Jews and Intelligence

Jews are more intelligent than most others. This is fairly clearly a matter of fact; a fact which is contentious because people in psychology claim variously that intelligence cannot be measured,  that intelligence is evenly distributed among all races especially among blacks and that there is no such thing as race. Their reasons for these evasions are political and not the subject of this little offering. The evidence is out there. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Jews have two major tribes; the Sephardic and the Ashkenazi. The first being Semites from the Middle East and the latter thought to be from Khazars of Southern Russia. The latter are the most influential.

Ashkenazi Intelligence
Messieurs Cochran, Hardy and Harpending from the University of Utah tell us that Ashkenazim average about one standard deviation higher in IQ than white men because they lived separately in Europe and the social pressures on them selected for intelligence.


Griffe du Lion
Tells us that Jews are more intelligent by about one standard deviation. He uses maths on publicly available data to put the point beyond doubt.  See Assessing the Ashkenazic IQ. He uses the same approach on a variety of subjects including blacks and crime.


Like father, like son - Stanford professor 2nd in family to win Nobel
This is in biochemistry. If you are not sure what means, don't ask but leading edge chemistry means brains and work. Interestingly this newspaper article gives a decent first explanation of the matter. You don't find that kind of thing in the gutter press.


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