Jews And Truth

There are Jews who tell the truth. Rare they may be but they exist none the less. Actually a fair number do it among themselves. Then it amounts to a conspiracy but when it is done in public it is different. If they get abused for their pains they may well be on the right lines. If not ask why.

Norman Finkelstein
Is a Jew who talks about The Holocaust® Industry; in fact that is the name of his book. One has to believe that he  knows where the skeletons are hidden. Having gone very public, irritated a lot of Zionists but not been called a liar it is entirely likely that he is absolutely right.


Goldstone Report
The UN commissioned Richard Goldstone, a Jew to investigate the Gaza Massacre and report on it. He did. The Jews hated it.


Tony Judt
A Jew who was prone to tell the truth about Jews and Zionism. He was hated for that reason.
He is dead now so he will doubtless disappear down the memory hole.


Israel Shahak - RIP
Was a Jew with a view too. He is also a decent man who went public. He told us that Zionists in Israel are deeply racist.


Israel Shamir
Is a Jew with a view. He knows the inside story and he is talking. This makes him enemies.


Facts About The Jewish Vote
This is a counter example.


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