Jews Explained By Bakunin


Bakunin Was Right About Jews!
Bakunin was correct in his assessment about Zionist bankers and communists in collusion.  Jacob Schiff later gave 20 million dollars of New York Zionist banker money to Lev Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky. The reign of Bolshevik terror led by Zionists subsequently killed 16 million Christians. There you go.  Just as Bakunin had observed, the Zionist bankers and state communists were on the same team, with tragic consequences. Now anarchists can put the old canard of anti-Semitism to rest, and loudly proclaim, “Bakunin was right!” as we fight to thwart the ongoing and future rounds of Zionist genocide against gentiles.  The Zionists around the world do indeed constitute a “parasitic Jewish nation” as Bakunin describes them...... What Bakunin reveals is the truth of the International Jew as Henry Ford put it, and the pernicious hold of international Zionism we know today.
Bakunin was a Russian anarchist who knew Marx and other Jews. He had brains too. Not being a fan of mass murder may have been why he did not like Marxism.


Mikhail Bakunin
Bakunin is often seen as a notable anti-Semite by critics since his death. However, during his lifetime anti-Semitism was a commonplace attitude in Europe and among literati or intellectuals.

Bakunin used Anti-Semitic arguments during a period of his life; e.g. in his argument with Karl Marx. He claimed that Marxist communism and finance capital worked together to promote the interests of Jews, a claim common among anti-Semites. Mikhail Bakunin repeated typical anti-Semitic positions of the time, imagining, for instance, the Jews as

…one exploiting sect, one people of leeches, one single devouring parasite closely and intimately bound together not only across national boundaries, but also across all divergences of political opinion…[Jews have] that mercantile passion which constitutes one of the principle traits of their national character

Bakunin's bigotry was shared by some other radical socialists of the time. Proudhon's notebooks, for example, contain a passage in which he calls for the expulsion or extermination of the Jews from Europe. 
Notice that the Wiki, a Zionist propaganda operation does not say that he is wrong; it uses words like allege, claimed and thought to give the impression without using direct lies. He didn't imagine that the Jew, Schiff gave $20 million to the Bolsheviks as a way of destroying Russia. He knew. Adolf would have agreed with him.


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