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Professor/Doctor/Lord/Mr. Thames is very knowledgeable about Jews and their track record of political manipulation. This is one of his offerings which is spot on regarding the Zionist thugs who took over Palestine, the Stolen Land and called it Israel. He also wrote The Fraud of Zionism using a different pseudonym.

Having a bit of a tussle over at CounterKnowledge... I thought you might enjoy this cogent bit of material by John Thames.

Career academics, when confronted by the heresy of “Holocaust Denial”, invariably revert to the doctrine of “academic correctness”. Academic correctness is the doctrine that only university-trained historians are competent to pronounce on the truth of any supposedly settled historical controversy. This, of course, is the mentality of a priestly caste, self-appointed to pontificate to the people who lack their superior wisdom. It is not hard to puncture the illusions and pretensions of this pack of charlatans. In fact, it is ridiculously easy. These professional know-it-alls are constantly having to “revise” their findings on all kinds of subjects. This is a polite way of stating that they got it all wrong the first time. Naturally, they will not admit they got it wrong. Instead, they will argue that they were reasoning based on incomplete information and, naturally changed their minds when they got “fuller information”. The possibility that the hoax of the extermination of Europe’s Jews may have been hidden behind a fog of disinformation and that a hidden archive of “new information” may be awaiting them is, of course, too implausible to consider.

Now, as to the lengthy record of misinformation and deliberate lying achieved by these charlatans. I have already commented at length on the World War One and Pearl Harbor lies of these distinguished academics. Now I shall address another such example. For years now, the real history of the Zionist state has been hidden behind a propaganda legend of the “only democracy in the Middle East”. The average American remains abysmally ignorant of the real history of Zionism. Most Americans do not even know that the British were ever in control of Palestine between the two world wars. As for any knowledge of the British White Papers or Royal investigations during the 1920’s or 1930’s, one might as well speak Greek to the average American. The first major history to attempt to write the suppressed story for the benefit of an American audience was Dr. Robert John’s “The Palestine Diary" back in 1970. The publication of the book has a very interesting history. Dr. John [ mentioned in Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard - he also wrote Behind the Balfour declaration : the hidden origins of today's Mideast crisis ] submitted it to a great many university presses for publication. It was invariably rejected. The reasons for rejection had nothing to do either with the quality of the research or the writing, both of which were admittedly very good, but with fear of Zionist reprisal. Dr. John found that there was always at least one Zionist on the university review boards, who would immediately veto publication. Despite the fact that his book had the approval of, and a foreword by, world-renowned historian Arnold J. Toynbee, Toynbee, Dr. John was unable to find an academic publisher for the “Palestine Diary”. Eventually the “Palestine Diary” was published in Beirut by the Institute for Palestine Studies and in New York by New World Press [ ]. New World Press had its presses burned by unknown assailants and its entire run of copies destroyed. The publishers were themselves severely beaten with metal rods wrapped in rubber (a well-known Israeli torture technique). and their spines permanently injured. Dr. John, a consultant to American corporations on their legal obligations, was then driven from job to job as penalty for having published his book. The “lobby” had gotten him. Today, Dr. John’s book is regarded as a classic in its field. But in those days of historical cover up, the price of telling the truth was very high. Dr. John’s experience with the terrible power of Zionism parallels, in many ways, the ordeals of the Holocaust revisionists.

Now I shall review the lies and distortions of the historians of Zionism. For many decades the orthodox historians and media pundits have pretended that:
(1) there were never any Arabs in Palestine; (2) that if there were Arabs in Palestine they only arrived in response to the enormous prosperity the Jewish immigrants were supposedly creating (the Joan Peters “From Time Immemorial” nonsense - see Norman Finkelstein on the point  - Editor); (3) that the Arabs voluntarily vacated Palestine in 1948 rather than being expelled by Zionist force; (4) that the Jews in the 1948 war were confronted by Arabs who had them outnumbered and outgunned; (5) that the Jews did not commit atrocities in the war to deliberately terrorize the Arab civilian population, etc. Those lies have been repeated endlessly by “reputable people” in the universities and media for decades. Only now are those lies starting to break down. The Israeli revisionist historians ( Sima Flaphan, Benny Morris, Ilan Pape, Avi Shlaim, etc. ) have proved conclusively that the histories of their forefathers were shame-faced lies. Had any student of the 1950’s dared to make the charges since corroborated by Morris, et. al., he would have been denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” suffering from delusional right wing fantasies. It would be the same charge, in essence, as that leveled against the increasingly confirmed Pearl Harbor revisionists. In short, the decades old historiography of Zionism is as much a lie as the English saga of World War One, the myth of a German sneak attack on an innocent, unprovoked Russia, the myth of Roosevelt’s “surprise” at Pearl Harbor, the myth of Hitler’s hostility toward the British Empire, the myth of scientific socialism and the greatest myth of all, the so-called Holocaust®.

Academic correctness is the cover for a priestly caste of intellectual prostitutes, courageous in their timidity, devoted to the vested interests which employ them and willing to attack any myth of the political underground while fleeing in terror at any exposure of the ethnic blanket that tucks them beneath the unpleasant facts they are paid to ignore.

I need to add this info here:


The JIDF Guide to Hostile Facebook Groups

(please disregard the date above, this happened in 2008...we move it around on the site since our enemies often link to it telling people to join the groups which still remain...)

Through the creation of 4 proactive Facebook groups, The JIDF initiated a 35 day campaign urging 5,000 people to report all the following groups. During that time, 106 groups were deleted, impacting 125,290 hate mongering, terror supporting anti-Semites. The list that follows are the groups which remain. Many more groups crop up daily. At this point, it is impossible for The JIDF to continue listing all the new groups. Significant funds need to be raised in order to effectively fight this problem. Also, Jewish Leadership must coordinate with the management of Facebook to help develop plans to fight this problem. Since Facebook has ignored the thousands of complaints, the media has to do its job to report the problem in order to pressure Facebook to do something and the government should be alerted as to possible terrorist recruiting and activity.


1) Click on the group in question
2) Scroll down to the very bottom left corner
3) Click "report group"
4) Complete, by explaining the "Reason" (i.e.. attacks individuals or groups, it is a terrorist group, this group promotes violence, this group promotes hatred, and/or this group is for the destruction of Israel, and the USA, etc.)
5) Send!

If you see Arabic and don't understand, or if you'd like to write messages in Arabic, try this tool:

Feel free to find more groups and post them to the discussion area (and please, ONLY IN THE DISCUSSION AREA) and they will be added.

If you click a link and it just goes to your Facebook homepage, it means WE HAVE DONE OUR JOB and the group has been deleted!

-where you'll find a letter to copy and paste and a list of email address

One cannot "upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be harmful, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable"

Also, one cannot "upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available content that would constitute, encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law;"

So why are these groups able to exist? They have each been reported many times, so Facebook is aware of the problem, but not doing enough.

-please note, this is a list of groups we feel have a significant amount of Jew hatred and/or pro-Terrorist sentiment in them. while sometimes it is glaringly obvious, it might also be a rather subjective thing. therefore, we advise you to visit the groups and make your own decision as to whether or you should report them.

-also, the ones at the top have been remaining the longest and the "new additions" are added to the bottom:

Shi'aa + Sunna = Destroying Israel
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