John Thames

John Thames may well be a pseudonym. He seems to be an American academic who is very knowledgeable about the history of Jews circa 1880 to 1950. This makes him unpopular with aforesaid Jews, especially Zionist ditto.

The Formative Years Of The Israeli Labour Party The Organization Of Power 1919 - 1930
The story of Ahdut Ha'avodah-its origins in Russian political culture, its ideology, leadership, and factional struggles-up to the formation of Mapai in 1930. Essential background to the politics of independent Israel.


Sergio Minerbi’s excellent study, “Zionism and the Vatican” was not found. Minerbi is a Jew and a propagandist - see Pope John Paul II and the Jews: An Evaluation - Sergio I. Minerbi or the next one.

Sacrificing the Jews for Christianity
Sacrificing the Jews for Christianity
The Catholic Church's decisions regarding the beatification of its saints should not concern the Jews. One exception to this rule is the case of Pope Pius XII, who headed the Church while the Holocaust was ravaging World War II Europe.

What is at stake here is the Catholic perception of the Shoah - the worst nightmare in Jewish history, during which six million of our people were murdered. For Catholics, according to Pius XII (who reigned 1939-1958), it was a period during which the Church was a victim of Nazism. In a blatant effort to Christianize the Holocaust, Pope John Paul II used the symbol of the "six million" to represent the number of Polish people allegedly killed during the war. Edith Stein, although killed in Auschwitz as a Jew, was canonized by the Church as one of its martyrs. Auschwitz was defined by the same pope as "the Golgotha of the modern world," yet another expression of the Church's appropriation of the Shoah.

Sergio I. Minerbi, a former Israeli ambassador, has been a visiting professor of political sciences at the University of Haifa.
This is propaganda from a Jew.


5. Sergio Minerbi - The Vatican and the basilica of nativity