's current
phone number and address and was able to obtain corroborating information on
the case by tapping the phone. Yagur, who is now living in Israel, was
Kadish's case officer, handling the cases of both him and Jonathan Pollard.
Before the anonymous leak of information, the FBI had no idea that Kadish had
been a spy for Israel. Now it is investigating a number of US citizens,
including an individual who held very senior positions in the Clinton and Bush
White Houses.

The leak of the information at the present time is believed to be linked to
proposed closed congressional hearings at the end of this month in which the
White House had planned to use several Israeli intelligence officers to
provide evidence on the alleged Syrian nuclear program that was bombed on
September 6, 2007. It is now unlikely that Israeli intelligence officers will
allow themselves to be questioned because they would almost certainly be asked
about Israeli spying on the US. Vice President Dick Cheney and Olmert had
apparently planned on using the congressional briefings as a launch pad to
intensify diplomatic and military pressure against both Syria and Iran. It is
believed that the "doves" in the Olmert administration who leaked the
information are seeking to make a military confrontation more difficult and
are hoping that negotiations, particularly with Syria, will instead take
place. The revelation of more Israeli spying will also make it more difficult
for Jonathan Pollard to be released from prison. There has been speculation
that President Bush would pardon him before leaving office as a favor to
Israel and the neocons.


News Source: amconmag


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