Jews As Crazies

Are Jews crazy? Some aren't of course. Some are highly intelligent. A lot of them are lazy; too lazy to fail, to find themselves doing honest work. This translates into doing what it takes to make money. This in turn is often crime.

But the ultra-orthodox Jews, the Haredi Jews are different again.


Haredi Judaism ex Wiki
"Haredi Judaism
(Hebrew: חֲרֵדִי Haredi, IPA: [χaʁeˈdi]; also spelt Charedi, plural Charedim), is the most theologically conservative stream of Orthodox Judaism. Its members are often referred to as strictly Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox outside of Israel. Haredim view themselves as the most religiously authentic group of Jews,[1] and although this claim is contested by other streams, it is a perception which is often held in wider Jewish and non-Jewish society.[2][3]

The term 'Haredi' Judaism emerged in response to the 19th-century Jewish Enlightenment which had given birth to the Reform movement. In contrast to the ideals of Modern Orthodoxy which attempted to embrace modernity, the approach of the Ultra-Orthodox was to maintain a steadfast adherence to Jewish law by segregating itself from modern society.[4]<]

Adherents of the Ultra-Orthodoxy do not form an institutionally cohesive or homogeneous group,[5] but are divided into a broad range of various streams and sects. Their communities are primarily found in Israel, North America and Western Europe. Their estimated global population numbers 1.31.5 million and due to a virtual absence of intermarriage and high birth rate, their numbers are growing rapidly.[6][7][8][9] Their numbers have also been boosted by a significant number of secular Jews adopting a Haredi lifestyle.[10][11][12]"
Wierdos or what?





Rabbi Blames Ashkenazi Jews For The Holocaust& [ 8 February 2014
"Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi is known for saying that Ashkenazi non-Orthodox Jews caused the
Holocaust through their assimilation and that Ashkenazi Orthodox and haredi Jews were also responsible for the Holocaust because they did not condemn the non-Orthodox Jews strongly enough. He also says that people with autism, Downs Syndrome and cancer have these disorders in order to cleanse their souls of sins committed in previous lifetimes."

All Germans should know about this Jew, a rabbi who gets taken seriously by thousands of Zionist crazies. He looks more or less like a normal human being; lots of Jews do. It makes them more dangerous. He came to London to feed this drivel to Jews. They loved every word of it.
PS The source of this report is The Jewish Chronicle, which is not best known as a major source of Anti-Semitism. Recall as well that Ovadia Yosef, the chief rabbi of Israel was a senile Racist fool who told his followers that we were put on earth to serve Jews.
PPS What are the Main Stream Media saying about this? Not a lot but then they are Propaganda machines controlled by Jews.
PPPS Mizrahi runs the Kiruv Organisation, which is on line spouting this at Racist rubbish. See for yourself at Divine Information. They will send you free DVDs with more of it.

7 February 2014