Jews in Peru

Peru is somewhere in South America and they have problems; one such is Sendero Luminoso [ Shining Path ], a communist guerrilla outfit.  That is about as much as most of us know about the place. The main stream media have not bothered our minds with too much detail. However Judicial-Inc has chosen to shed some light on the Shining Path and its masters. He fingers it as another Zionist operation. Judicial, sad to say is not a particularly reliable source. It ALWAYS pays to check his allegations. He tells us that Abimael Guzmán is a Jew. This is unconfirmed but possible. Berenson is fingered by one of her own.

The 'Shining Path' Was Just Another Zionist Scheme
Abbie  Guzmán was a Jew or not as the case maybe with brains but not many scruples. He ran the Shining Path which was exceptionally vicious. Judicial goes over the ground lightly. None of the links to the Wikipedia in this article make ANY reference to Jews. This does not prove there were none but it suggests that the Wiki is in the business of concealing Jewish evil.
QUOTE - ex Judicial
It's Just About Stealing Wealth
Hire some mercenaries, recruit some peasants, declare a revolution, and have the media create the story. In this episode, the Zionists grab Peru's drug trade, the elite's wealth, and control the government and jobs. In America, they use the stock market to transfer wealth, and in Iraq, they use Death Squads.
Kick over a rock!

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Abimael Guzmán
Theodore Dalrymple [ A Jew on his own account - Editor ], in an article published on 6 September 2006, stated that "The worst brutality I ever saw was that committed by Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in Peru, in the days when it seemed possible that it might come to power. If it had, I think its massacres would have dwarfed those of the Khmer Rouge. As a doctor, I am accustomed to unpleasant sights, but nothing prepared me for what I saw in Ayacucho, where Sendero first developed under the sway of a professor of philosophy, Abimael Guzman."


Letter from Lima on 28 November  2005
"... capturing Abimael Guzmán, the leader and ideological sparkplug of Sendero Luminoso. ... My commitment as a Jew and a human being is to fight against ..."
The writer claims that Berenson was a Jew and that the president, one Alejandro Toledo married one just like Joe Stalin.

Another troublesome matter is an arms-trafficking case involving an Israeli, Moshe Rothschild, who's under investigation in Peru on suspicion of corruption, bribery, and illegal association for arms deals in the 1990s and is the subject of an international arrest warrant.
Perils of Peru.

Intermingled with these developments, sad to say, were several high-profile cases of alleged embezzlement and corruption by prominent Jews, including bankers and owners of newspaper and television stations.


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