Jews In Politics

This selection come from the Wikipedia, which like the rest of the media tells some of the truth some of the time - see Jews In Politics. It refers to England rather than foreign parts. They are mostly current. There are some much older players there too.

Leon Brittan, Baron Brittan of Spennithorne (born 1939) (1974) [29], Conservative cabinet minister, European Commissioner
Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby (1974), Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer and life peer - JYB 2005 p212
Millie Miller (1974),[16] Labour MP
Sir Malcolm Rifkind (1974) [30], Conservative Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Alf Dubs (1979) [31], Labour MP and life peer
Harry Cohen (1983) [32], Labour MP
Edwina Currie (1983) [33], Conservative minister
Michael Howard (1983) [34], Conservative cabinet minister & Leader of the Opposition from 2003 to 2005
David Sumberg (1983–1995) Conservative MP for Bury South
Michael Fabricant (1992) Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP
Barbara Roche (1992) [35], Labour minister
Margaret Hodge (1994) [36], Labour Minister of State for Industry and the Regions
John Bercow (1997),[17] Conservative MP, Speaker of the British House of Commons
Louise Ellman (1997) [37], Labour MP
Fabian Hamilton (1997) [38], Labour MP
Evan Harris (1997) [39], Liberal Democrat MP
Oona King (1997) [40], Labour MP (1997–2005), second black female MP (Jewish mother), niece of Miriam Stoppard
Oliver Letwin (1997) [41], Conservative shadow cabinet member, Chairman of the Policy Review & Chairman of the Conservative Research Department
Julian Lewis (1997) [42] Conservative MP
Ivan Lewis (1997) [43], Labour Minister of State for Health
Gillian Merron (1997) [44], Foreign Office Minister
Michael Wills (1997), Labour MP

Elliott Johnson 1989-2012 liberal Jewish MP

Jonathan Djanogly (2001) Jonathan Djanogly, Conservative MP
David Miliband (2001), Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Labour MP for South Shields and former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (June 2007 - May 2010) and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (May 2006 - June 2007). Brother of Ed Miliband and son of theorist Ralph Miliband.
Lynne Featherstone (2005), Liberal Democrat MP (Evening Standard (London); 11/04/05; ANDREW GILLIGAN; p. 16)
Susan Kramer (2005) Liberal Democrat Candidate for Richmond Upon Thames
Ed Miliband (2005) Leader of the Labour Party (from 25th Sep. 2010), former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (Oct. 2008 - May 2010), Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Brother of fmr. Foreign Secretary David Miliband and son of theorist Ralph Miliband.
Lee Scott (2005),[18] Conservative MP
Grant Shapps (2005) Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield
Graham Stringer (2010) Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton

[edit] Peers

Alma Birk, Baroness Birk,[19] Labour politician
Andrew Feldman, Baron Feldman of Elstree, conservative politician
Anna Gaitskell, Baroness Gaitskell,[19] Labour politician
Robert Gavron, Baron Gavron, Labour politician and philanthropist
Peter Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith [45], [46], Attorney General
Arnold Goodman, Baron Goodman [47], solicitor
Lord George Gordon, politician (converted)[20]
Sydney Jacobson, Baron Jacobson, newspaper editor [21]
Immanuel Jakobovits, Baron Jakobovits, Chief rabbi
Michael Levy, Baron Levy - JYB 2005 p212, 270
Edward Levy-Lawson, 1st Baron Burnham [48], newspaper proprietor
Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell,[22] scientist and Government minister
Maurice Peston, Baron Peston of Mile End (1987) [49], Labour peer & economist, father of the BBC's Business Editor Robert Peston
Beatrice Plummer,[19] Labour politician
Samuel Segal (1964), Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords
Beatrice Serota, Baroness Serota,[19] Labour politician
David Triesman, Baron Triesman [50], Labour peer and Junior Minister
Leslie Turnberg, Baron Turnberg, Physician
Lord Leonard Wolfson (JYB 2005 p212)
Harry Woolf, Baron Woolf [51], Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales 2000-2006
David Young, Baron Young of Graffham, Conservative politician
Sir Alan Sugar, Baron Sugar Labour enterprise tsar

[edit] Other

Patricia Richardson (politician) [52] [53] Far-Right British National Party politician
Hilda Bernstein [54] Anti-apartheid activist
Tony Cliff [55], (né Yigael Gluckstein) Palestinian-born Marxist theorist and founder of the Socialist Workers Party
Gerry Gable [56], communist activist & publisher of Searchlight magazine
Nicky Gavron [57], Deputy Mayor of London
Sir James Goldsmith, founder of the
Referendum Party
Victor Gollancz [58], publisher and political activist
Ted Grant [59], (né Isaac Blank) South African-born Marxist theorist and founder of the Militant Tendency
Sidney Hart, Trade Unionist (Obituary, Jewish Chronicle, 15/04/05, p40)
Chaim Herzog [60], Israel's sixth president, born in Belfast and known as Vivian Herzog during, and after, his tenure in the British Army
Lou Kenton, International Brigade volunteer
Norman John Klugmann, aka James Klugmann, communist
Minnie Lansbury,[24] suffragette and alderman
Eleanor Marx, daughter and secretary of Karl Marx
Ralph Miliband (1924–94) [61] (né Adolphe Miliband) Belgian born Polish-Jewish Marxist theorist and father of David and Ed Miliband. Also son of mass murderer Sam Miliband.
Dame Shirley Porter [62], Lord Mayor of Westminster 1991-92
Sir Julius Vogel [63], Prime Minister of New Zealand
Walter Wolfgang [64], a founder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Alastair Lewis [65], Prime Minister of New Zealand