Jews In China

We tend to assume that communism just naturally arrived in China. It was imported deliberately, with malice aforethought. Here are some of the perpetrators.

Jewish Faces in the Chinese Government
In days past, Jews were more careful to hide themselves in the political arena, preferring to work behind the scenes. But today, Jewish politicians increasingly fill government posts through the power of ethnic networking, the power of media control, and the power of money which can control the outcome of elections by image-crafting.
Special Report: The Secret Role of Jews in China

Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist

Epstein's cover was journalism. His parents were Russian Jews who were imprisoned in Siberia for espionage.

This is Israel Epstein chatting with Chairman Hu, just before his death.

"Rewi Alley [ Not obviously a Jew - Ed. ]," the man who organized communes in China before Chinese even knew they were to be ruled by Jewish communists (in the 1920's, well before 1949)

A closer look at Rewi Alley

Rewi hanging out with the supposedly ultra-powerful Zhou Enlai

  Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe {The Wiki does not admit that he is a Jew}, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely { sic - try Elsie Fairfax-Cholmondeley}, and Solomon Adler {NB the Wiki does not admit that Adler is a Jew} ]
Mao with Sidney Rittenberg. Wikipedia claims he "observed" the upper levels of Chinese leadership:
Sidney Rittenberg (August 14, 1921; Chinese name: Lǐ Dūnbái 李敦白) is an American interpreter and scholar who lived in China from 1944 to 1979. He worked closely with People's Republic of China (PRC) founder Mao Zedong, military leader Zhu De, statesman Zhou Enlai, and other leaders of the Communist party during the war, and was with these central Communist leaders at Yan'an. He witnessed first-hand much of what occurred at upper levels of the CCP and knew many of its leaders personally. He was the first American citizen to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Sidney Rittenberg WPP group and Martin Sorrell [ Martin Sorrell - a Jew ]

Rittenberg's connections and experience have enabled him to run a successful consultancy business representing some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Intel, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft and Teledesic.

1. Foreign nationals are not allowed to be naturalized as Chinese citizens. How did these Jews magically do it?
2. Rittenberg's "consultancy business" is in fact one of the largest, or largest, advertising agencies in the world. Was he the actual Chinese minister of propaganda?
A note about Mao: He was picked up to play puppet leader with resourced funneled through Yale University (whose symbol has Hebrew on it), in a Skull and Bones type scheme. The location was Yali Highschool in Changsha, Hunan Province - a branch of Yale. Mao was a disturbed young man - a completely controllable, blackmailable puppet for their purposes.

Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein and Chen Bidi getting a birthday party thrown by the politburo
From a Chinese article on the Jewish birthday party:

Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China's revolution and socialist modernization drive.

After retirement, they didn't stay idle but continued to participate actively in the discussion and management of state affairs. Many NPC deputies and CPPCC members attending the ongoing annual sessions went to their birthday party to express their best wishes.

Sidney Shapiro, politburo member (!). Chinese are allowed to call them foreigners (laowai), but they dare not mention that all of them are Jews

Virginius Frank Coe, Jewish operative in China. From wikipedia: Blacklisted...Coe sought work abroad, eventually finding...the People's Republic of China, where he joined a circle of expatriates working with the government. In 1962, he was joined by Solomon Adler in the circle. Coe participated in Mao's Great Leap Forward, a plan for the rapid industrialization and modernization of China. His works include articles justifying the Rectification campaign.

George Sokolsky, Jewish columnist for Hearst appointed to stop Joseph McCarthy's housecleaning
This one bit of history they do not teach in schools.


Birdman Fingers Three Jews Who Took Communism To China
The top people who communized China are shown below: all Jewish communists, just like in Russia. Yes, there were a few non-Orientals who helped communize China who were not Jewish, e.g. Maring, but Maring only paid 3 visits to China. It seems that these people listed below had the biggest impact on the communizing of China.
Mikhail Markovich Borodin (1884-1951); Soviet advisor sent to China in 1923. Originally named Mikhail Gruzenberg. A Riga, Latvia Jew.
Adolf Abramovitch Joffe (aka Ioffe, Yoffe; 1883-1927); was sent to China in August 1922. Official title: Russian Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to China. Helped create the Sun-Joffe Manifesto of January 1923.
Grigorii N. Voitinsky (1893-1953); emissary to China from Soviet Third Communist International (Comintern). Went to China in early 1920; aka Zarkhin.
They are not well sourced. The Wiki admits to one Jew. The other two are have some indications.


Mikhail Borodin
Mikhail Markovich Borodin (Михаи́л Mapkóвич Бороди́н) (July 9, 1884 – May 29, 1951) was the alias of Mikhail Gruzenberg, a Comintern agent.

Borodin was born in Yanovich, located in modern Belarus. He joined the Bolshevik party in Imperial Russia in 1903. In 1907, he was arrested and chose to depart for the` United States in 1908. While there, he attended classes at Valparaiso University. After the October Revolution, he returned to his motherland in 1918, working in the foreign relations department. From 1919 to 1922, he worked in Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom as a Comintern agent.

Between 1923 and 1927, Borodin was representative of the Comintern and the Soviet Union to the Kuomintang government in Canton, China. He was a prominent advisor to Dr. Sun Yat Sen at that time. Following his suggestion, the Kuomintang opened itself to Leninist ideas, communists were allowed to join, and the Whampoa Military Academy was established. After Dr. Sun Yat Sen's death in 1925, he remained an advisor to the Kuomintang government until 1928, when Chiang Kai-Shek purged communists and sought to have him arrested. Borodin returned to the Soviet Union in 1928 and worked briefly as editor of the English language Moscow News. In 1949, he was accused of being an enemy of the Soviet Union and was sent to a gulag in Siberia, where he died two years later.
Britannica indicates that he was a Jew. A Light For Nations says so outright but gives no source.


Adolph Joffe
Adolph Abramovich Joffe (Russian: Адольф Абрамович Иоффе, alternative transliterations Adolf Ioffe or, rarely, Yoffe) (October 10, 1883, Simferopol – November 16, 1927, Moscow) was a Communist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician and a Soviet diplomat of Karaite Jewish descent..........

Joffe was one of the Soviet delegates at the Genoa Conference in February 1922 and, after the Soviet walkout, was made ambassador to China, as the Soviet troubleshooter (or Kuznetsov) of those days. In 1923, Joffe signed an agreement with Sun Yat-Sen in Shanghai on aid to Kuomintang on the assumption that the latter would cooperate with Chinese Communists, presumably with Lenin's approval. [4]. While in China, Joffe traveled to Japan in June 1923 to settle Soviet-Japanese relations [5]. The negotiations proved long and difficult and were aborted when Joffe became gravely ill and had to be sent back to Moscow. After a partial recovery, he served as a member of the Soviet delegation to Great Britain in 1924 and as Soviet representative in Austria in 1924-1926. In 1926 his declining health and disagreements with the ruling Bolshevik faction forced his semi-retirement. He tried to concentrate on teaching, but it also proved difficult due to his illness.
A Jew says the Wiki. I am prepared to believe his guilt.


Grigori Voitinsky
Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky (Russian: Григорий Наумович Войтинский; 1893-1956) was a Comintern official during its creation, and was sent to China in 1920 as an advisor to contact the prominent Chinese radicals such as Chen Duxiu, just before the formation of the Communist Party of China. The actual process of forming the infant Party can be mostly attributed to his influence, although his successor advisors had more influence about the official Party line itself, such as allying with the Guomindang.

In 1920, the Soviet Union established the Far Eastern Bureau in Siberia, a branch of the Third Communist International, or the Comintern. It was responsible for managing the establishment of a Communist party in China and other countries. Soon after its establishment, the bureau's deputy manager Voitinsky arrived in Beijing and contacted the Communist vanguard Li Dazhao. Li arranged for Voitinsky to meet with another Communist leader, Chen Duxiu, in Shanghai. In August 1920, Voitinsky, Chen Duxiu, Li Hanjun, Shen Xuanlu, Yu Xiusong, Shi Cuntong, and others began to prepare for the establishment of the CCP.
Highly influential in China.


Vanguard News Network On Voitinsky
CHINA - Just as jews communized the Soviet Union, leading to the deaths of millions of innocents, jews also played pivotal roles in communizing China. The key man in China, from the Soviet Union, was jew Mikhail Markovich Borodin (1884-1951); a Soviet advisor sent to China in 1923; he was originally named Mikhail Gruzenberg. A Riga, Latvia Jew, Borodin worked as the chief adviser from the Soviet Union to communize China. Another key jew was Adolf Abramovitch Joffe (aka Ioffe, Yoffe; 1883-1927); was sent to China in August 1922. Official title: Russian Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to China. Joffe helped create the Sun-Joffe Manifesto of January 1923. And yet another jew behind the communizing of China was Grigorii N. Voitinsky (1893-1953); emissary to China from Soviet Third Communist International (Comintern); he went to China in early 1920; Jew Voitinsky was aka Zarkhin. More info here: 
VNN is a hostile source but prone to use the truth.


Jews infiltrated China as well as many other countries. Sassoon was one such and he took over the opium trade. It had been run by Jardine and Mathieson, two Scotch rogues. The whole thing led to war but the Jews didn't care. They got rich. Honest men got screwed.

Sassoon was in Persia then moved to India where he was big in growing opium. He took over the Chinese end later. This meant that he was importing it into China. The Chinese made illegal to import it because of the damage it did, not that Sassoon cared. He took over by manipulating the market.

Jews In Shanghai
gives us an insight from someone sympathetic towards Jews.  It was scanned from a book and unfortunately I do not have a source for this. They infiltrated in 1843 when the Chinese first opened it to trade. Sassoon was there like a rat up a drain pipe.


China Restores Shuls Whatever They Might Be
Jews infested China after 1917. There were 20,000 of them in Harbin.


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