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Jersey is one of the islands in the English Channel with an odd status. It is self ruling except in foreign affairs and defence which are dealt with more or less badly by Her Majesty's Government in England. It has long been an English possession; one where they toast the Duke of Normandy rather than the Queen. William of Normandy took it long ago and infiltrated Jews. He did the same to England. Are they nice people? Try them when they have power and see just how nasty they can get. Here is something on a current affair. Kritchevsky has been named because he is dead and cannot sue for libel. The main stream media did not bother to tell us that he is a Jew. The News of the World has been rather more forthcoming than the rest.

Wilfred Kritchevsky, the Beast of Jersey?
Horror home victim tells of rapist politician
A POLITICIAN dubbed The Fat Man was last night accused of being a child abuser at the Jersey horror care home. An ex-resident claims he was repeatedly raped by Wilfred Krichefski in the early 1960s. The victim claimed he would be woken by a worker and told: "There is someone here to see you."
Then he would be presented to his abuser in a small room with the chilling words: "Here's a boy for you, sir."
It is nice to see that men who matter still get treated with the respect they deserve. They can so they do. Just like the next one.
PS Wilfred Krichefski - Beast of Jersey  includes Krichefski, Peretz and Feldman families.


The Jersey 'child abuse cellar' uncovered by police ...
2 Mar 2008 Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey’s government and chair of several committees, allegedly regularly visited Haut de La Garenne to


"to Wilfred Krichefski (on hearing of the death of his father Alfred). noting: ‘I had always, during the bad times, thought “one day this will ..."


Dear Friends
"The Wilfred H. Krichefski Memorial Scholarship Fund, Jersey, Channel. Islands. for students of Jewish studies. The Samuel Kristianpoller Scholarship Fund .."


Jersey horror care home| News | News of the World
So far one person has been charged in connection with Haut de la Garenne. ... The police investigation is focused on Haut de la Garenne, but a number of ...


Kids loaned out from Jersey home for rape cruises | News | News of ...
Haut de la Garenne staff described the trips as a treat for children who spent ... The horrors being uncovered at Haut de la Garenne have revealed a Jersey ...


Net closes on Jersey three| News | News of the World
Mr Harper admitted there may be many more people in Jersey or the UK who suffered abuse while living at Haut de la Garenne who have yet to come forward. ...


Jersey beast?| News | News of the World
And we can reveal that police are now probing his account of appalling abuse at the Haut de la Garenne home. The victim claimed he would be woken by a ...

Kritchevsky can be fingered because he is dead so the libel law cannot be abused.


The News of the World says...
Now we learn that, at the sinister Haut de la Garenne, children were lent out to rich yachties for their sick, perverted pleasures. ...


Jersey Paedophiles Attack Jersey MP [ 9 July 2009 ]
A controversial Jersey politician who claimed officials on the island covered up child abuse has been charged with two data protection offences following articles he wrote on his internet blog. Whistleblower Stuart Syvret was arrested in April and his home raided by officers who interviewed and released him pending further inquiries..........Syvret was an outspoken critic of the establishment's handling of the historic police investigation into child abuse on the island and in 2007 he was dismissed from his post as Minister for Health and Social Services after claiming abuse cases were being covered up. The investigation focused on the Haut de la Garenne children's home where hundreds of former residents claimed they were sexually and violently assaulted.......... The 34-year-old, who was sacked from his post as centre manager at a Jersey secure unit for children after he tried and failed to change the "Dickensian" regime at the facility, said he feared the establishment would "use data protection laws to shut him up".
Given that hundreds of people say they are victims and nobody has been charged you have to wonder how the perpetrators got away with it. Official corruption is the obvious answer. In Jersey people know each other. Ditto for the perps.


Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry Is Finished By A Corrupt Cover Up [ 19 April 2009 ]
The alleged victims of the Jersey child abuse inquiry cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case....... But despite family demands - or perhaps because of them - Harper is now speaking for the first time about his experiences on Jersey. He is determined, as he sees it, to set the record straight and show that the 'establishment' attacking him is not only wrong, but rotten to the core............ Inmates had described horrific abuse taking place there and of children disappearing, never to be seen again. It was thought that bodies might be found. After Harper retired last August, a new team of detectives denounced their predecessors' concerns, skills and findings. Even the 65 children's teeth unearthed from the home's cellars were, the new men suggested, left for the tooth fairy. Controversy still rages over the provenance and date of materials discovered at the site and police now say there were no murders. None of the three men - two of them former care workers - charged with abuse has yet been tried, and the Jersey authorities have portrayed the alleged victims as compensation-hungry criminals..............

Graham Power, the head of States of Jersey Police, has been suspended, accused of illegal spending on the inquiry. Harper, his former deputy, has been ordered to return to the island for questioning about the alleged theft of documents. Two weeks ago, Stuart Syvret, Jersey's former health minister who raised the issue of abuse, was arrested under data protection laws, accused of leaking material to the media.  
A good police force catches more criminals than it employs. Newman said that when got to rune the Metropolitan Police Force, world leaders in corruption. He got rid of 300 and that was just from CID. Jersey has gone the same way.


Jersey, Paedophiles And Murdered Children  [14 July 2008 ]
A SHOCK secret police report into the Jersey House of Hell children's home reveals youngsters there WERE murdered then BURNED in a furnace to COVER UP the atrocities. It's feared island authorities may try to hush up the dossier on Haut de la Garenne orphanage but a source told us: "Officers on this case are in NO DOUBT what went on." Innocent children WERE raped, murdered and their bodies then BURNT in a FURNACE at the Jersey House of Horrors, says a top-secret police report into the scandal........... A total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones are all that remain of victims detectives believe were abused and killed before their tortured corpses were thrown into a fiery grave inside the house of hell........

Haut de la Garenne's abused former residents have repeatedly claimed that what happened was deliberately hushed up to avoid tarnishing Jersey's reputation as a family-friendly tourist haven and to give politicians in London no excuse to try to exercise more control over the island............

"No one will be surprised if the truth about what happened in the care home never surfaces and once more the evidence gets swept under the carpet." 
Official enthusiasm for hiding the truth leads to ugly suspicions. It happened with Marc Dutroux in Belgium, Kincora in Ireland and others.


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